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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

About Islam

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Dawud Adib: What was the religion of Jesus Christ?


55 Responses to “About Islam”

  1. abdel says:

    salam alaykoum dear brother ,

    I saw your video in the deen show from France, and mashallah, your story really touched me, your experience shows that Islam is a religion accessible to everyone and that makes sense to life, that brings peace mind, and a good way of living.
    You are setting a good example, and the true image of Islam, not what the TV shows.
    your website is great, May God and may God and give you strength to continue to give the true image of Islam has all your old fan.

    thank you and peace. Abdelkader.

  2. malik says:

    selem alicoum my names is malik ihave 33years and my origine is algerian and i live in france i juste want to say alha oukbar machalla this video really touched me and i hope more personne in the word kis islam inchala thanks for this video do more inchala because is good for the word exuse me for my english is no good selem my brother

  3. Galied Bakhtali says:

    I am a muslim all my life (at least striving to be) and was ( still am) a great fan of Tupac.
    Ypu tell it like it is man, for real.. youth people look up to rappers and nowadays is more about braggin about money and women etc Tupac atleast got a political message. He was a great poet.
    Very nice to hear from you that you as a poet, are convinced that the Holy Qur’an just cannot be written by a human.
    I recognize a lot of your arguments as arguments that I used to mention to other people, who are atheists or christians.
    I am originally from surinam and I tell the afro surinam people also to look bakc to where they came from and check their roots. How can they attend the religion brought to them by the peope who enslaved them.
    Alhamdullilah, very good to see that people who ‘had it all’ on dunya, reject these things and try to walk the path of Islam. Keep up the good work man for real. I used to love u guys as rappers and looked up to you, now I love u guys as brothers man, moslim brothers. Hopefully you come to Holland once as a motivational speaker.

    Assalaam alaikoem rahmatoellah wa barakataahu

  4. Galied Bakhtali says:

    Assalaam alaikoem rhamatoellah
    Keep up the good work..

  5. mutah says:

    @ Galied wa alaikum salam thanks brother may Allah make us and you firm

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