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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

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Dawud Adib: What was the religion of Jesus Christ?


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  1. sodo farah says:

    I want to learn my religion more abaut islam because I don`t know that much I leave St. Pau, MN.

  2. shahinul says:

    Salam Alaikaum brother. i AM from a muslim family and i live in east london. ill be honest i do not no very much about islam. the reason why our young brothers in our community do not live their life as muslims is becasue they do not no islam properly. they do not no when islam started and many other important things, i reallly want our young brothers to look deep in islam to find peace in their life,i also want our young brothers to no how islam started and i want them to no how great islam is and stop all the haram things they are doing. our young brothers hardly pray. because they think it is not a big deal. napoleon my brother i have so much to say please when you get this write to me if you can

  3. Ibrahim Ahmed says:

    Dear brothers. I totally agree with br Mutah (on Deen Show), that current youth are running towards a burning house,when they have real life survivors telling them to avoid it.

    Islam is simple, as Allah says in Surah Maida “Allahmade the religion easy for you”. Simply 1) come with niyya (sincerity) in all you do, 2) Ask Allah for guidance, 3) Treat people nice and be patient, 4) Learn and develop your knowledge, 5) Fulfill all obligations insha-Allah.

    I pray Allah guide us all, give us peace and tranquility of the heart and reward us with Jannatul Khuld, Amen.

  4. mansoor mohamed says:

    hii brother alsalam alycom realy am very happy when i her you becum a muslem am from ksa and good jub you on the right way man am very intresting to talk to you brother

  5. Salman says:

    Salaam’Alaikum Brother Mutah.

    I was listening to yor talk on the Deen Show, and i got to say you is a really deep brother.

    I really liked listening to your story and your life’s experiences.

    May Allah bless you and give you all the happiness you seek.


  6. abd says:

    Has brother Loon got a webpage too ?!

  7. abd says:

    God give you brothers the perfect life, in the hereafter, Ameen

  8. Azad says:

    Eselamu Aleikum My brother Napoleon, I am a muslim boy and live in sweden, every friday i go to the mosque and I like it. Many people in sweden don´t trust the god and just take drugs, Before i do this things but after the video in youtube about you and Loon when you talking about islam so i have stop it :) and i dont do it any more.Pease brother you can add me on msn

  9. oguzboss says:

    lolalyty over money is the true that you tell to the people around you or to the people that are hangen with you the people in your crew aka islam for life man

  10. Habib Ali says:

    Assalamualikum, Brother Mutah

    I have listened to your songs all my life. I just want to say I am struggling to be like you. I saw your comments and I will try to keep this on my mind.( inshallah) I hope to see you one day or go to one of your programs. I have a very bad weakness. Anyways take care.


  11. abdulqadir says:

    ..Eselamu Aleikum My brother Napoleon. Inshallah i would like hear your voice brother if you able to make it. Came to Windsor Ontario Canada and talk our youths. I have being Muslim since I was born but when came to Nother America I stared losing controls’. I watched your videos may Allah bless you brother your change Muslim youth life’s by teaching them what you experienced. Inshallah I hope to hear more from you brother

  12. Faisal says:

    Aslam Alikum ,Brothers in Islam
    May allah bless you all .

  13. maxamed says:

    alama caleykum brother may allah bless u insha alah brother I am muslim masha alah I live London uk , brother I hear that u came to lodon earlier but I did`t see u hope that u gona came again , brother if u can add me jasakumulah

  14. edon says:

    i watched urs and loons dvd…since than i decided to go every friday to mosque…i used to go soemtimes,but now i want to go every friday even though i dont know whats gonna happen this summer cause i live in a turist city(its very hard NOT to lose control)
    ….were all muslims here(montenegro,ulcinj) but us the youth we all drink and smoke weed…….its very hard to me not to do this things cause this things surround me..

  15. tarek says:

    salam 3alikom napoleon i am your brother in eslam send your emil to me so you can help me about eslam

  16. Omar A says:

    Salam 3alikom nopoleon. I’m From Illinois. I seen your video’s on youtube. I was amazing mashallah How the hole outlawz went from partying, drugs, drinking. To being religious. Me i come from a muslim family i know how to speak arabic very good alhamdoila. I’ve done drugs, i’ve smoked but i want to leave all that. Will Allah forgive me, in my heart i know he will. And i hope he does i’ve done something stupid. That i’ve regreted my whole life. Bas inshallah we can talk, thank you.

  17. mutah says:

    Salam alaikum brother Omar Allah is the most mercifull and he said he will forgive every sin except shirk which is to associate partners with Allah, The Prophet said in an hadith that every son of Adam is a sinner but those who are best amongst those who sin are those who repent, May Allah forgive us all as he is the All forgiving

  18. Yazmin says:

    Asalamu alaikum all

    Brothers and sisters I greet you with the greettings of Ilsam which is peace be upon you all.
    After salam I can see that we all struggling and had our flaws.
    Alhamdulilah I repented but what haunts me is my sins.
    I just breakdown sometimes I do believe Allah can forgive me but what haunts me is the debt I owe people and the riba’ I committed .I always have the image after I die my deeds been put on hold .
    I do have strong faith in Allah but my sins and debt just haunt me ,
    please all make du’aa for me and all muslims jzkallah.

  19. Amar says:

    salam aleykoum wa rahmatoullah wa barakatouh akhi

    Mach’allah brother, pour tout le travail que tu fournis par la grace d’allah azawajal, al hamdoulillah.
    Baraka Allahoufik de partager avec nous ton histoire, soubhan’Allah ton parcourt. ici en france beaucoup de rappeur se dit musulmans et malgres ca continue à faire de la musique, allah guide qui il veut, d’ou pourquoi ton histoire est un bon rappel encore une fois Mach’allah, et qu’Allah veille sur toi qu’il t’accorde sa misericorde ainsi que sa grace et qu’il t’eloigne de la tentation et du chatiment de la tombe, paix et salutation sur toi akhi.Qu’Allah te récompense de donner de ton temps pour propager les messages de l’islam.

    ps: sorry i dont speak inglish :(

  20. edon says:

    mutah… would be so good if somebody would make a movie about ur life,since birth till today…….i think that will open people eyes…..

  21. mutah says:

    Edon we are doing a documentary about my life God willing it will be released end of spetember Insha Allah

  22. bilal says:

    wa salam wa aleikom wa rahmatulah wa barakatu

    iam from france in paris. i speeak french and translate please thank you.
    j’ai vue une video ou tu parle sur ta vie en general et sur ta conversion a l’islam j’ai ete profondement toucher par ton histoire. surtout les epreuve que tu as subis tu as ete riche donc tu avait les femme la drogue et le sex mais ton ame a ete assez forte pour te detournee de tous sa et encore mieu tu es maintenan musulman.
    en france les jeune d’origine musulmane et autre veulent tous la vie que tu avait et malgres les avertissement des freres musulman rien n’y fait leur egarement est profond pour sa ta vie est un bon exemple j’essairai de montre ta vie en exemple a tous mes amis incha allah qui sait grace a toi enfun grace

  23. bilal says:

    desole la suite est la je disai grace a dieu j’espere que ton vecu servira incha allah. que dieu te protege et qu’il fasse elevee ta foi et a tout les musulman du monde . allah o akbar allah o akbar wa salam wa aleikom wa rahmatulah wa barakatu

  24. Masha’Allah. May Allah reward you generously! Ameen.

  25. Abdarrahmane says:

    assalamualaikom my brother mutah im from Maroc but live and born in Amsterdam, im 26 years Alhamdoelillah i pray 5 times a day go sometimes to the mosq, I listend sometimes to music but not so much like before i try to not listend it anymore, because its not good for the iman it bring you to wrong ideas. I hope to meet you some day insha Allah, maybe when i go to America insha Allah. I say it know 2 years to my myself to go and see how America is, and when i go i want to go to meet you insha Allah if its posibble. Assalamualaikom my brother,

  26. ak says:

    hey mutah im from sydney australia im from a muslim family but i dont practice the faith but still beleive in it i drink a lot and do drugs and still bad never happy i watched a few of your videos and i can relate to it i used to listen to a lot of your music and the outlawswhen i was younger im just trying to find a way out of all the bad

  27. Amira says:

    As S3alaamu Aleekom ,
    i am a revert to Islam i was so happy when i found you reverted to Islam.I think i found out on Tupac`s song I ain`t mad at cha, i liked tupac and always will, my Allah forgive him…
    May Allah grant you happiness in this life and in the hereafter..

    As S3alaamu Aleekom brother.

  28. mutah says:

    @ Amira Ameen may Allah make us and you firm

  29. mutah says:

    @ Ak may Allah guide us and you surround yourself with good companions who are practicing Islam according to quran and sunnah may Allah protect you

  30. abdarrahmane says:

    assalaamualaikom my brother mutah how are you may Allah forgive us insha Allah what we did wrong i want to say do you listend to ahmed deedat masha Allah its an intelligent men

  31. Yassin says:


    Salaam alaikoem
    If you would like to meet Mutah and hear the story about his life and how he is converted to islam, you can visite the day of converts in the Haque (Den Haag 10 Januari)

    A salaam alaikoem wa rahmatulah wa barkatuh

    Yassin from The Netherlands (Haarlem)

  32. salman says:

    mashallah brother im really so happy for the outlaws all becoming muslim..but i cant stop listening to tupacs gave you got any advice.and make dua for me.
    its brother salman

  33. Ahmed says:

    Salam Alaikum brother :) I just wanted to let you know your a really big inspiration, I’m going to try to become a better muslim from now on. And I really! Really! want to get in contact with you! I’m 15 years old and going to be 16 on april the 6th. I have some important questions to ask you and this would effect my friends as well. Thank you for your time for reading this, i’m going to take my time to watch more of your videos now and your documentary if I find it.

  34. Onur says:

    Selamoe alaikoem wa rahmatUllahi wa barakatoe

  35. Abdullah azeri says:

    salam aletyke broyher.We love you in sake of Allah.Gad Bless you.from Azerbaijan

  36. Melisa Strasevic says:

    Salam Alaikaum brother.My name is Melisa I’m from Bosnia and I’m muslim…..Its great to hear your muslim,muslim is religion of peace..Every day I go to the mosque and learn there,there i have no worries and I’m relaxed….Acept islam and you will see how its good for you……..

  37. musa yushau says:

    Assalamu alaikum napoleon i welcome u to ur religion a religion for everyone i love and still remain ur fan in nigeria and all my friends good luck in ur feature endervour and more grace ti ur elbow from musa yushau of kaduna state nigeria

  38. Safiya latroya mccullough says:

    I have been seeking for the truth, I am very much interested.I really need to talk , I have a lot of questions that need to be answered.I do not want to live in the united states anymore.

  39. mutah says:

    @ safiya please visit this website

  40. Moncef says:

    @mutah mansha’allah I’m seeing my religion from another angle now, I released you are Muslim just few days ago and I’m very proud of Islam and of you brother.
    Ali Ibn Abi Talib (raa) said: “Verily, the truth and falsehood cannot be measured through men’s position. Know the truth and you will know people”.
    May Allah keep you on the right path and help you to get more knowleg in Islam. Help people and your reward is of Allah. Jazak Allah khair brother.

  41. Moncef says:

    I was so exited and I forgot to give Salam.
    El Salam alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh.
    Please brother and sister work for Islam, give the best image of you as Muslim. Allah sobhanah we ta’alla said to muhamed peace be upon him “And indeed, you are of a great moral character” he never told him you are the best in prayer among the believers and he is, he never said to him you are the best in fasting and he is but the character brothers and sisters. Please take the prophet sala Allah alih wa Salam as your best exemple and after sahaba and after tabiin. Jazakoum Allah khair inshallah

  42. Hassan Hussein says:

    Assallamu Alaikum Napoleon Im from Tanzania I used to know you since those days of outlaw but I didnt know that your a muslim until I watched the deen show and saw you.Mashallah Brother you have made me to realize the value of my Islamic faith.May ALLAH {S.W} accept us.

  43. mutah says:

    @ hasan wa alaikum salam insha Allah

  44. anass says:

    when listen to your hadit , wallah i started crying , u affected me so much , now i feel that i have to change my life and become a real muslim

  45. mutah says:

    @ Anass all parise is due to Allah alone may Allah make us and you firm upon his deen and forgive us our sins and shortcomings

  46. fahd says:

    Assalam alaykoum wa rahmatulah wa barakatuhu, i m so happy akhy that you practicing Islam according to quran and sunnah and the understanding of the companions may Allah protect you and enter you in the jannah incha Allah i m living in brussel and you come soon incha Allah i want to meet you and speak and see some brothers in the street they want to meet you barakAllahu fik akhy

  47. Fatima uz zahra says:

    Brother mutah, ive listened to alot of your talks on youtube, mashAllah very intresting. May Allah give you a long life and give you the strength to carry on all the good you are doing indeed it will pay off on the day of judgement inshAllah!!! Assalaam

  48. Muddassar says:

    Ausallaam aleykom brother , inshallah you are in good health , just wanted to say you doing a alhumdulillah great job with the dawah to young people , may Allah swt guide us all on his path , ausalaam aleycom .

  49. Maghribi says:

    Salam Aleikom Mutah,

    Are you coming to the Netherlands? if so when? I’ve seen all your videos on Youtube and there are lots of people who would like to see you come to Amsterdam.

    Salam Aleikom…

  50. youssef says:

    Asalamuaelekum al ahmatoulah ou balakatou brother.
    Good ramadan inshallah

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