Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed


Los Angeles Times: A Rapper’s Spiritual Journey

Rap News Network: ‘Napoleon’ discusses his religion, his past…

The Sydney Morning Herald: Ex-gangsta preaches peace

Get Reading: Gangsta rapper “a fool for living thug lifestyle”

ABC Australia: Conversing with Napoleon

West Thames College: Rap star visits West Thames College

The Hounslow Chronicle: US rapper warns Hounslow youths off gangs

UK Ealing Council: Rapper role model to visit Ealing high schools

Asian News: Napoleon warns Oldham youth about gang culture

Sweden HD: Napoleons liv tog ny vändning

Other media that interviewed or covered Mutah Beale include,, Saudi Gazette, Daily Trojans to name a few.

18 Responses to “Media”

  1. JAY says:

    Hey I just wanted to say I remember you from LA the gated community I came to visit you and Shariff with your cousin and I see a real change in you my brother. Keep up the good work, you look happier now than when I seen you on top of your game. This was a while ago you had that drop top red Lexus before everyone. The youth needs good people like you , stay up.

  2. Mahmoud Qaddoura says:

    brother if u ever come bak 2 sydney brother ur welcome 2 come over and brother please come over my name is mahmoud Qaddoura im Palestiinian as a muslim brother i need help with my 4 other brothers and there my blood brothers if u can pull a manoova and come speak about din it will be very good brother we need 2 bring our umar bak the 3masons are getting tronger muslim kids getting brain washed by those devils insharallah u reply bak 2 me Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

  3. nasir khan says:

    my cell 03223076784

  4. amatlmoujib says:

    Allah ywafquake

  5. serdar says:

    i love tupac and the outlawz but when i listen to your music i always said waaw they are cool guys i hope one they will became muslim now you are only pac not that makes me sad but im really happy for your all love the outlawz allaha emanet olun, allah yolunuzu acik etsin selametle

  6. othman says:

    first of all i wana say that im glad to know about this website and i wish god help u throw your way , i was a big fan of 2pac and the outlawzm, one day i was talking with my frinde that i feel sorry for 2pac that he die and he wasent muslim but after i know that all the outlawz are muslim now im more happy and i hope from alllah to show u the right way and good helth and i wish u to acciept me as a brother best wishes and good lock .

  7. Suzan says:

    Hey Napolean, I am a huge tupac fan, as well as the outlawz obviously. I am also a Muslim and really look up to you and the example you have set. I just a couple questions I don’t know if you actually read this but I would love to ask you them if I could.

  8. Mohammed Tanana says:

    Salam brother, I have a question for yaa how can you follow someone that attacked ahlel beyt?

  9. mutah says:

    @ Mohammed dont understand your question

  10. Muhammed Salah says:

    salam alleikum napoleon
    whats up?
    napoleon my name is muhammed salah and i am from chechnya but i live in switzerland
    because in chechnya is war and lot of bad things
    my father is died in chechen war 1995
    and i live with my older sister and mother
    my biggest dream is to make a song with the boys of outlaw for 2pac
    Napoleon you are one of the best rapper not just because you can rap god , no you are the best because you have a big heart

  11. Muhammed Salah says:

    now i am 16 years old
    i had at 8 april b-day
    please mutah
    kontakt me

  12. Mutaz says:

    Al slam 3leekom

    Allah yethbetak bro love u now more the befor.
    Hope to see ya u and aimer in haven

  13. As-salaam
    How are you brother?may Allah guide us all n keep us upon guidance until we meet Him Ameen
    Brother Mutah when will u be visiting South Africa

  14. noureddine says:

    Brother mutah i like to now. How did allah bring the light to jou? How did jou became a muslim? Whats the resson tha jou saw everything jou now whas wrong? Thats a hard time and also a bless time becaus that moment allah let jou see the lying in the world off the kaufar! May allah bless jou my brother and keep the peace in jour heart and jour family and to all the muslims

  15. maram says:

    may allah protect you and keep you on the way of islam..and plesse make do3aa for us and all muslims youth..

  16. mutah says:

    wa alaikum salam ameen jamia

  17. shiela salazar says:


    Are you coming to Dubai during Ramadan?

    Hope to hear from you.

  18. Abdoulaye Lom says:

    Hi dear brothers and sisters the pleasure that i feel is beyond description. I am Sénégalpèse, i am happy with Mutah i congratulate him.

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