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Sweden May 2009

City: Landskrona
Date: May 8th
Place: Folkets HusSäbygatan 16
Time: 18.00-21.00

City: Landskrona
Date: May 9th
Place:Ungdumshuset NOVA – Kavallerigatan

City: Halmstad
Date: May 10th
Place: Sannarpgymnasiet – Frennarpsvägen

City: Malmö
Date: May 12th
Place: Malmö Högskolan(Lärarutbilningen;

Huset Orkanen) -Nordenskiöldsgatan
Time: 18.00
City: Uppsala
Date: May 13th
Place: Uppsala Moske/Uppsala Mosque
Time: 17.30
City: Stockholm
Date: May 14th
Time: Kistra Traff

City: Göteborg/Gothenburg
Date: May 15th
Place:Masjid Sunni Center
Time:After salatul asr

Date: May 16th
Place:Järntorgets Folketshus

Previous Events

– Vancouver, BC April 16th

April 18th, 7pm 124th st and 72nd (the masjid is on the corner of the intersection)

70 Responses to “Schedule”

  1. Ruksar Hussain says:

    Aslaamwalecum napoleon just wanted to ask if you are coming to leeds?? There are many things i would like to discuss with you and also get advice on certian situations so please if you could email me that would be so helpful inshaAllah, thank you

  2. Hakeem Rasool says:

    Asalmualkim Brother Mutah I Was Wondering If U Could Come To England And Do A Tour For All Of Us Youngstas And Preach About Ur LifeStyle And Islam

    If U Wanna Get Back To Me:

    Email Since Of When I Was A Kid And Plz Get Back To Me

    1 Love

  3. Hakeem Rasool says:

    Asalmualkim Brother Mutah I Was Wondering If U Could Come To England And Do A Tour For All Of Us Youngstas And Preach About Ur LifeStyle And Islam

    If U Wanna Get Back To Me:

    Email Since Of When I Was A Kid And Plz Get Back To Me

    1 Love


  4. mutah says:

    @ Hakeem wa alaikum salam please contact my admin with further details

  5. mutah says:

    @ Ruksar wa alaikum salam not sure the next time I will be in leeds

  6. mutah says:

    @ stephen how are you thanks for contacting us please visit this website if you have further questions please email us may Allah guide us and you

  7. Soukouna says:

    As salam Aleikoum

    My name is Adamou Iam 28 years and I live in Paris.

    I ask you by seeking the pleasure of Allah if I could be your 2nd wife.
    I guess you must be married for this reason that I would ask you that.
    I would be honored to have a husband like you and learn Islam Machallah.
    May Allah preserve you and give you the Firdaws inchallah

  8. mutah says:

    @ Soukouna wa alaikum salam Mutah wanted to respond that he isnt looking to marry and may Allah bless you with a husband whos better then him

  9. Ali Durrani says:


    I wanted to ask brother mutah, if he had conversations about Islam with Brother Tupac Shakur, was he muslim concious but never actually converted,,,

  10. mutah says:

    @ Ali wa alaikum salam I wasnt muslim when pac was alive but he knew about islam and respected islam as he had many family members who are muslim but Allah alone make muslims

  11. Khalil Amine says:

    What’s up Mutah, I always thought Edi Amine was the first Muslim in the Outlawz, now I know it was you after seeing you on The Deen Show with Eddie. I’m glad you and the rest of the Outlawz have converted to Islam. Islam is what I have and what I live for. I don’t know how to work for shaytan and get by but I do I think, I am just following the Quran with 100% intention. I’m on unemployment now and it will run out soon. Besides prayer, is there anything else that I could do to make a living that is Halal? It would be great to do work with you I think, but if I don’t, what are my best options?

  12. Amina says:

    Assalam alaykum,

    I apologize if this isn’t the right place to be asking about this. Our University (City University of New York) is hosting Islamic Awareness Week in April. Would you be interested in doing a talk next month? I am not sure where you are based but if its possible then I can explain further.

    May Allah accept it from you all.

    JazakAllah khair

  13. mutah says:

    @ khalil wa alaikum salam brother shukran may Allah make your affairs easy for us and you keep making dua as dua is the weapon of the beleiver

  14. ibrahim says:

    salam brother Mutah(my english is not perfect) but I’ve seen your video on youtube and I see things on TV nowadays what used was weird is normal at this time it’s getting more normal. what I see in this world longer this world still exists the more it always gets worse with everything. human balance have no more and no longer want to believe and want to enjoy life as they increasingly believe I would not say that I do nothing but I have a balance sometimes you do not beheerse also done some bad things-that I say there should always keep in balance the devil dancing around me and I feel that time is slightly more faster. I hope I have time, people of this age to wake up that time to come because I’m sure that it wil comes I thank you in this message may place salam brother

  15. abdulaziz says:

    alslam brother

    Im watching all your video on youtube , i really like you brother since you wrer with tupac . i wish the best for you brother and to your family .
    please brother visit us on saudia ariba which on riyadh ,we really love you and respect you me and all my crew brother.
    Good bless you .
    i really hope to see you on riyadh ,we will take care about you ,you do not have to bring anythings with U , you are one of the best from our brother .
    please try to come and see how the people will be intresting on you espically the young youth .

    peace and love brother Napoleon

  16. Dense says:

    Always was all the time how is the boys doin.
    West coast kickin it chillin.
    Your brotha Dense.

  17. Habeeb Rehman says:

    I want to know that if you were not a muslim when tupac was alive then who is tupac’s song ‘i aint mad at cha’ aimed at.
    plz reply
    salam a laikum

  18. Kaisar says:

    Assalaam’u’alaykum brother mutah. Hope you are well and Allah keeps you high in eeman. I am from the UK from a town called east ham in London. We are currently in the process of opening the first Muslim youth centre (to my knowledge) in London. When I say Muslim youth centre it will also be open to non Muslim but an environment set out by Muslims, who will be our main target audience. In order to be able to facilitate the youth centre we obviously need funds, which. Brings me to my question. On the 23rd December 2012 we have organised a day conference which will include lectures, stalls, children’s activities etc. it will be open to both brothers and sisters. It would be a real pleasure to have you attend and deliver a lecture. Not sure if you are familiar with east ham, but the Muslims and non Muslims alike are indulging in drugs, prostitution, gangs, which is now rife within the community. I understand there will be a cost involved, which we will inshallah fulfil. Once again my brother, your doing a fantastic job with your dawah and I pray Allah blesses you and all the Muslims with the best in this life as well as the next. Its difficult to put down all the information on this message, so inshallah send me an email to my personal account and i can give you all the relevant details. Jazakallah kher. Wassalaam.

  19. Mohammed says:

    muntah can u please contact me

  20. Mohamed M. says:

    Salam Alaikum brother man glad n happy you are a brother to all of the muslims of today a true brotherhood I would say Masha-Allah Kinda relate Cant find anything in this world as the same treatment as a brother would treat his brother may god help all of us with or trails and hardships Insha-Allah

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