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Sweden May 2009

City: Landskrona
Date: May 8th
Place: Folkets HusSäbygatan 16
Time: 18.00-21.00

City: Landskrona
Date: May 9th
Place:Ungdumshuset NOVA – Kavallerigatan

City: Halmstad
Date: May 10th
Place: Sannarpgymnasiet – Frennarpsvägen

City: Malmö
Date: May 12th
Place: Malmö Högskolan(Lärarutbilningen;

Huset Orkanen) -Nordenskiöldsgatan
Time: 18.00
City: Uppsala
Date: May 13th
Place: Uppsala Moske/Uppsala Mosque
Time: 17.30
City: Stockholm
Date: May 14th
Time: Kistra Traff

City: Göteborg/Gothenburg
Date: May 15th
Place:Masjid Sunni Center
Time:After salatul asr

Date: May 16th
Place:Järntorgets Folketshus

Previous Events

– Vancouver, BC April 16th

April 18th, 7pm 124th st and 72nd (the masjid is on the corner of the intersection)

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  2. Muram Abbadi says:

    are you coming to london

  3. akbar yunus says:

    When is your visit to Toronto with Loon and Freeway?

  4. Shana Khalifa says:

    When are your coming to Ft Laud, Miami area?


  5. usman says:

    when are you going to come to bradford

  6. Ahmad says:

    hey there, I was wondering will you be coming to Boston?

  7. waqar says:

    asalaam bother mutah, masha’all’ah for accepting islam, may allah ta’ala make all your wishes come true, i used to listen to pac and outlawz alot ,but now, i wanna listen to what you have to say.

    brother please come to u.k, i will give my brother mutah hospitality for as long as he is here in the u.k.

    please come to ,bradford in the u.k.

    jazakallah khair


  8. Ahmed Elmutaz says:

    alsalamu alaikum brotha…mashallah for enterin allah be your light in the darkest nights..i was wonderin if u would come to sudan in africa..we never really embraced many celebrities but if u bless us wid ur essence and the story of ur life it wuld be an outmost previlige…i loved tupac and the outlaws and yall still ma number 1 rap artists..hope you can come to sudan..jazak allah khair

  9. Syed says:

    Salaamuailakum, will you email me if you come to the UK jazakallah. May Allah (SWT) guide the muslim UMMAH the right way inshallah.

  10. atif latifi says:

    salaam alikum brother would be great if u plan to visit india for the dawah work

  11. Yahya says:

    Akhi when will you come to seattle

  12. Sameer says:

    salaam alikum my brother. Upon hearing the news that you will be coming 2 buffalo this weekend, i was very excited and purchased several tickets right away. It is an honor 2 have u as a guest speaker and am looking forward to the event inshallah. Thank you.

  13. Mohamed Ali says:

    salaam brother when r u coming back to Detroit Mi. i think we need people like u to speak to our brothers about Islam. Thank uuu!!

  14. Haroon says:

    ma brother when are you coming to bradford i saw you there like a few years back doing a islamic rap

  15. nasir khan says:

    brotha i would like u to come in karachi pakistan give speech about islam thanks

  16. Abubakar Sadeeq Al-Amin says:


    Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

    Firstly, I would like to use this medium to thank Allah subhanahu watahala for Granting us the previledge of being alive today and in sound health and lets extend our salatul Nabiyi to His beloved Prophet Muhammed Salalahu Alaihim wasalam.

    With great joy I am wrting these lines because I just became aware that Brother Mutah-(Napoleon) is a brother in islam through Deenshow and my pain is that Allah did not grant me the opportunity to meet with him during his visit to London- kadarallah.

    Alhamdulillah wth all your effort towards Da’awah. if you are chance Akhi kindly send me a correspondence through email

    May Allah Continue to Direct us unto the right part and Forgive us off our short comings.


  17. Yusuf says:

    Peace be upon you Mutah & Allahs blessings
    do you ever come through Chicago with your inspirational
    speeches salam my brother.

  18. Yusuf says:

    Also I wanted to say to Mutah through all yor insprirational speeches
    and all your videos on Youtube your words through Allah makes me a person in Islam
    salam be upon you and Allahs blessing.

  19. Nasser says:

    salaam alikum brother

    Alhamdulillah allah guide to the right straight path , allah make you steadfast

    just wanna congratutations you and say keep the good work for dawaa , enshallah allah ill reword you for what you doing for dawaa

    if you ever though of fasting in ramothan in a moslam country you most welcome brother to come here in kuwait you and all the rest of moslam brother

    your rbother nasser

  20. mutah says:

    @ Nasser walaikum salam , jazak Allah Khair maybe will see you in kuwait onde day Insha Allah

  21. Mike says:

    we need you here in dearborn michigan which is right by detorit and is mostly an arab community filled with youngins lookin for the fast life and looking in all the wrong dirrections (You can make a differnce)… alsalamu alaikum

  22. Danish fareed says:


    i would be happy if you could make down here to the UK, WEST LONDON. Theres alot trouble going on in with the youth, i mean alot of the muslim brothers here are stirring away from islam and each year it seems to be getting worse, theirs not much here for us youngsters and when i look around i see alot of the trouble coming out of the youths is from this gangster music and its affecting big time. as you have had experience in the music idustry i want you to come to the masjids and give talks just how you did in newcastle some time ago. we really need someone to bring back the religon of islam and 100% sure with your help we will help many youths to move away from this gang culture.

    jazak allah khair.

  23. kasirye mahhmood says:

    Assalam alaykum brother muta’aa.!!
    am ur brother in islam ,i thank Allah for his mercy towards the muslim ummah ,its really a blessing that islam is becoming strong in the us with strong p’pl like you and i pray to Allah to make u a significant import moslem in guiding the moslem youth in the in my country in uganda-east africa when p’pl look at some of your videos they feel something good is gonna happen to muslim ummah they believe more and more people who live your kind of life style in past are gonna embrass islam in large numbers .here in my country things are very bad in the youth … except the few whom Allah have chosen from his i kindly request you to keep on with the spirit of teaching the muslim youth and Allah is the only giver who’s gonna reward you with the best in his jannat el firdaous.because you now stand in a position of a strong youth imam(ameer) worlwide.barak Allah fiq .
    your brother in Islam kasirye Mahmoud(Kampala-Uganda)

  24. Zakariya says:

    Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

    Firstly, we are reaching the final days of Ramadan, I pray that Allah acknowledges your efforts during the holy month and accepts your duas.
    Basically, I would like to ask if you and your team are planning a trip to Bradford, UK, anytime in the near future.

    May Allah make this happen.

  25. saima says:

    Salam…….Please come to england- manchester, the muslim youth would really appreciate an inspiration like you brother to bring them back to their deen.

    may allah reward you with Al- Firdaus for all your efforts.

  26. mustaque ahmed says:

    salam brother when will be in the uk if u do will u come to newcastle SOUTH SHIELDS.

  27. Abdullah Salman says:

    We would like to welcome you in UAE, so please please try to come to UAE. it’s a nice place you gona love it. come and make a lecture in UAE. brother loon came (when he was not muslim) and he loved the place, he came for a video clip. so its ur time to come with a Lecutre

  28. Faatemah says:

    Like some of the brothers and sisters have said, the muslim youth of England will benefit from your presence- if possible, please could you tru to fit us in to the chedule too. Jazakallah. May Allah reward you for your efforts andkeep you steadfast. Ameen. We’re losing our youth, yet theyre the ones who would be the strongest.

  29. jouad says:

    Why arent you coming to the netherlands alot of maroccan peaple need you

  30. mutah says:

    @ jouad insha Allah soon

  31. Salaam says:

    When can you come to Germany (Frankfurt)?

  32. Ola says:

    We need you in Las Vegas!

  33. Jawaad min Buffalo NY says:

    Salaams Akhi were are you at. I talked to Q, he told me he finally hooked up with you. Give me a call. I am suppose to be coming over there in a little bit. 716-913-3245
    Ma asalaam

  34. Mariam says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Bro Mutah

    I was listening to your video on youtube when you came to Sydney few years ago. I was quiet moved of everything that came out of your mouth. Mashallah to see the transition of you from a “Gangsta rapper” to “Muslim Lecturer”. May Allah bless you with good health and may He give you Jennatul Firdouse as your final destination Inshallah Ameen. Bro, I would like to know when are you coming to Melbourne Australia, Inshallah? Please come soon Inshallah.

    Valaikum Salam

    Sis. Mariam

  35. Maha says:

    Salaams…Come to Toronto Inshallah!

  36. Mohammad Ali says:

    Assalaam Aleykum Wu Rahmatulah


    Can you please visit Denmark, to the capital city Copenhagen. It isn’t far away from the city Malmö.

    There is many, and I mean many young Muslims in Copenhagen. And just that you know, there is many Muslim gangs in Copenhagen, from the Middle East and Africa: Arabs, Somalians, Pakistanis, Turks and Bosnian. There has been many conflicts with danish Rock gangs and Muslim gangs. It would be very nice if you came to the city, to a mosque and making a speech. All of the young Muslims in Copenhagen knows all about Tupac Amaru Shakur, Outlawz etc. And since Tupac is dead, it has a affected all the young Muslims. They still listen to Pac’s music, and loves him very much. And they also know that you have become a muslim. I thought it would be nice if you made a speech here in Copenhagen my Akhi.


    Mohammad Ali :-)

  37. Mohammad Ali says:

    I hope so InshAllah Akhi
    I have watched your speeches in YouTube, they are veeeery nice.
    Jazak Allah Khair Akhi :-)

  38. Lou says:

    can you please come to new york, i just want to meet you and have a conversation about Tupac Amaru Shakur with you cause that i want to meet someone who was close to him and just want advice for the future etc. PLEASE reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. D. says:


    why does everybody has the chance to meet u several times when they’re living in usa or uk?

    but i live in the Netherlands… when will u ever come to meet us? u got big fans here too.

  40. Sadiq says:

    Asalamualikum brother Mutah

    My prayers are with you and your son. May Allah take away your sorrow and bring glad tidings to your heart. I just wanted to say that I have been admiring your heart even since your verse on “Trading War stories,” back in 95-96 when I was 12. And have seen many of your videos since u reverted to Islam. I want to say I’m happy for you and proud of you very much. I gotta chance to talk to your younger brother who came to my house in UCLA in 08, with my childhood friend Harron Habassi and of course we spoke of you and Pac. Inshallah you’ll make a trip to the Bay Area one time and I’d be happy to host you and pray next to you. If not then I might see you in Jeddah or Medina inshallah as that is currently where I’m trying to so hard to reside at. Peace and blessing to you and all of your love ones.
    Sadiq Muhammad.

  41. Kholoud Emad says:

    Ive been a tupac fan since i said my first words, and im a muslim. I watched many videos of you on youtube and your a true inspiration. It would be an honor and pleasure to to hear you live and get the chance to ask you questions. It would be amazing for people in Qatar to hear everything you have to say as well and im sure inspire them like you have inspired me. Please try to fit Doha, Qatar in you schedule.

  42. FatimaH JammeH says:

    Bismillahi RRahmani Raheem
    I am interested in coming to work within an orphanage.

    I can you please tell me if you are in need of assistance.

    I have recently come from UK and as you say Allah speaks of orphanages. One of my dreams was to open a chlldrens home… So…
    Al Hamdu Lillah

  43. mutah says:

    salam alaikum sister Fatimah jazak Allah khair we are in the processing of builfing an orphanage in The Gambia Insha Allah if we need any assistance from sisters to help us out with sisters we will keep this is mind thanks

  44. Amina says:

    Will you guys come to London, Please there are many youths who need you guys.

  45. Shazia says:

    As Salaam Alaikum Brother Mutah Beale

    I have been watching your youtube videos, and your motivational speeches have inspired me a lot.

    I want to thank you so much for your motivation, as I have just reverted to Islam and found the true path, Alhamdulillah.

    However it has been very difficult due to family/lifestyle and their acceptance, but your speeches have played a part in helping me keep strong and doing whatever it takes to stay on the right path!

    It would be great if you came to London, UK as I would love to talk/meet with you. I am also very happy for you in finding the truth, by the grace of Allah. May Allah bless you and your family

  46. sohail says:

    As Salaam Alaikum Brother Mutah Beale

    i would like to ask you a question in private how do i contact you?

  47. mutah says:

    @ sohail you can contact admin at

  48. Hey Napoleon, I am American and I have lived in Costa Rica since 2003. I would love for you to come down here and spread the word my man. I love your lyrics and I love your compassion. Your words speak from the heart. Heck, I would even fly you out here, if you wanted to come down to paradise and spread your word. We have a nice place right next to the beach. Hope you return my request.
    Forever an Outlaw in my own mind,
    Shawn Cunningham

  49. mutah says:

    @ Shawn how are you thanks for visiting my site send details to my admin

  50. Stephan says:

    Friede sei mit dir, my name is stephan i am 32 years old searching for the thruth i have worries about leaving this life i live on my own . Is there a muslim community in Germany (Stuttgart) ?

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