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About Me

Salam Alaikaum,

My goal is to help the Youth and the Community avoid the pitfalls of the hip-hop culture.  Through my experiences and learning I want to benefit the youth with knowledge of the what the real life in streets is all about and how to avoid getting involved in it.

Do understand that I am NOT a scholar and far from it and nor do I pretend to be one.  I want to give dawah to the youth and the community from my life experiences that will Insha-Allah have some benefit for all.

I was a entertainer and my sole lively-hood depended on selling music but since I gave up music (since its haram) I had to find other halal methods of income.  So, I go around the world giving lectures to youth and yound adults about the beauty of Islam and negative effects of the hip-hop culture.

If you want to invite me please, click here.

About Me:

He was born to Muslim parents, his mother Aquillah Beale (Puerto Rican) and his father Salek Beale (African American). When he was three years old his parents were murdered, in front of him and his two brothers, by family friends who were members of the Nation of Islam. []. His brother, Seike Beale, committed suicide later on in life

After this, he along with his big brother, Moonie Beale, and his little brother, Kamil “Kamillion/Hellraza/Muszamil” Beale, moved in with their grandparents in Irvington, New Jersey. In 1994, he ran into his childhood friend Yafeu “Kadafi” Fula who he hadn’t had contact with for years. Both of them were rapping and Kadafi’s godbrother was the rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. Kadafi’s mother, Yaasmyn Fula, told Tupac about Mutah. She told him how he witnessed his parents being murdered and it made him cry. He felt he had to meet Mutah. They met and Mutah joined their group, Dramacydal. Unlike the other members he didn’t go under an alias, he just went under his first name.

On April 5, 1995, Tupac’s LP, Me Against the World, was released (which sold 2 millions copies) Mutah guest appeared on the song “Outlaw.” In 1995, Napoleon, Hussein, Kadafi, Kastro, E.D.I. and Makaveli (Tupac) formed the group the Outlaw Immortalz; later renamed to the Outlawz. Tupac gave each member of the group an alias taken from an enemy of America or so called tyrants and he gave Mutah the alias Napoleon after French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. On February 13, 1996, Tupac’s double LP All Eyez on Me was released selling 4 million copies in the U.S. Napoleon guest appeared on “Tradin’ War Stories”, “When We Ride”, “Thug Passion”, and “Run Tha Streetz.”

On September 7, 1996, Tupac was shot four times in a drive-by-shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was taken to University Medical Center where he died a week later. Napoleon and the rest of the Outlawz moved back to New Jersey. On November 5, Tupac’s LP, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, was released. Napoleon guest appeared on the song “Life Of An Outlaw.”

In March 1997, Napoleon and the rest of the Outlawz with the exception of Hussein Fatal, moved back to California and signed with Death Row Records. They did this despite the fact that Tupac had several times told them not to. On December 21, 1999, the Outlawz’s debut LP, Still I Rise, was finally released selling a million records. Napoleon and the rest of the Outlawz besides Hussein Fatal formed Outlaw Recordz and released their second and third LPs, Ride Wit Us Or Collide Wit Us and Novakane, on November 7, 2000 and November 6, 2001. One of the first artists who signed with Outlaw Recordz was Napoleon’s brother Hellraza. Napoleon made his acting debut in Thug Life which also starred The Lady of Rage and Willie D.

Napoleon’s solo debut album, Have Mercy, was due out 2005. It features Jon B and other artist. He had a minor hit called Never Forget featuring Val Young and Johnny J. Johnny J produced the song as well. It has been completed but will not be released, and Napoleon has completely retired from music due to its im-permissibility in the religion of Islam. Napoleon appeared on records that sold 40 million copies world wide


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  1. mutah says:

    @abou wa alaikum salam brother ameen ajmaeen jazak Allah khair

  2. mutah says:

    @shaiful wa alaikum salam brother I dont mind coming to malaysia if any body would like to invite me they can contact us

  3. mutah says:

    @g.johnson thanks for the kind words and thanks for visiting my website, please check out when you get a chance

  4. mutah says:

    @mohamed alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah as he alone is in charge of guidance

  5. mutah says:

    @roy thanks alot of the kind words

  6. mutah says:

    @ozlem thanks for visiting my site, well we know only Allah make muslims and if it was written for 2pac to be muslim he would have died as a muslim AS Allah doesnt make mistakes

  7. mutah says:

    @bruno hello Bruno well life can be hard at times it was mentioned that The Prophet said none of you should wish death on his self but rather he should say oh Allah allow me to live as if living is better for me and take my sould if dying is better for me, never give up Alhamdulillah we are muslims and have Allah and Islam which means we have everything. Allah says in Quran translated to be, Never dispair from the mercy of Allah no one dispairs from Allah’s mercy except the disbeleievers may Allah guide us and you and rectify our affairs

  8. mutah says:

    @sumaya make dua for him, donate if you can you can visit his fb page i beleive its loon2amir

  9. Abu Hudeyfha says:

    Salam aleykum wa rahmatallah wa barakatuhu my brother Mutah,

    Firstly, Aidak Mabrouk, Taqaballah mina wa minkoum.

    I hope you enjoyed this Aid.

    When you will come back to Riyadh (KSA) inshallah ? And where can I see you inshallah ?

    May Allah protect you Bro

  10. hayet says:

    assallamu alaikom, i’m a big fan of you, i’m from algeria”north africa”, and i just wanted to tell you that you are wellcome to algeria at anytime, seeing a muslim like you just makes me proud :) peace

  11. Azhar Choudhury says:

    As-Salamu Alaykum mutah i am 13years old and i really like you! First i thought mutah was really lucky cause he had a better life he had money,cars and mansion plus he met 2pac and he was like the top gangster in the world then i was like naaa we all can get everything in jannah inshallah so he done a better job. mutah can you tell me how you felt when they told you to convert cause after the nation of islam people killed your parents you must have felt like i hate that religion? last question, i have been watching some 2pac’s documentary videos and in some of them i think they said that 2pac didn’t actually die and he faked his death and i think there is some video that he says that he faked his death so can you just please tell me if you know anything? THANK YOU mutah i really wish if you came London so i can see you but inshallah pray for me and the ummah.

  12. Shireen says:

    Asalamualaykum. Is this really you replying on this forum? Insha’Allah it is. I was wondering if you’re planning on doing any talks in London anytime soon. Please let me know. Jazak’Allah khair.

  13. fazee mohammed says:

    Assalam u alaikum my brother,

    How are you ?

    I saw your programme on the television during the holy month of Ramaadan and i was so amazed with your story.

    My name is brother Fazeel Mohammed, i reside in the country of Trinidad and Tobago, i hope that we can be good friends.

    Keep up the good work my brother, i pray that ALLAH s.a. continue to bless and give you the energyto continue your work Inshaa Allah.

  14. mutah says:

    @ fazee wa alaikum salam brother jazak Allah khair

  15. mutah says:

    @shireen wa alaikum salam as of now I dont have plans to go to uk for talks if anything change we will post the information on this blog thanks

  16. mutah says:

    @hayet wa alaikum salam thanks

  17. mutah says:

    @ abu hudeyfha wa alaikum salam jazak Allah khair im currently living in riyadh

  18. MOHAMED ALI says:


  19. MOHAMED ALI says:


  20. ryan yamin says:

    Assalllammualllaikum….Alhamdullillah My Brother… how U’ve been? actually I’m The one of Ur fans before in cali. I’m asian Bro… and Now I ive in my home country (Indonesia). When U gonna visit us? please come visit us to indonesia sometimes…I really wanna meet U”Bro and hear all of good about U…Holla…may ALLAH subhanahuwattaallla always guide Us until the end of time…please reply my message on my E-M@il directly,Thanks…. Assallammuallikum

  21. youcef islem says:

    i’m muslim from algeria and i love you so much napoleon

  22. adham el khalaf says:

    alsalam u alaikom brother Mutah may allah subhana wa taalah bless you

    My name is adham el khalaf i’m a palestine guy that lives in holland
    There is something a want to share with you..
    Forgive me about my english if it isnt correct my english teacher was tupac if you know what I mean..

    Today I was listening to one of your speaches in sweden
    And i’V. The same problem like you had you had evrything what u wanted but you wassnt happy.
    I was listening to you and I felt a very warm powerful energie that crabbed me
    It was a feeling that I cant translate to human language ….
    Just becouse of that feeling I dropped tears.
    That was a moment of happiness for me I founded peace in my heart.
    Im very thankfully may allah bless you brother.
    There is an other thing that I want to share with you.
    I know you will understand the meaning of my story cuz you have lost your both parrent and your best friend pac in an mured case.

    On age of 5 I was walking in the streets where I lived at that time (in a palastinian camp in the south of lebanon)
    I was on my way to my best friend and I saw how a rocket came down of his house and damage the his hous life and my life cuz i,m not the same for that day..My heart is broke my hope of peace is lost..scarss have changed my heart ..
    Im not telling you this to show u that i,m strugglin…
    I’m just telling u this cuz I know u will listeng to my pain..

    May allah bless you and evryone thats living on this planet..

    Man is man no difference isaak or ismail…

    I like to talk with you about islam and your experience
    Can you give a sign if you got any plans to give speaches in holland
    Alsalam u alaikom

  23. eyad says:

    mutah, i want to ask you personally question , how can i contact you?

  24. Mansoor MJ says:

    alam aleykum wa rahmatallah wa barakatuhu,

    Hi Bro
    I’m Mansoor MJ.18 years old from India
    how are you?
    Only yesterday i knew that you became muslim
    Im tupac’s biggest fan i suppose
    and outlawz too.
    i saw you in THE DEEN SHOW
    and i was so happy by hearing you.
    since that time whenever i remember about you
    i always pray for you
    to forgive your sins and accept your struggles
    Please pray for me too
    and try to reply my
    Thank You

  25. Mohammed says:

    is there any chance you will be comming to leicester

  26. Abdul'azeez Yahya says:

    Salam alaikum. I am Abulaziz from Sokoto, Nigeria. Am proud of you and i pray for Allah’s guidance and support for your da’awa and all other islamic endevours. May Allah reward you aboundantly.

  27. Randy says:

    whats up nopoleon, i respect how you turned your life around, pac was a great artist and you guys made a good team..but sometimes you have got to let some things go man. can you please do me a big favour and hit me back up on my email? thanks that would be so meaningful ! god bless you.

  28. adel abu abdurahman says:

    Brother mutah alssalam Alikom
    Alhamdulelah same u are in America am from Saudi Arabia and I am very hupy to now about you I won’t to ask u about all the money you have before what you doing by this money and I wold like to send amony sharing with you for dawah to Allah sorry for my English language but I want to say Ana ohebok fee Allah ” I love you in Allah” jazak Allah khair my mobile number +966560070777
    Give salaam to all our brothers in America .
    Walsallam Alison warahmat Allah wabrakatoh

  29. idris says:

    alhamdulillah mutah, may ALLAH continue to guide and protect u, pls do u have any plan of visiting nigeria? Pls do if possible we love people like u and love to here from u live. Thank u.

  30. Assalam alaikum,my brother in islam may Allah rewarded u with Aljannatul firdaus,and a may Allah accept our ibadat ameen,am from nigeria,i lyk u so much.

  31. Dawud says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum, I am a convert myself for over 10 years. I am living in Toronto, Canada, and of Italian descent. Reading your story is inspirational. As you are living in Riyadh, do you frequently Madinah, and. Makkah? Any events you speak at? I am planning to come this Spring Inshallah.
    Br. Dawud

  32. AbdurRahman Hassan says:

    Salaam…saw your program on Iqraa TV where I get your web address, from where I read about you. May Allah in His infinite mercy make you the source of light to many youths that were deluded by the so called hip-up and the life style that goes with it. Allahumma a’izzal Islaama wal muslimeen wa azillas shirks wal mushrikeen, wa dammit a’adaaddeen…

  33. Abdulhakeem says:

    Alhamdulillah for your life.I never knew u are a muslim until today that i wash u on The Deen show on iqra tv. May Allah continue to make the deen easy for us all.

  34. Merely a servant of Allaah says:

    Asalaam alaykum

    Is there an E-mail. That we can contact the brother from.

  35. Thani Hafedh says:

    Waalaikum Salaam

    I am so exited seen non muslims convertin to islam so that im very very HAPPY see you givin up MUSIC and accepting QURAN (ISLAM)
    Man u gave up that kinda live for ISLAM this means alot and may ALLAH SUBHANAHU WATAALA accept you to enter JANNA straight away.
    Know that you convertin to be muslim so that many of you fans will convert too
    Man i love you for the sake of ALLAH and im xpecting you to be a MUCH BETA DAEE

  36. Thani Hafedh says:

    Waalaikum Salaam

    I am so exited seen non muslims convertin to islam so that im very very HAPPY see you givin up MUSIC and accepting QURAN (ISLAM)
    Man u gave up that kinda live for ISLAM this means alot and may ALLAH SUBHANAHU WATAALA accepts you to enter JANNA straight away.
    Know that you convertin to be muslim so that many of you fans will convert too
    Man i love you for the sake of ALLAH and im xpecting you to be a MUCH BETA DAEE

    After all that, I’m living here in Tanzania, Your almost welcome and we NEED you ASAP brother. And most welcome to my home town ZANZIBAR….

  37. Yusuf says:

    Asalaamu Alaiykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu,

    Akhi, you have done a great job influencing the community, and Alhamdulillah that these kids are following Siraatal Mustaqueem.

    When do you visit or do Dawah in Cali Akhi?

  38. marzuq says:

    salam brother in islam I will likr to invite you to come to nigeria inshaallah

  39. Suzan says:

    You are such a Nice person. May Allah bless you for the amazing person you have become inshallah. I have Big respect for you. I Will Like you to come to Denmark and tell about you story. It’s very interesting…

  40. Aduwaye Louis Okotie-Eboh says:

    Am a Big fan of 2pac and Outlaw am African from Nigeria,I stay in detroit Michigan,Visited your webpage and am very proud of what you doing and may Allah give you the strength to be strong.More blessings to you.

  41. Samba njie says:

    Assalamu allaikum brother mutah. Only god knows how I am happy to have you as Muslim brother. May god continue blessing you and every Muslim out there

  42. MIFTAHU says:

    May ALLAH accept it from you as an act of ibaadah Ameen!!!

  43. said rislani says:

    Salam alikoem brother.
    How are you doing?

    I have a question? When will you come to Holland because i would love
    to come and see you.

    May ALLAH bless you and your family…insallah.

    Salam alikoem brother

  44. Minhaj Hussain says:


    How Are You?

    I Am Just Writing This To Say That You Are Amazing!
    I Love Your Life Story!
    Inshallah Allah Grants You Jannah!
    I Am A 13 Year Old Boy Who Lives In The Uk And Would Love To Meet You!
    Please Please E-mail Me On

    Just A Quick say You Are A Amazing Roll Model! Again May Allah Grant You Jannah For Converting!

  45. S.E. says:

    Dear Brother,

    I am from a completely different world than yours, but I see the blessings of Allah azza wa jal in your life. Allahu akbar. You always had a special purpose in this life – may Allah swt continue blessing you in your life and helping you fulfill your purpose. Always remember to thank Him for everything He gave you. Until we meet in jannah inshallah :)


  46. MAKAVELI says:


  47. MAKAVELI says:

    7;00 when do u get up from sleeep napolean ? WHEEEEEEEN , assalat khayr mina nawm , i’m gonna do somthing ; i’m gonna wait till salato lfajr , then if i die , let the world , alll the world that it’s about my family , that’s all , i got nothing to lose , like our homie , i knw very well that he still with us , and suppporting us , be coool and thanks a loot , i wanna after thiis shit , after this day , i’ll be straight ,

    OUTLAW ..

  48. MAKAVELI says:

    ya allah sabrni m3a had bnadem

  49. MAKAVELI says:

    help me , i’m lost , confused , i’m losing my focus , losing my friends , losing my study , losing my life ,,, please give me an answer , any answer , because only thing that i see to do , is , suicide ….

  50. Brycenlichti says:

    Dear Napoleon wuts a good way to prevent the goof man aspect Nation of Islam an r m an triad corrupted govenment system an r.s gang down with them where I’m from in vancouver b.c. We’re in to beating up people an adrenilin processing made u.n gang circuite hardcore 2009 an 2010was wack with world orders an adrenilne rush an my dad was shot In front of me when I was 9 by rm cause he was guns I almost died

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