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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Booking Event Services: offers several services for the community, including:

* Keynote speeches by brother Mutah formally known as Napoleon of the Outlawz
* Personal development and goal planning workshops by a team of professional coaches

Alhamdulillah, our events can enrich your community and also generate a source of income for your organization.

We have Dawah partners who would donate for non-profit events and commercial partners who would sponsor community events.

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92 Responses to “Booking”

  1. Suraya says:

    Asalamualkum Brother.

    I have been raised by a single parent and raised a Muslim Alhamdulilah, But the problem my family has is with my eldest and only brother. for the past three years he has been rebelling against my mother, fighting, handing out with the wrong people, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It has gotten him in to trouble and to add to that neighborhood kids he grew up with are starting to do the same.

    These teenagers are my brothers and i don’t want to throw they lives in this dunyia and the hereafter away for simple pleasures that well hurt them in the end.

    I have noticed that these kids have been influenced by hip hop. Personally speaking i know my brother has. I want you to inshallah warn them about the dangers of music and disrespect towards there parents.

    we want to organize an event for our community’s youth. and inshallah give you the details if you decide to accept our offer. Inshallah

  2. Asalamu Alykum All,

    I am pleased to see and read the followers of good and NOT evil. I am Chicago Palestinian Muslim born and raised. I live not with what’s given in life but rather with what I can make out of life. I would like everyone to pause when finished reading this paragraph and think what am I making out of my life? ask your self, am I a Muslim? If so, am I a good Muslim as supposed to? Am I a producer or a consumer of the give society system? What can I make out of life?

    Salamu Alykum

  3. mutah says:

    @ Suraya walaikum salam may Allah guide us and your brother contact my admin at

  4. Yll Gjyshinca says:

    Selam alejkum mutah ,i live in kosovo and i was born muslim even tho i was a muslim i’ve not been to the mosque untill 2 months ago and im 24 years old, i just want you to know that u inspiried me to get more knowledge about my own religion i was going to the same rough time like u did ppl used to talk to me about islam but i never listened cuz they didnt know where i came from so i start doing the same things like u, i was searching and erhamdurilah i found was i was searching for thanks to you, u guidet me to the right way i wanna thank you for everything for sharing your story with me and touching me allah may bless you for that inshalla. i wanna ask you to help the youth in kosovo inspire them like u did with me ,if u could send them a msg or come vizit kosovo i would love to meet you inshalla allah makes it possible and i can meet you and listen to you live ,i hope to see you soon here in kosovo. sorry for my bad english selam alejkum my brother

  5. halima says:

    Hi! there is this mosque in leicester that would like to invite you to do a talk for teens but do you come out to the uk! may Allah guide and bless you and your family.

  6. mutah says:

    @ yii Alhamdulillah as guidance if from Allah alone may Allah make us and you firm upon his deen

  7. nadir says:

    i was just wondering where i can book brother mutah to fort mcmurray

  8. Chad says:

    My name is Chad I am a Christian I love tupac and the outlaws curious why you do not rap anymore if it wasn’t for the outlaws what would hiphop have as a believer in god I am searching for truth I have contacted Jewish sources and would like to connect with muslms swell I need spiritual answers

  9. mutah says:

    Hello Chad thanks for contacting us we will love to be a help to you how ever we can, please visit this website if you have any further questions feel free to contact us thanks

  10. aslamualaiqum,im salmatu sulaiman 4rm nigeria,may peace of Allah be wit u 4eva amin. I watch ur inteview and it realy lift my spirit 2 lov my religion islam d more tnk u.

  11. Abdulelah says:

    how are you Shaikh Mutah? I hope you are doing good :)
    I’m looking for some answers and you’re the only one who can help me. What does Killuminati really mean? and what is the Killuminati gospel ?
    I hope u can give me aswers.

    Your brother Abdulelah from Saudi Arabia

  12. sister in islam says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Dear Brother Mutah. I have grown up listening to your recrods with Tupac. Now,older and wiser – I understand what you are trying to achieve and why your dawah isso important for the youth – they arethe futures of Islam in sha Allah.
    I pray that Allah swt makes it easier for you to spread the message which will no doubt benefit thousands of youngsters who have fallen prey to this type of music – they will be hippin’ and hoppin’ and snap cracklin and poppin’ in the hellfire. Also that these so called celebrities with their mountain of wealth are the MOST miserable people alive…

    Borther please do not be offended in any way and I have no doubt that there are hundreds of proposals for you, if you are not already married that is? I have no older brothers with me here in the UK, but it is my intention to live as a Muslim and enjoin what is good and forbid evil. I only wish that I could marry a brother like you because it is clear that you love Allah and you practice Islam.
    In many ways growing up – i thought I would e able to meet Tupac and the Outlaws one day to tell them that their music helped me at first and that I could relate to it, but when I realised that Allah needs to be worshipped – I wanted the opportunity to do what your doing… but Alhamdulillah it is better to come from you in sha Allah. May Allah swt accept your efforts and grant you into Jannatial Firdaus.

    Brother I am serious though – I am not interested in the fact that you were Napoleon from Outlaws lol – I am interested in sending a proposal of marriage for the piure fact that you are a true muslim alhamduilillah. I watch your talks and listen to your talks and it only proves that fact is true. I am 26 years old and fully financially independent – so money is not my motivation either. Money is of no interest to me at all. I am neither sore to the eyes – and truly believe that I can be the better half that every Muslim man wishes for. But what is most valuable is my passion for the Deen and my characyter as a Muslimah. I am logical, understanding, honest and always struggling to please Allah. Please consider this seriously?

    I sincerely hope that I have not offended you or disrespected you in any way. I do not know how else to contact you hence the long message… please forgive me if I have said anything bad – that is not my intention.

    I would appreciate a response – pls respond via email? Jazak Allah khair.

  13. ibrahim says:

    assalaam ailekum my brother i was wondering wen de dvd is avelebel sorry for my english i am from belgium

  14. Zafar says:

    Salaam Akhi,
    I’m uk young reporter 2010 as well as north London 2012 Olympic youth ambassador. I do many events to help raise positive awareness with young people a specially muslims as the youth today is very different to before. I also to charity raps and was wondering if u could help me by writing me a rap witch is Islamic n benefiting to the young Muslim youths of today so I could perform n share to raise awareness


  15. mutah says:

    @ zafar wa alaikum salam I dont rap any more

  16. mutah says:

    wa alaikum salam yes it will be released soon for purchase world wide insha Allah

  17. mutah says:

    @ Abdeulelah lol im not a shayk to begin with and dont waiste your time with this illuminati hype

  18. mutah says:

    @ salmatu wa alaikum salam

  19. Salaam says:

    Just wanted you to help me by writing a Islamic nasheed rap if u could?

  20. mutah says:

    @ salam wa alaikum salam no such thing as islamic nasheed rap such thing is an innovation and wasnt around the time of The Prophet or his sahaba , we stop where they stop

  21. noureddine says:

    Asalaam brother mutah! First i wanna say hamdoulilah for al what jou do and did! I am prouwd jou finde a way to islam! Allah helps the one who speaks his words! Hamdoulilah i am a fan of the outlawz and tupac years ago when i was joung. Now i an grouw up and love jour prayers and dahwa! I wanna ask i got jou at facebook and saw that jou come to antwerp 25/3/2012 with the life of an outlaw tour so i am asking jou where can i get a ticket to be there or will they sell the tickets on the door! I real wanna be at there so my brother i am proud at jou be who jou most be and never forget who jou ment to be! Asalaam my brother for belgium antwerp see jou soon!!!!

  22. noureddine says:

    Brother muttah, keep on speaking i the name of allah!! And speak the words off profet mohamed pbuh! And spread islam world wide my brother jour a soldier off allah machaalah!

  23. noureddine says:

    Asalaam brother mutah, i have a question are jou living in jeddah now with jour familly or still in the us california?

  24. Muslimah says:

    You’re such an inspiration masha Allah especially to the youth. Cus I know i wanted a life like the one you lived before islam. And then my whole life changed before i got so deep. So like i wanted to hit the clubs and the drugs but like Allah removed me from that life. After hearing about your life before i’m really greatful that i didnt go so deep into it cus now i know the darkness of the life of jahiliyyah.
    keep strong in sha Allah
    may Allah keep you on the path of the people of paradise ameen.

  25. Fahd says:

    Salamoualikoum wa rahmatouALLAH,

    I want you to forgive me….,and to say soubhanALLAH….ALLAH yahdi min yacha’a…i use to be deep gangbanger…and one day i got realy sick and ALLAH guided me..nobody could believe it.!After ALLAH guided me, i use to look at rapper questioning my self,and blessing ALLAH for guiding me,….one day i was on youtube and i saw a rap video of you …i said to mysel i hate this guy how can ALLAH guide him…SOUBHANALLAH ya akhi when i heard you became muslim,and the best kind,you follow sincerly the Prophete (saw) by applying the sunna and condamning even the islamic nasheed…man i cried…May ALLAH add faith to your faith,my deep hate became a deep love.Salamualikoum

  26. rachid says:

    Assalamo alaykom brother i hope you doing good i’m from morocco and i was wondering if you could visit my country as soon as you can in order to warn the youth about the rap music because these days a moroccan channel is doing a tv programe to search for a new singers and as you know the danger of this kind of program they misguide the whole generation. i hope that you consider my invitation i love you in the sake of ALLAH and MAY ALLAH BLESS you and we hope to meet in PARadise inSHHALAH and all THE muslim OMMAH too

  27. Dauwd says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum Akh Muttah,

    I hope that all is well with you and I pray that Allah gives us all steadfastness upon this dean. I just wanted to invite you to hang out with us this upcoming May 26th 2012 at the Muslim Fun Fest in Clarksburg, Maryland. It is the largest Muslim carnival in the mid Atlantic serving primarily the DC, MD and VA metro area. We’d let you in for free and you can enjoy yourself with your brothers in Islam insha Allah. Check out the website

    Dauwd Abu Sulaiman

  28. mutah says:

    @ dauwd wa alaikum salam I wont be in us at this time thanks

  29. mutah says:

    @ rachid may the one you love me for love you, I would love to visit your company if you can arrange then contact my admin

  30. mutah says:

    @ muslimah alhamdulillah may Allah continue to guide us and you

  31. mutah says:

    @ noureddine wa alaikum salam i am now living in riyadh

  32. Abdi Salum says:

    Asalam alaikum brother,

    I am taking this opportunity to invite brother Mutah to my city Edmonton,Canada. on August 03 2012 friday.if you confim.i can start making arrangement here.if you dont understand this e.mail,please check the last e.mail i sent to you.



  33. mutah says:

    @ Abdi salam please email my website

  34. Jillul says:

    Assalamu alaikum Brother Muttah, Hope you are well. I am in contact with a TV channel in the UK broadcasting all around Europe. I thinking about creating a talk show discussing Islam and society itself within the area, We are based in East London UK and youths in the area are going in the wrong path. I would appreciate it if you could come down and join in the show and we can talk about your life and how you embraced Islam, how you was before and how it changed your life. Please email me regarding this, We can also promote you documentary film.
    Jazakallah Khairan

  35. aisha says:

    salam , hey there i was abit confused about the illuminati stuff going around and i was wondering is it really true???or people thinking its a fashion tag to?

    thanks .

  36. Assalam aleikum how happy iam to write to you brother Mutah may Allah make u what u wanna be in this world and grant u jannah, for the pastt 2 days ive been reading about your life wooow
    the rest i will email on yr admin address inshallah

  37. kamran says:

    aslaam alaikum brother mutah i was bigfan of an just wana say wat u are doing is a great deed which allahwill reward u for in both worlds may allah bless u in all the hard work u are doing to keep the muslim youths minds away from the shaitaan

  38. Abdullah says:

    Asalaamu’Alaykum Akhee.
    I grew up in East London went through similar trials myself, now at the age of 37 and I have every confidence in your works. Watched some of your talks. I just want to ask coz this is the sort of work that interests me I would like to know when next you are in the U.K is there any chance you could swing by the EastEnd of London anytime soon I would love to see more of your works and visit your lectures and also offer any support I can give Insha’Allah

  39. Abdullah says:

    Asalaamu’Alaykum Akhee.
    I grew up in East London went through similar trials myself, now at the age of 37 and I have every confidence in your works. Watched some of your talks. I just want to ask coz this is the sort of work that interests me I would like to know when next you are in the U.K?

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