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Booking Event Services: offers several services for the community, including:

* Keynote speeches by brother Mutah formally known as Napoleon of the Outlawz
* Personal development and goal planning workshops by a team of professional coaches

Alhamdulillah, our events can enrich your community and also generate a source of income for your organization.

We have Dawah partners who would donate for non-profit events and commercial partners who would sponsor community events.

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92 Responses to “Booking”

  1. Selamun Aleykum brother, My name is Hanifi Pekince im originally a Turkish muslim elhamdulillah. I just want to tell something i hope you read my message brother my English is poor but i hope you understeand me. Well im like 22 almost 23 i was 10 when my brother bought the album of 2pac remember me. Ever since then i listened to 2pac and the Outlaws you people strugled i know much more then we did. You people vallah where legends for me. i was a kid listening to you and understood somethings you said i was like wow thats amajor struggle. so i thought insAllah they are muslim so i kinda prayed whyll listening. i d learned you was muslim and now all the other outlaws i was like elhamdulillah this wish it was treu you are masAllah. insAllah if you read this im your brother Hanifi and even if you stopped rappin your still a legend and calling you a brother i would never imagined! vallah so insAllah just to talk if you can add me bro

  2. mohamed fouad says:

    Selamun Aleykum brother, My name is mohamed fouad i was fun fun of 2pac and outlawz i have got loot of tatoo and thug life too on the belly like tupac iam muslim since my childhood iam very happy that you are muslim now when i was very young my dream was to see 2pac but iam very happy that menber of outlawz accept islam so brother mutah i hope one day see you brother .your brother in allah mohamed fouad

  3. Miss ruqqia ghafoor says:

    I am organising a fundriasing event with the NSPCC to raise awareness of child abuse and was wondering whether you will be able to attend the event and mabye give a little speech about child abuse and how we can help to stop it. The event will take place on the 11th of February 2010 at 5pm. Please do not hesitate to contaact me further for more information on my email addess. Thank you and I look forward from hearing from you inshallah.

  4. Assalamu alaykum brother Mutah, My name is brother Asif choudhury and I alone with another brother present a youth programme on Iqra TV (sky channel 826) in the UK. I was wondering when you will be next in the UK and whether you would be willing to appear on our show and discuss your life and experiences. It would definitely serve as a tremendous encouragement for our youth.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Jazakallah khair & wassalaam, Asif

  5. Ali K says:

    Asalamu 3alekum my dear brother in islam.
    Bismallah alrahman alrahim.

    my dear brother, I will ask you for a favor for me an my Muslim brothers, I wonder whether you have the opportunity to come to Denmark (Copenhagen), and teach us 1 day, it unfortunately has the strong need for it here copenhagen as most here lives as Tupac did, and I think you’ll be a really good picture of everyone here for all the samples together and live as Tupac, and try and live thuglife life her, so my dear brother, you will be very helpful if you want come one day. and inshallah we can put os self right track thank you sincerely, your brother Ali. Barakaallah fik inshallah

  6. ali kadhem says:

    salam aleikom brother

    i dont really know what to say but i really wud like to meet u
    i was a big 2pac n outlaw fan and im so happy that u lot
    came to the islam much respect and love

    R.I.P 2pac

  7. Richard Ford says:

    Have you thought about visiting the metro Detroit, MI?

  8. bilal fernandez garcia says:

    sallam alaikum!!!my dear brother may Allah reward all your efforts to bring our youth back to this deen,amin.When i heard your history few years ago i saw myself refleccted ,for my stepfather is african american and my mother of muslim descent like half of us spaniers allthough most will not acknolewdge for cultural complex.i was raised on hip hop and alhamdulilah rediscovered our deen trough it,mashallah.i will like to propose you to come to spain for durus is relly needed as we are seeing 2nd generation muslims mainly morroccans,westafrican,native andalusians falling into this so called gangsta life style and leaving a rich legacy behind.if u get a chance to read this u can mail me for details,inshaAllah,since this here space aint big enuff to write more.jazakallah jairan wa fi

  9. Jillul Haque says:

    Assalamu alaikum Brother Muttah, Hope you are well. I am wanting to organise an event in the UK for the young youth’s in East London who are going in the wrong path. I would appreciate it if you could come down and give a little talk on your life and how you embraced Islam, how you was before and how it changed your life completed. Please email me regarding this, so i can sort out a date and organise the event.

  10. dear Brother Mutah
    my Name is Ahmed Abu Haiba, I’m the manager of a newly Arab TV channel dedicated for Young Muslim Arab Generation called 4shbab , based in EGYPT. Our channel had been chosen as an innovation in the Arab Media, by Georgetown University, for which I’m here to make a speech in a conference under that name
    I would be honored to take this opportunity to make a TV interview with you , I am sure that your experience is quite an important guidance for our viewers
    I’ll be in Washington DC till 26th, then in New York till 30th
    Interview will take almost two hours with all set up
    in The office
    mainly a biography and some question will be pleased to send it upon agreement.
    I know it’s such a short notice, but I am looking forward having such interview with such a great personality like yourself

    thanks and all my respect

    Ahmed Abu Haiba

  11. ADEL mohammed says:

    SALAM alikumm!!!!!!!!!!!whats up?????bro i am reaallyy happy that u became a muslim iam 14 years oldd from KSA i rellly like u and god made u go in da good road i wont to meet u !!!!and i am a big fan of da outlawz and every body in KSA likes and i wont to talk to u))))))))))

  12. Abdullah says:

    Can you tell me the possition of people that live in BALKAN can they vote or not ?

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  14. Muhammad says:

    dear Brother Mutah

    I Need Say I’love Napolean Because he’s muslim But I wanna See you in Ssudi Arabia


  15. ahmed says:

    brother mutah.. i wont repeat what everyone said above .. but brother wallahi i love u man .. the speeches i seen for u it felt like u r addressing me directly .. as a born muslim but lost in al donyah .. brother thank u so much .. ill do my best to find a sponsor to hold up a speech for u here in qatar .. im sure that this would save alot of ppl here

  16. Muhammad says:

    Assalam-walaikum brother Mutah… I have just one question for you, I’ve tried researching different websites but they come up with different answers, but as for you who was close to Tupac.. you would know this.

    Was Tupac a muslim?

  17. Karim Fares says:

    Sallaam aleykoem my brother,

    I am a young man from Belgium and i hope you ever come to Belgium, You and Brother Amir, would give a wonderfull onforgetable speech.

    Please try to arrange something ,

    Inshalah you reply,

    Thanks for the videos and speeches

  18. makaveli says:


  19. Youssef Raiss says:

    Salaamoe alaikoem warahmatoelahi wabarakatoeh,
    Dear brother, My name is Youssef Raiss. I’m 18years old and live in Belgium. Tbh i really want to meet ya, just cause i rlly want it. Secondly, the town i live in has become violent, my brother. Alot of young muslims are going up the wrong road. Most of them are raised as muslims, but got into the wrong bussiness.I’m not judging them at all, since i’ve been as they are. My dad raised me as a muslim, and i’m very thankfull for that. I would explain it better if i had more time, but i have exams right now,…The point is that many young guys are going up the wrong road, they forget their religion. We have a mosk in my city (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) and every time we have some1 who comes to give speech, but mostly it’s an older man who never been on the road the young guys are on. What I want to say is that you would make alot of influence on the young generation in our city. There are more than 500young guys willing to come to a speech. You know how struggling on the streets is. I don’t want to compare my city to the west side or so, but there are comparisons. If you contact me i can explain more. Hope some1 replies cause this would be very generous.
    salaamoe alaikoem warahmatoelahiwabarakatoeh

  20. Delano Handfield says:

    Salaamu Alaikum Brother,
    I just finish listening to your interview on the Deen show, I can relate to a lot of what you are saying, before I became Muslim (subhanallah, alhamdulillah, allahu akbar) I was actually in a club parting with Stormy and EDI, this was in 2008 in Australia when I heard you speak of them becoming Muslim I had already excepted Islam as a way of life and all I could say is Alhamdulillah, I also gave up my Haram way of earning a living and completely stepped out on faith, to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth, i have recently found out that I have property on a small island that I would like to share. Inshallah please email me.

  21. yousri says:

    Allah Akbar Allah Akbar.
    this is a open invitation to you my brother, when ever you pass through germany berlin city you can contact your brother yousri from sudan,you are welcome to stay in my house how you want.
    i remember one of the prophet muhammed peace and blessing be upon him Hadeeth. He said: the best of you in the ignorant days the best of you in Islam. and see now here you are how you seem to be.
    i love you all in the name of Allah,you and brother Loon.
    someday we can orginize something for the moslem youth here in berlin who mostly infulenced by hiphop music so i call it,i dont think its culture to call it hiphop culture.
    elslam elaykom.

  22. M.RAHMAN says:

    i want to organise a event, where you will give lectures and advices for the muslim and non muslim community in u.k in birmingham, this will help everyone ,and with your experience and knowledge i am very sure your words will make great difference to everyone ,i am willing to help you in anyway …

  23. Usman says:

    everyone knows you were in the music industry and i have some IMPORTANT questions i would like to ask you about it. could you please add me so we can have a talk please. thanks

  24. ahmed fanan says:

    السلام عليكمhow aer you brother am a big fan of 2pac and the outlawz i love you all now we brother in islam win you accpit the islam you did the best thing in your live
    اشهد ان لا اله لا الله واشهد ان محمد رسول الله

  25. Georges «AbdulHakim» Tigalekou says:

    Salam alaykum,

    My name is Georges «AbdulHakim» Tigalekou. I’m originally from Gabon. I was born & raised in the United States (Maryland). I’m currently residing in Sherbrooke,QC.
    The region of Quebec is need of people putting strong efforts in deen.
    Would you care to take part in a worshop some time next year or in 2011 at the University of Sherbrooke? (inshallah) Traveling expenses will be covered, if we are able to work something out!

    Let me know what you think!

    jazakallah kairan.


  26. Dawud says:

    Assalaamu Alayikum, It’s a wonderful feeling when I hear your story Brother coming from outlaws to Islam Allahu Akbar. For us muslims it helps a great deal and keeps us striving every day knowing that so many more people around the world are being guided to the true religion of islam. But unfortunately many gangs in & around london UK are either unaware or ignoring the fact that brothers like yourself and running away from the life style that they are trying so hard to attain help is needed. Please Contact Me I know that your Time is short & life is hard but your story is needed now more than ever before. Love you for the sake of Allah. (,

  27. السلام عليكم brother, i’m very grateful to know you are now a Muslim, you have done many distinguished things, I attend a simple 1 hour course about Islam every Saturday and try to be the best I can and help others in my family, one great application for anyone to put on his computer is Islamic finder it recites all prayer times on time and has other resourceful things. Inshallah u gud come to Ottawa soon. Salam :)

  28. - says:

    I have one big queastion for you i hope i can talk with you on msn
    its a big question about whats happenin in the rap world hollywood and more
    and about 2pac who killed him quz i live with a queastion about whats happenin know this question is a strange question i want to know if i am right or wrong to live forther cuz with this on my head i cant live

  29. nathan says:

    alsalamo alykom iam happy for you and allah yewafigak inshala you have a gift that most of us dont have be4 you becoming a muslim you lived a fancy life very popilar and have great influence with you fans you never know but i think god made you do bad things in your life for a greater reason he made success in your albums you got lots of fans now maybe your fans will think about islam in a better way they will know through you sometimes bad deeds leed to good deeds you never no what allah has writen for you may allah give you paradise inshalla .
    you were in saudia arabia with my friends next time when you come i am looking forward in meeting you .

  30. Achraf says:

    Bismi Allaah wa assalaatu wa assalaamu 3ala rasoelilaah,

    My dear brother,

    When I saw and heard that you are converted to the Islaam, it made me very happy! I was a very big fan of Tupac and the Outlawz, and now, because of listening to your speaches, I become even a bigger fan of you.

    Thanks for your beautiful words, you have really powerfull words subhana Allaah!

    wa assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allaahi wa barakaatu

  31. AA says:

    my English is not very good but I want to say to Mutah that you must come again inshallah to Holland. I was there when you was speeking in Roermond at Holland. But I had to take the last train that evening(not only I but several), so I dont have heard the hole story that you have told, and I had come especially to hear your story but Inshallah you come soon again to Holland. We can learn a lot about your story brother(Broeder)haha. Assalamulaikoem.

  32. yas khalifa says:

    selam i woud to met you for a confernece please contackt mr


  33. hassan yusuf says:

    Alsalam alaikum, inshallah on behalf of the university of missouri kansas city we would like to invite you to please come and speak to our community in the month of april. my contact info is cell number 816 835 6039, and email address is


  34. mohammad g ashraf says:

    salam u alaikum wa rehmat allah hi wa barakat

    brother as earlyer last year a brother asked u to please if possible to come to copenhagen denmark as our youngsters live the way 2 pac did and so on if u could come and hold a speach in a neighborhood called tingbjerg and norrobro where young muslims are away rom there islamic dutys cause they think this world is abt rap, hashish, and money, gangsterz .please brother it will be really an eye opening opp for theese youngsters.please do not hessistate to contact me on 004531372578 or regarding if u can come so we can arrange it insallah.

    may allah be with you and all muslim
    allah hafiz
    mohammad gull ashraf

  35. salman says:

    brother can you please come to london and give our youths a talk on how to givebup you have had experience..your story really enlightens me and interests me.please brother come to london and give our youngsters a talk
    jazakallah brother..inshaallah you contact me back..if you can please contact me

  36. Yusuf Abdulganiyu says:

    Salam,my name is Yusuf Abdulganiyu.Student of Federal university of technology,minna.Nigeria.I’m a muslim since birth.and living in the world of confusion right now,please tell me about been celebrity in life,i’m so much into musics and even got my own tapes,you outlawz been my motivator,i just want to be a celebrity.please say something to me to get me out of this mess i’m into.Hope to hear from you brother…

  37. mutah says:

    @yusef msy Allah guide us in you Alhumdulillah you are born muslim and this is the best blessing one can have in this dunya, the celebrity life has nothing good to offer you but Islam is from our creator and our happiness, success will come by us holding on to Quran and sunnah and running away from what ever contradicts it

  38. Arsim Krasniqi says:

    Hello Brother. We where hoping you could find the time and help us here in Vermont, USA. We are trying to get the youth involved in deen islam. If you have time that would be nice if you could make it. It would be a great benifit. May Allah award you for all the great work you are doing. sailom alikom thank you for your time.

  39. wish u were here says:

    Salam brother,

    how can we get u to the Netherlands? like what does it need to get u here. cuz i want it real bad. maybe u can awake the youth here, cuz its going the wrong direction.

    please let me know how i can do it, so i can make it official.

  40. Aziz Hussain says:


    Many muslim of our youth have and are continue to go astray, are taking drugs, selling drugs, dating girls, dressing funny (baggy hiphop clothes), walking funny and want to become gangsters. They do not listen to our advice and think that they know everything, they disrespect us and try to ridicule us.

    If you are visiting the UK we would greatly appreciate if you would join us and deliver a moving talk to wake our youth and talk some sense to them. They need someone like you to prove that the lifestyle their looking for is a false and haram lifestyle.

    Your earliest response is much appreciated.

  41. mutah says:

    @ Aziz they need some one better me , may Allah guide us and them

  42. Shaymaa says:

    salam u alaikum

    We are tree girls from Denmark. We have a projec week about the good life.
    We know that you converted to Islam, but we want to know how? and what do you think is the good life? How did you succeed with Islam?
    Hope we get a reply during the week here 😀

    Mey Allah bless you :)

  43. mutah says:

    @ shaymaa please send email your questions to my admin thanks

  44. Brother Alaadin Huda says:

    Alhamdulilah I am very well Acquainted with your history and story, may Allah bless and guide you inshallah. I am from a large Islamic Community in Yonkers Ny and I just wanted to know if you would be coming to New York anytime in the near future. I remember seeing one of your videos about growing up without parents and living in the struggle and having no choice but to turn to the streets. Unfortunately, we have brothers here who chase this material world too much and although come from fortunate and stable families; try to imitate and misleadingly look up to the so called gangster street lifestyle, also dwelling in haram and fitna. I think you would be a great influence and a pleasure to have. Please let me know if you are interested. It’s a pleasure for me to write to you, stay safe akhi.

  45. mutah says:

    @ Aladin salam alaikum please email my admin from my website

  46. elias says:

    aselamalykum brother Muth how i am one of those who got a trumondes motivation by or speech and life alhamdulillah, the sucrifice u have paid to islam is not sth easy coming out of that gang and becoming some one who calls for islam in public is not a peace of cake it takes a lot of price which u gave away so for that i always respect u and i will pry that Allah the almighty accepet all ur good deeds.

  47. salamalekum.
    never heard you come to afrika. I would request if possible you come to kenya. I will organise and spread the word to over 5000 muslims in kenya public how do i get you ?
    And i would like to ask you about NWO.Jazakalah

  48. rhadiyah says:

    As salaamu alaikum,

    After a couple of sisters shared with me their personal experiences of
    how their children rebelled and ran away, fell into harmful habits and
    left Islam completely, many thoughts and emotions ran through my mind:
    what happened to these children? What made them turn away from how
    they were raised? Who was to blame? Could it have been prevented?
    Could I too be on the verge of losing my children?

    I set out to find the answers to these questions, for myself first and
    also to benefit other Muslim families striving (or struggling) to
    raise Muslim children.

    If you or anyone you know has been through this, I encourage you to
    contact me or discuss this email with them and ask them to contact me
    if their personal story could be of benefit to other Muslim families
    who are struggling to save their families. I am very interested in
    interviewing them for an upcoming book insha Allah. Please contact me
    in confidence. Contact email:

  49. Waleed Almutairi says:

    Aslam alykom

    how are you brother? im from saudi arabia i just want say thank you i’m realy new person becuase of you i saw your story and i realy respect you and it was wake up call for me i wish one day i meet you but its a dream i know
    you may read my message and you may not
    i ask allah evry day to lead you to the right things
    keep up with the Dawa the muslim youth needs you


  50. Yahya says:

    Am by name yahya sadeeg from nigeria am very happy & i would like to have contact with u please

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