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Umrah Trip with Mutah in March 13th

Salam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh

Insha-Allah we are planning a Umrah trip with Mutah in March 2010. It will be for a limited number of people to keep the group manageable and spend quality time in Mecca, Madinah, and Q&A with Mutah.

All serious individuals please email us if you are interested. We can arrange for travelers from the US, UK and Canada.

Package Features
$1895 from New York JFK (If you are flying from different countries, depends on your visa requirements, you can still join us in Saudi Arabia, please contact us for your price.):

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– Meet and assist
– 3 nights accommodation in Madinah (4 Star )
– 3 nights accommodation in Makkah (4 Star )
– Breakfast Included
– Visa processing (included)
– 25 Passenger Bus Transfers -Jeddah/Madinah/Makkah/Jeddah
– Hotel in Madinah – Dallah Taibah or Similar –-50 metres to Haram
– Hotel in Makkah- Hilton Towers or Similar – Close to Haram
– We will meet with the Scholars

Total Package Price Incl Emirates Intl Air from JFK

* prices may vary based on departure and schedule.

**4 STAR UMRAH PACKAGE – 13 MAR 2010 and onwards

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26 Responses to “Umrah Trip with Mutah in March 13th”

  1. liridon says:

    selam alejkum brothers, i study in medinah university, when u come here i would like to meet u guys, jazakallah

  2. Hasan90 says:

    Can you please tell me if there are anymore places left for this Umrah trip. Also, can you tell me how much one ticket is.

  3. Muslimah says:

    Asalamu Alaykoum I am interested and want to come with y’all Inshallah T’ala to the umrah. But is it only for brothers……?

  4. afrite says:

    salam alaikoum

    i’m a french muslim , and i’m very interested for a umrah with brother mutah ,
    can you give me more info please about the organisation of the travel .
    i’m in france but i can go to UK it’s not a problem inch’allah
    barrak’allah oufik
    wa salam

  5. napoleon says:

    Insha Allah we will be heading to Umrah this march if anybody interested in joining us please email contact us
    the trip will consist of 3 days and Mecca and 3 days in madinah, we will meet with the Scholars of Ahlus sunnah, this is something I look forward to and May Allah make it successfull

  6. napoleon says:

    Also for the sisters asking to come, you are welcome to join us as long as you have your Mahram traveling with you


  7. Majed says:

    Selam Alekum brothers and sisters i’m from Jeddah Saudi Arabia
    really i want to meet you when you come here and i’ll be happy to
    help any one need any thing here in Saudi Arabia.

  8. Mohammed Ahmed Idris says:

    Assalamun alaykum

    I will be most delighted to be on the trip…But Alhamdullilah…I aint gat doe..

    anyway just wanted to wish ya’all pleasant trip filled with baraka.amin


  9. Ebuomer says:

    Selam Alejkum i will came from Germany maybe 28th March to 10th April i want to meet Mutah and a lot of Saudia Arabiens peopel. Inshallah we see us in Mekka or Medina …..

  10. SomSister says:

    AS-sallam alykum warahmatuallah wabarakatuh, how are you my brother and sisters in Islam, Masha allah mutah sallam my brother May allah reward you for ur deed’s insha allah, please don’t forget to give DU’A for all the muslim umaaah.
    Barakallah feekum, wa fe’aamniallah

  11. Suleman says:

    Salam alai kum Akhi

    Please let me know how much the whole package deal will cost me in British Pounds as I would be leaving from the UK should Allow it.

    Jazakhallah khiair

  12. Sister I says:

    Salam aleykum

    i would like to perform ummrah inshaallah with your Group but i dont havé muhram
    could you provide one With extra charge ??
    You gave the package prive from USA what about thé
    e one from uk plz
    jazekallah khair

    fi Aman Allah


  13. Fatima says:

    salam.. love to come.. but not the ideal time

  14. Anwar Sadat Nafees Chibsah says:

    Assalamu alaikum, I am a Ghanaian.I am interested in this great and memorable trip which will give me the opportunity to make time with Mutah but I can’t afford it.Is there any special package and consideration for a person like me?

  15. Abduljebar says:

    Dear Brothers,

    Asselamu Aleykum warahmetu’llahi Weberekatuhu!!

    I’m from Ethiopia and i think i can manage to come there by my self But will you allow me to join you in the other sessions if i’m not staying at your Hotels.


  16. Muslim says:

    On the authority of Omar bin Al-Khattab, who said : I heared the messenger of Allah salla Allah u alihi wa sallam say :

    “Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His messenger, his migration was for Allah and His messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated.”

    related by Bukhari and Muslim

  17. Tarek Salem says:

    Besmallah Alrahaman Alraheem. Dear Mutah a.k.a Napoleon. My name is Tarek Salem. I am a huge tupac fan and I know almost every single one of his songs. I find his music very astonishing, and poetic. I grew up listening to tupac from my older brother. I am a born muslim, but unfortunatley I don’t exactly act like one. I am a sophomore in a public High school in Miami, Florida. I have both parents muslims from Egypt. I was born in America. I walk to school listening to tupac and after school I listen to tupac, the outlaws, and all of deathrow records. The reason for me to write this message is because I want someone to talk to, to help me better myself by being a better muslim. I grew up in america and around american children and as you can say, i grew up with the wrong “click”. I never grew up around muslims. My family is all in egypt. I have only met them once in my life and that was last summer of 09′. I’m 16 years old and i consider myself a “lost soul”. When I went to Egypt I met my family there and it was exciting. I could here the athan sound in the streets when it was sallah time. I never realized how many people I had in my life that could be there for me, because before I went to egypt I never knew any of them and I had a mindset mentality that I could take this world head-on and all by myself. But alhamdilillah I found out I have a loving family, but sadly a distant family. 3 weeks laters I was back in America and I missed Egypt. I wanted to take it home with me. I promised myself I would listen to more quran instead of tupac, i would pray 5 times a day, I would stop cursing, and worship allah more. I first landed in North Carolina, and I beleive Allah tested me to see if I was truly willing to be committed to my new way of life I was trying to acquire. As I was walking in the airport in North Carolina trying to shed of time waiting for my flight to go back to Miami a teenager about my age wearing barely anything having more skin revealing than clothes tryed grabbing my attention by blowing a kiss at me when I was standing. I noticed it but quickly i reacted by taking my cell phone out my pocket and acting like i was busy so i wouldnt have to come in contact with the female. I felt so proud of myself because I felt I pleased allah. I came back to Miami soon after and for maybe a month or two I prayed 5 times a day. But slowly each and every day passed by and I found myself falling back into the american lifestyle that brought me to be unhappy when I sleep at night. I go to the movies with some of my homeboy’s and find myself trying to talk with girls, and doing immature stuff. Im on the basketball team for my high school and I also play for a muslim team. And alhamdillilah I travel with them to different muslim tournaments throughout Florida. We had a tournament in Orlando in 09′. On the second day of the games there was a guest speaker early in the morning and it was YOU “Napoleon”. I was so shocked and surprised. I couldnt beleive it. I was dieing to sit and talk with you and ask you on some situations I could get your help on because I know you went through worse than what I have went through. I heard you telling us young muslim brothers to stay committed to islam and to worship allah. I truly was inspired by your words. After the speech you gave, I wanted to approach you and introduce myself to you but I had a game right then and there and I was preparing myself for the game.I thought I would be able to catch you after the game because I thought you were going to be there the whole day. Sadly you werent and i felt as if the chance of a lifetime was slipped away because of my predictions. I didnt want an autograph, all I wanted was some word of advice to help me give up this life of hanging with girls and cursing and encouraging fights and stuff. I remember as soon as you introduced yourself during your speech I quickly texted my homeboy in miami at 8 a.m and told him that I was in the same room as Napoleon. My friend (a christian) said I was so lucky to be there. I look up towards you because you lived in struggle and overcomed so much for the sake of allah. I on the other hand have 2 loving parents and still am not sattisfied with myself as a muslim. My email is Please email me so we can chat. I’ll check my email daily to see if you wrote to me. I highly doubt t because being a very busy man you probably wont get around to read this as well. I only right this in hope that your eyes come across it and read it and take in consideration to reply. Thank you and Assalamu Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllhi Wabarakatu

  18. Hani Jaly says:

    alslam alikom
    am Hani from Jeddah city i’m no’t perfect in language but i anderstand good
    am in 23 years old and i like to meet you since tence or time
    and my hope it’s come to meet you in Makkah that is so pretty
    i don’t know is that true or rong but i like to meet you
    am happey to you to be like that and sending messages to evrey where
    that is good work i hope from allha to contnue for evre
    you know my big brother he said me al this with tupac they muslime
    that whene my age was 13or 14 he said that cuse your’s name’s
    he was also small now all that coming true and i’m happy
    i have so match asking but i let it and cause i promising myself that will be in haven
    allha willing so i don’t forget you Mutah and Hussen and kaddafi and Eddi Amine
    all of your frieend’s in outlwas
    we love you cause now you be more then bast
    in the bast you and outlwas you been tel us the truth and reailty and fact in hood’s
    or above ground and how to leav in block that all of that is true no’t in amrica
    in the world also.
    so now we love you more and the king of music also i miss him.
    alslam alikom.

  19. mounir saidi says:

    assalamou alaykom brother, i live in phx az and i would love to go to omra march 13 with brother mutah, i dont know if i still have time to register and do the visa prosess, please let me know if there is a chance to join ur group, assalamou alaykom, may allah protect u

  20. admin says:

    We have left.

    Jazak-Allah Khair

  21. craig morrison says:

    hello hpopin ur trip is ok i tried talkin on facebook but ur profile seems to have disapeared arggggh was ur last trip ok i no u were lookin for sum camels milk anyways i was wondering u aint in the music industry no more but i ave bin on ur old record labels website and there is alot ov talk about ur have mercy album being released i was wondering with no disrespect to your beliefs but is it really being released becoz i wud very much like a copy i no it is how do you say haram

  22. Imran Bin Suhail says:

    لسلام عليكم ورحمة الله,

    I hope that you all recieve this email in good health & Iman. I would firstly like to make dua that your Umrah is accepted & you get to Makkah In Good Health. I Will be going to Umrah In April, I thought I’d just take this oppertunity to Give my Salam & I’ll make dua for you brother’s Inshallah in all my namaz’s aswell as for all the brother’s & sister’s whom which are suffering in this Dunya. Make Dua’
    Inshallah, I hope to hear from you soon
    Brother Imran Bin Suhail

  23. Kamaaldeen says:

    Assalam alaikum brother mutah..uhmnnn,actually m speechless coz ma nick name is kamkay outlaw,bn kinda lived d lyk pac n u guys lived,pac was ma role model b4 i realysed i was messed.i waz born muslim frm bk 2 frnt n top 2 bottom.m so happy 2 knw diiz,dat all d outlawz r nw muslims,this jst d little among Allah’s miracle.plz hlp clearify diz,cum 2 ma country nigeria n lecture about the pac’s thuglyf n hiphop as whole,u wount bliv wht diz wil mean 2 our youth.tnx…bissalam..

  24. ADEL mohammed says:

    al-salamu alikem my bro mutah man i love i just cant believe that u became a muslim bro when u will come to mecca i want to meet ,,,,,,,,,,((( uour bro”::::adel mohammed from jeddah KSA

  25. jaafar says:


    i’m from Saudi Arabia and i’m so happy for your conversion.

    i hope you’ll do your hajj soon

    please tell me if you need anything to make any necessary arrangement.

    thank u

  26. Feed The People says:

    May Allah reward you again, Brother. May He accept your intentions and reward you for your effort. New Muslims (reverts) who cannot afford to make Umrah or Hajj and have never made it may be able to receive aid. Contact: Ali Clark (

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