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My trip to Gambia, West Africa

Bismillah Ar Rahmanir Ar Raheem was salatu was salam Ala rasoolulah (saw)

When the plane started to descend and approach the Airport in Banjul Gambia I was amazed at the nice size houses that was below on the ground, I arrived at the airport and met the brothers Abdur rahman, Abdul latif, Abdus Salam, Abu fareed, and Hasan …. We rode pass the homes that I saw while descending, Masha Allah beautiful houses and mansions, I was surprised because of how the media portray the people in Africa as if the whole of Africa are still living in huts, no clothes and backwards, but Banjul reminded me of a city in down south USA, still under development but at the same time modern.

Masha Allah the people were very hospitable being that 95 percent of the people in Gambia are muslims the Islamic characteristics play a major role in the people lives even the ones who didn’t seem religious showed good manners, I was taking everything in because this is the land that maybe my ancestors came from and now I’m back here warning the youth of Gambia away from of life that many of us in America is running away from, a life that took 500 years of slavery and stripped us from our identity, culture and religion to make us behave in away where we started to call each other disrespect full names, no respect for our selves or our women, for the youth in Gambia to have MTV and BET in their lives for a few years and now they’re calling themselves derogatory names, disrespecting their women and behaving in a manner as if they don’t have no way of life, in which they do, they still have a land, a culture, way of life and religion of Islam.

I had to tell the youth that this doesn’t impress us in America especially us Muslims, what will make us proud of you guys is when we see you practice Islam according to the Quran and the Sunnah with the understanding of the Sahabas. Next day I started my ground work to speak to people in authority of how to go about building an orphanage in Gambia, Alhumdulillah we met with President’s brother who promised us land and full support on building an orphanage in Gambia, May Allah bless it to come to life and accept it from us.

I have to mention the beauty of Gambia, its beaches, palm trees and nature in general, can’t forget the food, May Allah guide The country Gambia and make it a country upon the Quran and the sunnah and once again I want to thank every body who gave me a good time and showed me great hospitality in The Gambia.

P.S. My Allah reward Br Muhammad ceesay and his family for their hospitality as well

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  1. Abdullah adams says:

    Asalam alaikum hey africa is not like the way it’s portrayed in the media well like you noticed napoleon the influence of the usa on us.well nigeria is also bad enough but the salafis are growing everyday.may the mercy of ALLAH be on us all.

  2. Mohammed Njie says:

    Thanks for visiting our country brother Mutah. Hope to see you again soon.

    You are always welcome to your second home.

    Asalam alaikum warakhmatula

  3. lansana says:

    masha-Allah am very happy for this article, Gambia is improving and above all stable, and am here by thanking our brother mutha beale for his visit and support for our nation may Allah bless him and all the muslims arround the world

  4. machaallaah ,and tanz alot for ur times daz u spent with us n upon wic u change lot of youths in ma knw the people in that mosque are still asking about ur coming to the gambia again , n especially the youths ,may Allaah reward u the best in life with more blessing n more ilm n understanding of the deen so as to shaw light to those who didnt have the it yet. wullaahie we love u for the sake of Allaah .as im nw representing gambia

  5. Fatou Joof says:

    Bismillah Ar Rahmanir Ar Raheem

    Salam Alaykum wr wb, am so glad to hear someone speak so well of Gambia, i agree with you brother The Gambia is beautiful and the most amazing thing is how the youths are rushing into the deen especially the sisters.

    About the Orphanage, may Allah Azwajjal make it possible n bless u InshAllah. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said that a person who cares for an orphaned child will be in Paradise with him, and motioned to show that they would be as close as two fingers of a single hand.

    Stay Blessed brother

  6. tanz alot sister n may Allaah reward u for ur nice statement

  7. Mashaa Allaah! I am glad you loved your trip ya akhi, Inshaa Allaah we look forward to your coming soon in the near future, with bigger names to aid the youth abandon this celebrity lifestyle they are engrossed in, and also to come with students of knowledge to help with the dawah. (I will have my grandma prepare a larger portion of plasas and benechin!!! (-_-)

  8. Maha says:

    assalam alikom wrahmatu Allah wbrakatoh brother .. barak Allah fik .. i heard this lecture of yours on youtube & it touched my heart .. may Allah grant you his blessings inshallah

  9. Turkel Afandiyev says:

    Salam Aleikum, dear brother Napoleon, my name’s Turkel, I live in Azerbaijan, I’m 23 and I had been atheist till a couple of months ago I watched Malcolm X film. I watched the movie because I always heard Tupac Shakur (whose big fan I am) calling his name in his songs many times (Blasphemy, Ghetto Gospel…), yesterday I watched your video, you talking in Australia about your early life and rap career and saying how you converted to Islam, and you knew people who did so after watching the film. I really felt very relieved. I just wanted to thank you, and I’ll try to watch all your videos, listen your interviews and read the articles.

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  11. napoleon says:

    Salam Alikum I want to say thank I am gratefull for all of your comments and support you give to my website,@ Turkel Masha Allah good news May Allah make you and us firm upon the Quran and the sunnah, like one of the earlier Scholars said the Sunnah is like the Ark of Noah who ever embarks it is saved and who ever dont will drown!

  12. aw says:

    alhamdulillah, brother. i just hope that the youth of my country will take you as an example.

  13. Nusaybah says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah Brother

    I am interested in learning more about your trip to Gambia. I spent some time in Senegal before I reverted as a musician seeking to learn more music. One of my Kora teachers was from Gambia. How did you find Gambia in terms of the music? For me, I didn’t really learn about Islam till I returned back to Australia and then found that a lot of the things that are practiced as part of Islam in Senegal were haram. I stayed in touch with many of the musicians there and tried to send them information and evidence that music was haram, but they just couldn’t accept it…..I think the music in their culture is much older than Islam and that is why it’s so hard for them to let it go. However, they have one city called ‘Touba’ that is a place where many of the Senegalese and others from around the world do a ‘pilgrimage’ once a year and music is not allowed there….so it’s as if they know the truth, but only apply it when they want to.

    Another issue was hijaab. I remember seeing some women dressed in all black with niqaab and asking ‘who are those people and why are they dressed like that?’ and I was told ‘oh, they’re just arabs’. All of the women I knew when I stayed in Senegal didn’t cover. Some of them did when they prayed (if they prayed because apparently women don’t have to pray if they’re too busy looking after their husband and family). So many of the women use to wear very revealing clothes and dance, yet they were all Muslim. Did you find the same things in Gambia? And if so, how can the people be re-educated about Islam?

    In saying all of that, I loved the people of Senegal. It was from being with them that I ended up reverting to Islam. The sense of family and community was something I’d never experienced before and touched me deeply. These people are very kind and generous, and I would love for them to practice Islam properly. Sadly there is so much ‘shirk’ mixed into their religion. Praying to ‘saints’ wearing ‘protection’ on their bodies, going to supposed ‘sheikhs’ who are soothsayers. May Allah (swt) guide and protect all of them.

    I would love to be involved in your orphanage project as well insha’Allah. Please tell me how I can assist.

    Wasalaamu alaikum

  14. aw says: a gambian and will be goin back home very soon.anyone knows a salafi masjid between banjul and bakau.please email me..salam.

  15. Ebrima Tunkara says:

    Allahu Akbar…This is deeply touching…just speechless..

  16. Zainab says:

    @ Nusaybah: It is the same in Gambia too. Senegal and Gambia have the same traditions and everything. We just have slight differences and also the population is bigger in Senegal than Gambia. It is sad to say but the religion is not practiced as should be by a lot of people. Our elders should let the children learn more about Islam, but from my perspective the parents are more into their children learning English than the Quran. We grow not knowing the religion as much as we should though there are learned people in Islam in both countries.
    Personally i grew up teaching myself to read the Quran and I finished it in English. When I was reading it I realized in one of the surahs that it is better to read the Quran in Arabic. Since then I started reading slowly in Arabic. In not yet there but inshallah I’ll reach the end of the tunnel.

  17. Umm Jaidah says:

    As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,
    I am so overwhelmed about your interest in the Gambia, alhamdulilah, Gambia is a beautiful country just needs a bit of guidence… My mum who is Gambian but lives in London,uk does charity work over there with my mother in law who moved over there 12 years ago frm the uk. we were there when you was, but didnt get round to attending your talks qadarAllah, Please please please brother keep up the good work in the Gambia, and may it be a sadaqah jariah for you and your family, ameen. InshaAllah my husband and i are planning on making hijrah over there from London very soon, inshAllah. We pray to Allah swt to guides the people to the Qur’an and sunnah. Ameen

    PS. When is your next trip to Gambia? would be nice if you could visit my mums charity? Allahualim.

  18. Umm Jaidah says:

    @ nusaybah, i would say Gambia is up and coming , still got a long way to go but its getting there slowly but inshAllah surely. I would say this is down to the youth that are striving in their deen and seeking their knowledge. MashaAllah you get alot of practicing sisters who are covering head to toe and they are Gambians!, and having weekly halaqahs based on qur’an and sunnah, young men who are distancing themselves away frm shirk and the music alhamdulilah.
    It helps when people from the west on the right aqeedah go and spread dawah, it really helps.

  19. allahu akbar thank u god

  20. Faissal says:

    Salam Arleikoum brother Mutah.

    I just wanted to thank you man.

    I was escaping the right path… being influenced by the evil….
    reading and seeing your videos just gives me more strength and improves my faith.
    inchaAlah, more rappers will follow your steps and stop corrupting the youth just like i was being corrupted (and asking for it).
    i hope you will be coming to paris, france to give a speech sometime, and if you do, inchaAlah i will be there.

    thank you brother Mutah.
    May Allah subhana wa taala guide you well.

  21. Salamualekum my brother in Islam,

    I am glad you visited my belove Gambia. May Allah guide the youths of that nation. The Gambia youth are far away from reality. Music is in the heart of the almost every youth because they think is part of cure to the heart. They should turn to Allah. Brother Mutah I urge you to go back to The Gambia again to talk to the youth.


  22. mutah says:

    @ Aboubakar walaikum salam we are planning to go back to gambia soon insha Allah

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