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MY UK Schedule

Salam Alaikum Warahmatullah,

I will be in from 9/22 – 9/26 talking about youth, violence, gangs, music, and other subjects.

Contact  Qamar Khan for more Information Qamar Р020 85832954 or

Monday 22nd

Time 1200 – at ESB

Time 1900 – at Hogarth Youth Club

Tuesday 23rd

Time 1100-1300 – at Hounslow Police Station – Police Input

Wednesday 24th

Time 1630 – West Thames College

Time 1900 – Hanworth Youth Club

Thursday 25th

Time 1600-1730 YOTS Concact Christine Pangbourne

Time 1900-2100 Montague Hall, Montague Road, Hounslow

Please contact a member of the Prevent & Engagement Team (PET) on telephone number 020 8247 6170 or via email to reserve your place.

Friday 26th

Time 1630 AWAAZ Hounslow

Time 1900 Hounslow Youth Club

Please make sure to conact the approriate people and confirm the timing before you come out.¬† Insha-Allah I hope to see y’all there to give me a shouth out.

Jazak-Allah Khair

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9 Responses to “MY UK Schedule”

  1. mohamed says:

    salama alaikum inshallah i wanted to askk you if you could add me on msn or msg i got a cople of questions for you we have met before in uk/derby am 14 years old

  2. Mohamed Ali says:

    Salalamu aleikum brother, how are you, I really wanted to invite you to give a talk at my college, Harrow college in harrow middlesex. hope you contact me inshallah

  3. Mohamed Ali says:

    That is my email,, I also wanted to ask you a couple of questions inshallah.

  4. Asad Shabbir says:

    brother i will like to know if you could please visit us in london. some were close to us. could you please contat me on my email when ever your free.
    hold tight god bless you
    you have inspired my life. and now with Allah subhanwatlah on my side i may give up all thats not relevent with islam.

  5. Haider karim says:

    salam brother I have some questions that i need to ask so I can help a brother plz add me on msn

  6. napoleon says:

    Salam alikum Haider
    if you have questions then you can email the admin, if its about islam then we can try to get it answered by the people of knowledge and not myself

  7. fikri says:

    Salam alikum brother Mutah.I want to know if u have plans to visit holland , i know u have been to UK and Australia to talk about islam and youth .the youth out here are losing there relligion as far as i can see, and i believe u can make a are an insperation to me and to all muslims around tha globe, specialy tha youth ,please for my bad english . GOD BLESS YOU.

  8. mahmood khan says:

    Salam Alaikum Warahmatullah my brother just wanted to no when you will be coming back to the uk you have been a true insperation to all us brothers and sisters i wanna meet you my brother Mutah Beale thank you may Allah bless you with love and happiness inshallah Allah Hafiz

  9. Muslim says:

    As’salaam alaykum brother Mutah,
    I wanted to invite you to give some talks in our local community centres, Inshallah I want my employer to get involved to organise this to benefit our local youths, please let me know if you can spare some dates INSHALLAH in the UK mainly around West London, maybe Oxford & Reading. Inshallah depending on how you can fit us in. I can give you more info about the organisation I work for upon request and Inshallah, I want to get you in contact with my employer to discuss proposals directly.
    I’ll look forward to your response, May Allah reward you well brother whether your able to help my case or not you do I fantastic job mashallah.
    Wa’alaykum salaam

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