Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Kickin it with the Youth

Insha-Allah we will be starting a new monthly chat session where we interact and do some Q&A with the youth.

We hope to start this after the month of Ramadan Insha-Allah.

More info to come soon.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Gordon McGinnis says:

    Would you mind responding with an email address? I worked with you some years ago and needed to obtain music publishing information for you for some tracks that are getting radio play.

  2. Nabila Ahmed Rufa'i says:

    Salamu alaikum. Subhanallah! Is it really you, Napoleon? Wallahi my hands are trembling as I’m writing right now. I have been an outlawz fan since I was 9. I wrote you a letter (from Nigeria) a few years ago- I hope you remember. I saw the lecture you gave to the youth in Australia. It was spectacular. I rushed to work and showed it to my colleagues. I don’t know if I should say this, but I’m really proud of you, Napoleon. Allah is indeed the Greatest! I loved you as an Outlaw, now I can love you as a Brother! I can remember praying to Allah to make the Outlawz muslims. My wish has become super-true. If only kastro, EDI, hussein and Young Noble would follow suit. Alhamdulillah, I’ve stopped listening to music. I have started this small Islamic book and rental service. After watching you give that lecture, I really feel that I want to start Da’awah soon. 2pac was inspired me to become a poet, and Alhamdulillah, I now write poems about Islam that’s easy for people to read. I know I’ve written too much, but I’m so excited. Do respond, My dear Brother. May Allah reward us all with Jannah.

  3. admin says:

    salam alikum sister please leave your email so that napoleon can respond to you

  4. admin says:

    Also I want to give the good news that edi,young noble and kastro became muslims as well. Alhumdulillah

  5. napoleon says:

    salam alikum

    I just want to start off by thanking you all for coming to the site and giving us your time and thoughts. I want to also tell all the people that may be interested in inviting me to do motivational speaking that on our home page it has information pertaining to how to contact me to invite me inshaallah. Brothers ask me how I stopped listening to music it is only from the mercy of allah and I thank allah and couldnt ever thank him enough for his countless bounties. The advice I can give is the advice I will give to myself is that we all need to learn our religion, we need to learn it from the people of knowledge and the scholars thats upon the sunnah.Its very important that we learn our deen the correct way, the sunnah of the prophet with the understanding of the sahabas and the rightous predeccesors. I also ask our brothers and siters who visit this site please do not ask me religous questions because I have no knowledge and I’am trying to learn like every one esle. Barakallah feekum and yes Edi,Kastro and young noble are muslim also we have good news that the other day Raekwon from the WUTANG CLAN also became muslim .
    Brother Mutah beale(napoleon)

  6. omar mohammed says:

    thank you brother

  7. omar mohammed says:

    salam alykom my brother mutah im omar from madinah KSA al hamdullah allah guided you to return to islam..thank you for your advise about the gang culture.and hamdullah many people laft that life style after your speeches… at sametime even if we living in madinah or makkah we still have most of the youth are trying to be like these artists some of them love these artists more than their families that it is very sad because we are living nearby prophet mosque and we should be a good example to the muslims outside …your story is similar to the sahabas because in jahliia they used to do evil but allah guided them to islam..may allah give you junnah brother mutah… im going to hajj this year inshallah i will give duaa for you..i think brother mutah if you do immigration to saudi arabia is better for your deen ..just bring your familey and come to live with us in madinah

  8. Nabila Ahmed Rufa'i says:

    Assalam alaikum. Alhamdulillah! They’ve embraced islam too! What a miracle. Allahu Akbar! My email- Bissalam.

  9. brother napoleon(mutah) says:

    Salam alikum
    Brother omar
    You are in a bless place mashallah and your right sometimes the kids over in saudi dont recognize the blessing allah bestowed up on them by allowing them to live in that blessed land. May allah allow you to take advantage of it and maybe one day we will meet in madinah inshaallah. Barakallah feek

  10. T.I.P says:

    Hello brother napoleon(mutah),

    Do you think you would have chosen the islamic path if the realest Tupac Shakur T.I.P, had not been killed and the outlawz were still ridein high?


  11. admin says:

    salam alikum brother Tip only allah knows what I would have been doing and everything is written

  12. wasim says:

    salam alay kum nepoleon was tupac a muslim
    also you are doin a great job may allah bless you

  13. wasim says:

    salam alay kum brother i hope you are alright
    how do the west side that you come from feel when you are around them

  14. Haroon Rashid Abbasi says:

    As-Salamualiakaum Bro. Mutah,

    This is your brother Haroon from Northern Cali. InshaAllah, you and your family are well and are in the best of Iman and Health.

    I am honored to have seen the transformation that the deen has brought to my dear brothers. May Allah swt keep us all on the Siratal-Mustaqim. When I first met you akhi, you were working on your album, and MaShaAllah, you have come a long way man.

    I recently read that Dr. Dre’s son died, Johnny J commited suicide, and I have to say some of the things I read online, stating man. I hope this death doesn’t put a hold on Dr. Dre’s new album, or I hope they finally release Napoleon’s album, not caring that these people were called by Allah SWT, and that we all must taste death.

    It’s just sad to see that people are so blinded by this dunya man. I’ve seen so many young people die – SubhanaAllah, know that we are all next.

    Thank you brother for being a reminder that we must all submit to Allah swt, and that only Allah swt can change the hearts of men. Wallahi, I am not trying to blow up your ego, (May Allah protect us from sinking into the desires of our Nafs, Ameen), but you are a walking miracle. Thank you for never acting like a “celebrity” and being my brother. Keep me in the duas akhi!

  15. Aboo Abdir Rahmaan says:

    As salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Alhamdulillaah! This is a very beneficial thing you are doing. May Allaah reward you and those involved for your work. Aameen.

    I was a collector of Hip Hop Music. Spent everything I could on it. Alhamdulillaah Allaah guided me and some of my closest friends to Islaam.

    To hear of your acceptance of Islaam brought me to tears and now hearing that the other members also accepted Islaam plus Raekwon has brought the tears back. Alhamdulillaah. I love you all for the Sake of Allaah. May Allaah make you brothers a means for bridging the gap to the youth both muslim and kuffaar. Aameen. Keep up the good deeds yah Muslimoon.

    Indeed it is a Blessing to be Muslim and following the Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf of this Ummah.

    May Allaah guide us all of us and our families upon this deen.

    Aboo Abdir Rahmaan Nwk,Nj

  16. Hudhayfah says:

    As salaamu alaikum kayfa halak Mutah Its Hudahyfah from Newark its good to see you still doing your thing may Allah keep you and us all firm on this din ameen I haven’t seen you in a minute inshaAllah I’ll see you soon how’s Khari? Oh i met your brother in law when we went to umrah inshaAllah talk to you soon.

  17. napoleon says:

    salam alikum

    Once again thanks to you all for coming to the site. Mashaallah its good to hear from you brother Hudahyfah. How’s the rest of the brothers at Masjid Rahmah, give them our salams, keep in touch brother , barakallah feek

  18. jahaan says:

    what going on napoleon.
    i have a couple questions homie.
    1st y u not in northamerica anymore?
    2nd what do we need 2 do 2 change as a whole, forget music an all that i understand where your coming from its all fake cuz noone is real anymore.
    an one more thing i grew up in a decent city but threw all the strugle we where poor an i understand an see everything going on around me but i don’t understand the mentality of the youth these days …..whats the answer?

  19. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam brother , yes I’m still in america and I think to change we should pray to allah for guidance and help because only allah can help us, also the advice the people of knowledge gave me is to start learning our religion with the basics, who is allah? where is allah? his name and his attributes, and we should learn the teaching of the prophet with the understanding of the sahanas(his companions)may allah give us towfeek and understanding of his religion and make us sincer upon the quran and the sunnah

  20. vasim says:

    salam alikum

    my brother napolion how u doing my brother its me vasim memba i met u at blackburn on saturday before bayaan on d stair case. i jus wnna tell u my friend in college shes a girl ryt and shes a non muslim shes reli in 2 2pac and she goes “i wanna know like why he changed and what made him change. how did it feel wen 2pac got killed” dat is d exact words dat cme out er mouth plz can u reply back 2 me…jazakallah..vasim

  21. Muhammad ilyas matori says:

    assalamu alaikum brother napoleon,i love outlawz group,nd i try 2 remov it from my mind bt stil,plz help me wit du-a.plz type ur email add and ur face book name plz dont forget.matori from nigeria.d 2nd outlawz ar greeting we wil soon change it 2 da-awa group insha allah

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