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Organizing Joint Programs/Events?

Salam alaikum Warahmatullahi,

Alhamdulilah, all praise be to Allah. I’ve put up this post so that, people can collaborate and coordinate with each other to sponsor events and help each other to create a plan to jointly share the costs.  The Youth Group in Kingston have made a request but are short of funds. Brothers from Middlesex University and others in UK are asking for visit. I am officialy invited to the UK by a local Government agency, that means we can plan other events after my obligations with them are completed

 With that in mind, lets work together Insha-Allah we can achieve our goals.

Please contact Kiran at Kingston Youth Group; for Toronto Events and coordinate directly of post to the site


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10 Responses to “Organizing Joint Programs/Events?”

  1. Josef says:

    Salaam aleikum wa rahmat allah barakato.

    Dear Mutah I have a question.

    Do you know if there are any good koran translations in swedish language? I mean like shorter translation i got a book but its over 1000 pages so im reading now but it will sure take a long time.

    May Allah be with you! Peace

  2. napoleon says:

    Hello Josef I have a friend whos swedish and is working to translate the Quran into swedish God willing, but you write good english so I’m sure you understand english and if you like you can get yourself an english translation of the Quran
    The Noble Quran is a good english translation

  3. Josef says:

    Dear Mutah.

    Do you know if he got any contact site or something so i can ask him about the swedish translation of the Quran?

    And also where can i get a good english translation of the holy Quran?

    Is there maybe a chance we can talk over mail?

    May Allah be with you! Peace

    Just another question. What happened to all Tupac´s stuff after he died? I mean like cars,clothes,house(s) etc? R.I.P Tupac

  4. mohammed yusuf says:

    brother i just wanted to wallahi this aint even a joke i started follown da deen recently and ma iman was low and when i listhend to you on youtube is come back up
    jzk for dat
    also brother are you comeing london anytym soon

  5. Hibo ibrahim says:

    Salama alaykum wa rahmatullah wa ta3ala wa barakatu brother. I was wondering when you would be in london next time because i would very much like you to perhaps do a lecture at my University ( Roehampton University) Inshallah. It would be very beneficial to all of us, especially the muslims who attend the university. We have a pretty small islamic society on our campus and although theres quite a few muslim there theyre not very involved epspecially the brothers. I do not feel its appropriate for me to personally speak to them about being more active as I am a woman and perhaps your attendance would boost their imaan and inshallah khayr would come of it. Jazakhallah Khayr brother
    Salamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

  6. Aki says:

    Asalaamu alaikum Polo,

    I jut wanted to let you know that I saw you and Loon’s videos on youtube at:
    (also at

    I’d love to help organize some events with you one day.

    Peace brother.

  7. AkborAalborg ali says:

    Assalam walikum
    peace and blessings of Allah allmighty be wiv u
    this is a long shot but insha-Allah I will give it a try
    I live in London east London bethnal green and would like to ask brother nepolian
    insha-Allah 1 day if he could come to bethnal green to speak to the youth
    the youth here are heading on a wrong direction and som1 like you can get through to them
    insha-Allah do disscuss more plz do contact me and I shall tell you more

  8. Nour-edinne says:

    Assalam Alaikoum brother Mutah. I have seen your video’s on youtube, and i knew you before because i have always listened to Tupac and the rest of the Outlawz. I must say that i have cried when i heard the story about how you became a muslim. That is really a sign for people who dont know.

    And i was wondering if you was planning to come tho The Netherlands. There are some major problems with the Muslim (Moroccan) Youth out here. Especially since 11-9 and the day a muslim boy killed Theo van Gogh. Our Muslim brothers are lost. We have high rankings in prison, criminality, school leavers, and we have a bad name in our society. But we must trust in god and we must pray and hope that he wil guide us. I think when they hear your story, it must do something with them. Because alhamdoulilah it did something with me.

    We have allot of masjids but unfortunately they are not the place where the youth is going. And i think that a visit of you can change that. Because you are rol model for them. Brother i hope you reply and I pray for you that Allah helps you in your and our struggle. Assalam Alaikoum………

  9. umm taqwah says:

    salamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu akhi mutah…seeing as your in london…id really appreciate it if youd come down and give a little talk to the youth in my college…insha’Allah it would be such a blessed thing. i hope to hear from you insha’Allah…im one of the youth myself and think this will be very benificial. and all for the Sake Of Allah

  10. Arouje Hussain says:

    Asalamualaikum Mutah, Im from birmingham and my friends and I have recently become very aware of our religion, our deen Islam, I understand how many of the youth are interested in “the fast life”, and I must admit at a recent point in my life, my friends and I were tempted to succumb. However my mother now mashallah a practising muslim woman had me watch a clip of your interview with Eddie, it was beautiful and inspiring, and I was hoping that maybe you could organise an event in Birmingham England? It will be greatly appreciated? Asalamualaikum Arouje

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