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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

9th Islamic Youth Conference. Toronto August 29th.2008

Insha-Allah I will be in Toronto on the August 29th from 6.20pm to 7pm doing a lecture about Youth, the Hip-hop life style and my life before and after Islam.

I hope that those in Toronto willbe able to attend Insha-Allah and that I can benefit the people and learn about the community.

Location: Kipling Collegiate Institute 380 The Westway, M9R-1H4

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4 Responses to “9th Islamic Youth Conference. Toronto August 29th.2008”

  1. Ramzi J. says:

    Aslama-leuikum Mutah,
    My name is Ramzi Jamal from Toronto, Canada I grew up listening to alot of rap songs and heavily influenced but after hearing your lecture on youtube. And ahlhamdulliah I’m glad that your strong about your religion. I heard you where doing a lecture in Toronto but had no idea about it, and I really hope you can come again inshallah.
    Mashallah your words are very touching brohther! keep doing you may Allah have blessings upon you.

  2. napoleon says:

    may allah make me better and forgive me from what the people dont know about me, and if I come to toronto again inshaallah the website will post the dates inshaallah

  3. mazen (thegame) says:

    al salam alaikum…my brother mutah first of all forgive me if i wrote soemething wrong because iam not god in engish so…well iam completely shoked when i knew that really my friend in da hood are really proud of you well my brother mutah i have one problem …that is iam so in love in the rap songs and specialy 2pac songs i think iam addicted in his songs i dont know what should i do help me because u are the one who can help me in this please

  4. Fouad says:

    I’m not trying to kiss butt overhere (im sorry for my language i follow pac and the outlawz from the start,i dont just understand them but feel them and especialy (for real napoleon) im sorry if i am wrong or harm anybody with my thinking or talking, because i lived a simmilar life in holland but im, in an another fase in my life right now and elhamdoulilah, my wish is simple, 1 apply: If I only can sit 1 minute with napoleon (Mutah) please Mutah if you can read my message: please contact me: I am Fouad from Holland, my nummber is in holland 0614157198 where ever you call from check the number you have to call abroad, please contact me, for real, i only want a few minutes of your presuase time napoleon, thank you!!!! much love Fouad shokran and thank you 4 everything.and 4 anything you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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