Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed


The events were Mash-Allah great and the turn out was good.  I am grateful that Allah allowed me to reach out to the community and the especially the youth.

More to come soon!

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  1. Markus Kareem says:

    Brother Beale,
    I see you Man! Hopefully, when things begin for me in my town, of Garyville, La. USA,. You will be willing to accept my family’s invitation to visit us here at the Broussard-Baloney Plantation. We can talk about change and what it is that you want to come from teachings. You’re Strong Man! Help US!

    Here is a link to our movement. http://www.historicgaryville.come!

    Markus Kareem
    Student Doctor of Chiropractic
    Texas Chiropractic College

  2. As Salam alaykum ya akhee al kareem.How u doing and how is eeman?May Allaah help us all. I’ve always been a fan back in the days and alhamdulillaah we on the same track now. I ‘ m studying in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile ife,Nigeria and our society down here;Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, OAU chapter Wa lillaahi lihamd, is on the Salafee path. We have an annual magazine that we publish and we will want to arrange an interview with you(since it might not be easy bringing you down to Nigeria).We can discuss the modalities but we think a write in interview will do.In any case akhee, we need a quick response cuz the magazine production will soon start.Sorry for the late notification. May Allaah reward you abundantly wa salam alaykum. Our e-mail addy is or

  3. Zaid Toorawa says:

    Assalmualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu, how are you doing my brother in Islam? Hope insha’Allah everything is okay with you. Brother, your speech truly got to me. I am a youth, 18 years old, but alhumdullillah never got into the wrong company. So many youth, in the Muslim community, are getting stabbed and shot it is unbelievable ,due to the thug mentality.In Toronto, Scarborough is known to be one of the “ghettos.” I just hope that Allah (s.w.t) can change the hearts of some of these youth just like how Allah (s.w.t) has changed yours. I never knew about you converting to Islam till about 3 4 months ago. Then someone sent me a link. Your speech, wallahi, was powerful. It makes me want to stop listening to Music and alhumdullillah I am trying. I just want some tips from you on how I can start making a change in my community? No youth will come to the mazjid and listen to these sheikhs speak but someone like you can make them come. Brother Mutah, please show me some ways. I really want to organize for you to come and get the youth to participate , but I dont know how your busy schedule is like. I am not great at organizing things in the community but I really want to make a change in my community.
    Please check out the website that our local mosque sets up every years, it is a special event for the youth.
    Jazaka’Allah Khair ya Brother Mutah for your time, looking forward to hearing from you insha’Allah. May Allah make our imaan stronger and keep this youth off the streets. Ameen.

    Your Brother,

    Zaid T

  4. Farooq Ali Khan says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    Brother when can you visit us in Norway? no need to mention why, Muslim youth here is also on a path which certainly will not please Allah(swt).

    We will appreciate if you share your life changing experience with us and advice our youth to investigate Islam.

    Jazak Allah Khairan

  5. Omar says:

    Whats good napolein*man thanks fo coming out to masjid tawheed**


  6. omar mohammed says:

    asslam alikum

    i like to know brother mutah if you will visit al-madinah al-munawra . because we are living nearby the 2 holey mosque in saudi arabia and we still have some people trying to be thugz or gangsters. im writing this because some of them are friends and they dont know the evil of hip hop i think they only need advice from person like you and thank you my brother.and let me know if you visit saudi arabia….

  7. Omar says:

    Salam Brother Mutah,

    can i have an email adress or something i can comunicate to you?


    Omar from Germany

  8. Umar Khan says:


    It must be really hard being in a world where violence is never ending I hope your parents are in Jannah right now I like you the outlawz and Tupac R.I.P are you guys still talking or has that cut off as well do u have an e-mail where we can talk im not saying your wrong but i just wanted to let you know i live in Falls Church VA and i was asking my Imam the other day if music is allowed he said the Quran has a certain type of tone to it because you know how most Imams go in a low and high tone so thats what i was trying to say im not saying you are wrong just wanted to let you know that but help me on that little subject

  9. Shahid says:

    As- Salam walakium! Akhi is there any way that i can get in contact with mutah Beale, or formerly known as Napolean. I want to get contact with him for a lecture.

  10. Asalam alaikum,

    I pray this finds you in the best of health and in Allah’s Great Blessings. I read your bio and was very impressed. I followed Pac through his career, and felt like he was my long lost older brother, and cried the night he died. But I wish that you could do hip-hop for the purpose of dawah. That is what I do. Even though there are hadith that state that types of music is haram. But since I am using it to further the deen and spread the message that was given to Muhammad (PBUH) I feel my intentions will be seen as honorible on the day of judgement. Anyway, I hope to meet you one day ahki. Asalam alaikum, Nasiric

  11. napoleon says:

    salam alikum

    I just want to start off by thanking you all for coming to the site and giving us your time and thoughts. I want to also tell all the people that may be interested in inviting me to do motivational speaking that on our home page it has information pertaining to how to contact me to invite me inshaallah. Brothers ask me how I stopped listening to music it is only from the mercy of allah and I thank allah and couldnt ever thank him enough for his countless bounties. The advice I can give is the advice I will give to myself is that we all need to learn our religion, we need to learn it from the people of knowledge and the scholars thats upon the sunnah.Its very important that we learn our deen the correct way, the sunnah of the prophet with the understanding of the sahabas and the rightous predeccesors. I also ask our brothers and siters who visit this site please do not ask me religous questions because I have no knowledge and I’am trying to learn like every one esle. Barakallah feekum
    Brother Mutah beale(napoleo)

  12. Ali Elsayed says:

    Salam Alaykum.

    I attended your talk on April 23 Friday in Toronto Canada.

    I would like to know if you would allow me to have or to use a recorded version of your talk and to distribute and possibly showcase it to a large audience.

    Jazak Allah

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