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BBC Radio Interview with Mutah Beale

This is my interview with BBC New Castle, UK.

Summary: Mutah’s interview with BBC Radio during his trip to the UK, Aug 2009.

Birth, early life, rise with Tupac, music career, wake up, finding Islam, why Islam, what is Islam, youth roles and purpose of life

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11 Responses to “BBC Radio Interview with Mutah Beale”

  1. Abu Asiyah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum akhi.
    Its Abu Asiyah from Newcastle

    MashaAllah! good interview, jazakallahu khair.

    Hope you enjoying your Ramadaan!
    Take care.

    Abu Asiyah

  2. Mushtaq says:


    Dear Mutah,

    I pray that Allah(swt) will reward you for your effort to guide the youth who are lost. (Ameen). I also pray that Allah(swt) will bless you with success in developing the skills and qualifactions to travel and move around the world.



  3. UK_Sista says:

    As’salaam alaykum and Happy Ramadan,

    I heard your story a few times now and walahi everytime I hear it, its like new to me, I get the same emotion like when I heard it first time Subhanallah. I see your efforts in promoting Islam and u doing a job of it, Today my iman was down but after hearing your interview it build me back up and make me want to become a better muslim: WHY? because you speak from the heart and I see and respect that. May Allah: The Almighty , Most High reward you for your efforts and raise your status in this World and the Next Inshallah.

    May Allah protect you too.

  4. ladylivin2luvAllah says:

    Salam alaikum Brother

    I just want to say I ask Allah swt to forgive all muslims for there sins, for what they they do knowingly and un-knowingly, both male and female, ameen. Al hamdulillah, indeed Allah swt protects the belivers.

    Mashallah brother seem like a very beautiful, caring yet strong and intelligent young man. Its extremly refreshing to know ! You have reached out to a lot of hearts, both young and old! may Allah swt reward you for your efforts inshallah, ameen.

    how can i find out where in london you will be visiting in Oct 09?

    I ask Allah swt to shower you and your family with endless blessings and bounties in this world and the next, inshallah ameen.

    your sis in islam

  5. napoleon says:

    jazakallah khair, we will post the dates and venues for my october trip inshaallah, I will be out there with the counsel and doing talks mainly in schools etc, if their is any open events we will post on the site inshaalllah

  6. majed says:

    alsalam 3laykoum my brother in islam how are you hope your doing well im so happy for this is like a miracle 4 me i come from sydney austalia well here its the same as the states same life style the streets the drugs the shootings the gangs and im like that after seein you it got more 2 me i started thinking more bout life cause im a born muslim my backround is lebanease and im not good i should be better than that so all im asking is 4 a small favor im cuming to the states on the 5th of october for 3weeks i would love 2 meet u and hang out with u even one hour il be happy il cum 2 u were ever u r after that im going hajj on the 5th of november inshallah so plz reply back 2 me

  7. Bilal says:

    Great interview brother Mutah, would be great if you could come to west yorkshire we have a lot of brothers who join gangs here and I seem to remember you had a big impact a couple of years ago when you visited keighley. Keep up the good work Mutah and may Allah accept your work.

    By the way, it Newcastle not New Castle!

  8. zaynab freida says:

    nice interview! thanks. Brother Napoleon sounds so clever and explains everything so clearly. and i just wanna say why is it that people get all religious in ramadan and when its over their get their scarfs off and the guys stop going mosque what the hell you are not only muslims for ramadan this is insane. you should do these things all the time.

    From LONDON.

  9. saadia says:

    Asalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaah.

    Hope all’s well Inshaa’Allaah. Akhi, is there a way of me asking you a question via private message? I’ve got the admin email address, but I’d like a direct response from yourself if it’s possible Inshaa’Allaah.

    Jazaak’Allaahu Khayran.
    Your Sister in Deen

    P.s. – Don’t worry, it’s not an inappropriate q!

  10. Brother Mutah (Napoleon from Outlawz) talks about Islam(2 interviews:1written,1video) - Hip Hop Board says:

    […] music career, wake up, finding Islam, why Islam, what is Islam, youth roles and purpose of life 2nd one: Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale was born in Newark, New Jersey, one of four sons of Spanish […]

  11. Lorna Stahmer says:

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