Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

New Trailer from the Documentary

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  1. Ali Ashraf says:

    Simply astounding!

    A truly compelling account of the darkside that the glitz of the music industry engulfs the human soul with.

    May Allah swt bless everyone who have made this wonderful documentary possible, ameen!

    – Ali, from Toronto Canada

  2. Guntur D says:

    Assalamua ‘alaikum…
    My heart’s cryin’…
    I’m a muslim since I was born…
    So far that I live, never did I something good enough for this deen, through out my life…
    But when I look at you, bro…
    Something’s callin’…. deep inside my heart…
    Keep the good working, bro…
    May Allah bless us all…

    -Guntur D, Perth – Australia

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum

    May you have a blessed Ramadan ameen!

    This was so WELL put together mashaAllah!! I really like it. Very motivating, very professional, and it’s gonna hit the roof! May Allah reward you and your efforts and everyone involved. Ameen.
    Jazakallahu khairan


  4. a.hakim says:

    luv wat yr doin ma brother masha allah may allah guide you through dis dark world amiin

  5. Abbas E says:

    Asalamu 3laykum, MashaAllah akhi that was very moving. Keep doing what your doing.

    – Abbas Abd’Alla El Fakih

  6. zaynab freida says:

    Omdzzzz…… he was scary before he was a muslim if i met him when he was like he was before i would be so scared of him but now he seems so calm and i would feel safe around him .. man if he can convert to islam then anyone can. he experienced such tragic events inshallah he will never ever return to thta kind of wannabe life.

  7. 'Umar says:

    Don’t forget to check out Mutah’s original interview on and use it as a ref. point to promote Islaam to non-Muslims!

  8. Usmaan says:

    a touching trailer and an exciting, may allah bless the brother and give him Janaat. ameen

  9. usman says:

    Asalaam, this production is A*** material. it is great, better than great, keep up the good work.

  10. Umm Iesha says:

    Bismillah As salamu alaykum

    MashaAllah, this piece has touched my heart. May Allah ta’ala continue to guide me, rectify my affairs, forgive me for my mistakes and reward me plenty for my efforts and may He continue to guide you, rectify your affairs, forgive you for your mistakes and reward you plenty for your efforts. May your family and associates follow you in goodness…ultimately into the folds of Islam.

    Was salamu alaykum akhi

  11. mahad says:

    Looks good….when’s it coming out????

  12. Layla Benchi says:

    Salam Walikum Brother!

    Used to be a big fan of the outlawz when I was younger and 2pac is still one of my favorite poets.

    Wanted to let u know that everything your doing now have influenced the youth and us older fans that grew up with ur music. MashAllah.
    You are a good person, with ur heart in the right place and may Allah bless you in every step you take, love you and protect you. Allah Hafiz

  13. Um 3abdillah says:

    bismilah ar rahaman ar rahim,
    i don’t have a good english sorry i m from france.

    As salamu 3leikum wa rahamatoulah wa bara

    your story is so amazing AllahuAkbar “ma yahdihi lahu falla mudilala wa ma yudli fallaha dilala”.

    i am muslim al hamdoulilah I m a slave of Allah az zawajel and i was a hiphop dancer in Paris i was dancer for french rapper rnb singer … one day my life has changed… i dont understand yet why Allah guid me in the true that is Islam and he gave me the good understanding of islam(minhaj of salef salih). i thank him every day every hours every minute every seconde. Allahuma ghfirna dunubana, Allahuma zidna 3ilmen Allahuma tabat qulubana 3la haq . Amine

    Allah tabaraka ta3ala blesse you.

    ps: when you writ jazakAllahU kheirayn dont forget “u”.

  14. abdullai adams says:

    asalam alaikum keep up the good work brother mutah and keep with the salafi scholars

  15. Samer says:

    Ay wut’s up Napoleon, how u been doin’? I don’t think u remember me, but i met u when u came to Milwaukee last year! I’m lookin’ forward to your dvd, do u know when it’s comin’ out??

  16. napoleon says:

    we will keep every one posted on the release of my documentary inshaallah, just keep visiting our websites and join the mailing list so we can keep you informed

  17. Samer says:

    Thanks. So is ur DVD gonna be available in stores or just online? Do u think ur goin to come to Milwaukee any time soon, It’ll be real tight if u can come again, last year was real kool when u came, n right after I spoke to u it was inspiring, n after that I started prayin alhamdillilah!

  18. Salih says:

    Salam Alikum wa rahmato allah wa barakatoho

    My Dear brother Mutah*Napoleon* ama very glad to be a brother in Islam with u and all others muslims brothers in world ..mashsallah ..keep ur faith and hope we meet soon or if u have any plans to come down in Germany I will be happy to hear that ..salam alikum and Allah Bless us inshallah ..

    Salih -Berlin

  19. Holly Garza says:

    MashaAllah May Allah reward you inshaAllah for keeping it real and not being one of those who shut up for sake of the deen. How else can people relate to us if we don’t share with them the same struggles!? Thank you for all you’re work and speeches you are one of my favorite speakers!

  20. rahim says:

    Assalamu’alaikum..masyaAllah, akhi mutah, may Allah bless you..i have no words to heart’s cryin..may Allah help our ‘jihad’..insyaAllah

  21. Um Dharr says:

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Assalaamu 3aleykoum wa RahmatuLaahi wa Barakaatuh,

    Inshae’Allah you all doing fine and you all are in a good state of emaan, wa Allahuma zidna emaan/may Allah increase our emaan, Ameen.

    This is to akh Mutah, i’ve seen your interview on the deen show wa lillaahi’l hamd. It is a very positive thing that you are doing for the sake of the da3wa Asselefiya (as sheikh al Albaani called it rahimahu Allah). Many from the muslim youth are looking up at the wrong people (the mufsideen). So alhamdulillaah that someone coming from that background is adressing this muslim youth and confront them with the deception “For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception.”/wa maa’l hayaatu dunya ilaa mataa3u’l ghurour..(surah 3/ last part of ayah 185)

    However i would like to point out something i noticed, but i dont feel comfortable doing this in public. Is there anyway to send an email in private? The messenger of Allah 3alayhi Salatu wassalam, never gave a nasiha in public. Inshae Allah khairun

    Jazaakoum Allahu khairan wa Zaadakum houdan wa 3ilman wa fahman fi deenu’l haq, wa la3alakoum min ahli’l firdaws al a3la, Allahuma ameen

    A3aanakum Allah wa 3aleykoum Assalaam

    Um Dharr-Amsterdam

  22. napoleon says:

    @ Umm Dharr walaikum salam you can send your email to


  23. Um Dharr says:

    Hayaak Allah

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