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Visiting the UK 7-15-7-21

Salam alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh,

I am going out to UK for week for some talk with local UK agencies that have programs for the youth.  I may have some time to do some other programs.  Please contact me if you would like to have me over for any program.


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  1. Omar says:

    have a safe trip, iA!

  2. suleman says:

    Salam alai kum

    Please can someone confirm when exactly is brother Mutah coming to London, is it July or August.

    Please also advise if I can attend any of his talks and the cost as well as location.

    I have some nephews who are gangsta wannabees and are in need of serious dawah from brother Mutah as I have failed.

    Jazakhallah khair

    Salam alai kum

  3. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam brother, I will be in new castle july 17 to the 21 inshaallah, and will be in london august 12 to around the 21 inshaallah, we will post the dates and time on the site once we receive them
    jazakallah khair

  4. Umm Taymiyah says:

    Assalamu alaikum akhi

    Hope your well and in the best health and imaan!Akhi just wanted 2 ask whether your coming to Birmingham at all?

    May Allah guide us all and keep us firm upon the straight path! Ameen

    Jazakallah khair

  5. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam , I wont be in birmingham this trip I will only ne in new castle but in august inshaallah I should be in birmingham , we will add that info on the site

  6. sajj1989 says:

    asalamu alaikum my brother mutah
    please contact me the next time your in the UK, alot of the youths look up to you and the gangster life.

    their dealing
    taking drugs
    gang fights

    we do alot of things to get them away from the kufr, we have weekly circles, weekly radio shows and other activities.

    brother mutah you have alot of influence over the youths, when ever your in the UK, if you could link up i would be really greatful, and you would be making a great differance.

    please contact me on this e-mail:


  7. Duha says:

    Assalma alaikum wa rahmatullahi my dear brother in islam.

    “And if you call them to guidance, they hear not and you will see them looking at you, yet they see not” (7:198).

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to say May Allah (SWT) Protect you and keep you firm on his deen. May Allah (SWT) strengthen you and fill your heart with tranquility. I have listened to a number of your lectures and some of them have caused me to cry. I sincerely think that when someone talks from the heart it will impact the heart of the listener. Look after yourself

    yours in deen.
    Insha’allah I will make dua for you and i will ask you to make dua for me because we do not whose Dua Allah (SWT) will accept.

    The Prophet of Allah said “Call upon Allah whilst being sure of being answered and know that Allah does not answer the supplication from one whose heart is heedless, inattentive”. (Tirmidhee).

  8. Yaqub says:

    bro can you please come to leeds bilal mosque in harehills, harehills is predominantley muslim area but alot of youth are misguided towards drugs and street fame.

    the leeds grand mosque in hyde park leeds is an award winning mosque

  9. abu aisha says:

    assalamu alaikum
    i wish one day, you come nigeria ,to have talk there

  10. amilah sheehan says:

    asalaam alaikum brother!!
    subhanAllah jus watcht ur intaview on the deen show,i seen it on youtube n i jus wana say im soooo pleased n proud of u!im a white british revert n can relate wi hw u felt revertin 2 this beautiful deen!!
    if ur ever in th north of england(i liv in bradford,therza huge muslim population here)then pls make it known on ur website bcos id luv 2cu live inshAllah!!
    mashAllah,i pray Allah SWT continues 2guide u n 4givs u ur sins,make dua 4me 2please bro,wsalaam,x

  11. Irfan Ali says:

    Asalamulaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

    my Dear brother, can you tell me if you have anything scheduled in scotland? when u are over in the UK?

    JazakAllah Khair

  12. SomSister says:

    Sallam alliekum warahmatuallah wabarakat.

    MABRUUK MY BROTHERS masha allah

    Iam in london and very much love to comeout to see you my brothers insha allah and my children also so please send me the location and the date etcon , may allah reward you insha allah

  13. umu mahamed says:

    ascwrwb i m so happy to hear that u are coming uk pls
    com leicester we have a new masjid that been opened last week

  14. zaynab freida says:


  15. abdullah says:

    Assalamu alaykum brother I hope you come to manchester and give lectures to the youth here, there is a alot of fitna here, seriously the youth look up to you and try to change their lifestyle but shaydaan misleads them. may Allah guide the youth of islam, wallahi i feel so bad when i see what some of them do.

  16. Faiza says:

    As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Inshallah let me know if you have any plans of coming to sheffield, if not then let me know if it would be possible to arrange something.

  17. fasial qadri says:

    assalamoalykum brother, mashallah its beautifull to learn about ur story, it has inspired me to better my self also may allah give u jazzah,
    brother it is only a request but inshallah if u are in the uk u must visit glasgow scotland….some1 with ur experinces and obstacles u have dealt with can get thro to youth of nowadays,
    i myself am in the depths of sin…inshallah allah will guide me like he did u, ameen, please write bak, allah hafiz.

    ya’allah ya’rasool

  18. Anonymous says:

    As Salamu Alaikum Brother,

    Are you still out here in the UK?! PLease let us know ASAP insh’Allah.

  19. Mumtaz Khatab says:

    Salaam brother Mutah what’s your schedule for london because i’m desperate to come to one of your inspirational talks. jazakallah brother

  20. enes says:

    selam alejkum napoleon…. im a boy from a little country named bosnia & herzegovina in europ ( balkan) . i am a addict of tupac, and of outlawz, past year there was a brother from london in my house, he said he now ya but i cant remebmer the name i gona ask my brother… he is also a moslem like my brother Muhamed… and he tallks about you that u are a moslem and i didn’t know that…. he was black and he invited me to go with em in london cuz you gonna come in london…I just wonna know ONE thing IS TUPAC ALIVE.. and whats with his lyric he always rap God forgive me but i plan to die..i gona come back reincaranted…. what means that??? selamm alejkumm

  21. Qas says:

    enes…you will find your answer in this video:

  22. Riaz says:

    salamz i have jus seen that brother is going to be in birmingham 2day 18th and 2morow 19th august, in Birmingham,,if any1 knows locations and times please let me know at jazakallah

  23. dad says:

    salaam riaz,
    i believe its norton hall community centre

  24. dad says:

    salaam riaz,
    i beleive its Norton Hall
    Ralph Road
    Alum Rock

  25. dad says:

    sorry for this but the talk is going to take place at 7pm
    at norton hall on the 18/08/09

  26. Riaz says:

    Salamz brother shazad has emailed me to let me know the talk will place at Ralph road alum rock @ norton hall and at 7pm.i just had 2 questions regarding the date and wether everyone is welcome to come?
    Jazakallah brother

  27. Umm Taymiyah says:


    Can anyone please tell me the details of the talk taking place on 19/08/09 the time and the exact location!

    Jazakallahu Khair

  28. omar shakeer says:

    salam alaykum 2 all muslims.
    bismillah al rahman alraheem. i remember napopleon coming to liverpool but sadly i never got to see him because them days i was not interested in lectures and was reallly careless with my deen may allah forgive me of my sins . but i heard every1 praising napoleon and saying how good his lecture was and i also seen some of his lectures on youtube and they are very very good mashaallah and inshallah he will return one day to do a better lecture than last time.
    salam alaykum brothers and sisters.

  29. Ameena says:

    Asslaamu alaikum

    Brother, i know you reverted to Islam many years ago but i still want to say congratulations and i am happy in my heart for you.

    I am 23 years old and i took my shahadah 4 months ago. Alhamdulilah!

    Since the age of 12 i was a 2pac/outlawz fan. But it went deeper than music for me this may sound weird but i really connected with you all especially pac.

    I’ve always felt different and lonely although no one would ever tell because i was known as the life of the party! i never had a father figure and so when i discovered pac he bcame my father figure.

    My room was wallpapered with his posters and at 18 i tattoed his name on my back. I have every album he ever wrote, books, dvds EVERYTHING!

    I feel that even though you dont know someone you can still see their heart and pacs heart was like mine. real recognise real. and now my heart is sad because had pac excepted the deen beore his death I KNOW he would have done a great deal for the ummah
    (i believe)

    But alhamdulilah you and the rest of the outlawz were guided. I just want to say thank you!!!!

    while i was studying islam i never fully accepted it whole heartedly because my love for pac, i know i sound like a psychotic fan but im being hounest since i have been 12 he was a HUGE part of it. i even use to say God put him in my life as a help. many times i had thought to commit suicide and keep yah heah up and other songs and hearing him speak helped me.

    Then one day i had just brought a bag of weed and i went on you tube, i had been praying to Allah to guide me to the right way. i clicked on and found your talks and my heart was overwelmed the very thing that shaitan was using to stop me i felt Allah sent you to take it out of my path. subhanallah After watching every talk you had on u tube i realised that i had been following the sunnah of pac and not the sunnah of the beloved prophet (pbuh) i took my shahdah and i’ve never looked back.

    so i just want to say even if at times you might feel your not making a difference keep doing what your doing because you may not be aware of it but someone somewhere may get benefit from the littlest thing you do, that will change their whole life and guide them to the straight way inshallah

    i hope you read this cos its coming from the heart

  30. napoleon says:

    Salam alaiki sister Ameena

    May Allah make all of you affairs easy for you and guide us all and make your and our feet firm upon the quran and the sunnah with the understanding of the sahabas (prophet companions) mashaallah your story touched me and may allah give you all thats good in this life and in the next life…ameen

  31. sabriya says:

    Waaleykum Salaam,
    Shukraan Akhii for your mail.I live in Dubai but am originally from Kenya which is to the East of Africa and this part of Africa is Alhamdilillah predominantly muslim,and for most of us our ancestors came from arabian Peninsula thus we have been muslim all the way back to our great-great grandparents.
    I listened to your talk that you had in Sweden and i was moved by both what you went through as a kid and your observation pertaining those born and brought up in Islamic homes,who take advantage of our deen and not practising it as required.
    Some years back i was hooked on Ahmed Deedat’s Tapes-because Kenya has a large population of christians and i was in a girl’s boarding school which was 99% Christian and so had to study their religion and go to church as well-it was compulsory,we did not mind because when you went back home you would attend Islamic Madrasa.And i came across Sheikh Deedats Vedio

  32. Samira says:

    Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

    Brother Mutah, may Allah(swt) reward you for turning (back) to Islam and may He make everything easy on you, Amin..
    I would like to know if you are willing to come to Denmark and talk to the youth over here, and maybe be associated with a dawah center we have? We really someone like you to give a speech to our youth so they can be inspired by your words and turn to Islam, Inshallah..
    If you are interested, please let me know Inshallah..
    Barakallahu fik..

    Your sister in Islam..

  33. fozia bint adam says:

    salamu alaykum bruv! mashallah ur storey just inspires me hell of alot! whom so ever allah guides no one can lead astray, whomsoever allah leads astray no1 can guide. You u shudd defo cum thru 2 birmingham inshallah! we could all do with ur dawah! i mean ur the best example, coming from the street life to submission to allah, bruvvahs done hell of 360 turn! [You mean 180 lol] real talk cum thru to bham and inspire us all!! may allah reward you for your efforts with jannatul firdaus inshallah!

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