Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

The Code of the Streets – Napolean [Mutah Beale], Newcastle, UK

Bank Holiday Monday 26th May | Space Bar Newcastle College 4pm


 Following the success of the first presentation, ‘Racism, Gangs & Gun Culture’,  IDC invites you to the second presentation by Napolean in Newcastle upon Tyne, ‘the Code of the Street’. A follow on from the initial talk which looked at Napoleans personal life and experiences living on the street and his positive changes to move away from gang and gun culture after the death of his close friend and ‘father figure’, Tupac Shakur.


‘The Code of the Streets’ is an attempt to clarify the realities of the gangster rap lifestyle, to which many of the youth of today have aligned themselves to. The theme is based upon the true code of the streets, challenging the current perceptions of what is being portrayed as ‘gangster’ and showing that even gangsters have a code and rules in which they live by, and not the common misconception that ‘anything goes’ and ‘by any means necessary’.

‘the Code of the Streets’ will present the youth of today an alternative to gangster lifestyle and provide a positive message to stay away from drugs, alcoholism, tackle & challenge racism and move away from gangs and gang culture.

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38 Responses to “The Code of the Streets – Napolean [Mutah Beale], Newcastle, UK”

  1. awadh says:

    when is Mutah Beale going to come to london?

  2. anas abdallah says:

    ALSALAM ALYKOM MY BROTHER NAPOLEON im anas abdallah im from israel and im muslim you dont know howe i feell man iw ant to chat with you iw ant to tell you and ask you so many thing i want answers just from youu man you dont know who im am not a normal person when im star to listen to 2pac outlawz my brother my friend this is my email i want to connect with sombody

  3. amer says:

    Napoleon, I have a question…the song “i ain’t mad atcha”- how was it released on the “all eyez on me album” and u didn’t even convert 2 islam yet and then? did tupac lyke guess ur future becuase wallah i find this pretty strange if i t was released after u converted then it wuold be okay but this i don’t get what year did u convert?

  4. napoleon says:

    Salam alikum brother Amer
    No 2pac didnt guess the future the matter of the unseen is with allah alone, 2pac wasnt talking about me in that song I aint mad atcha

  5. Umulkayr says:

    As salaam alakum brother Mutah AKA Nepoleon. I wanna start of firstly by saying Mashallah to brother for your change of lifestyle and welcome you into Islam. I just recently came across you on youtube a few dayz ago, giving talk in Australia and MNS, SO when you are introduced as Nepoleon a former memeber of the outlawz I knew who you were. I was amazed by how much you,ve changed and how far you have come, you look very dfferent, I saw inner happiness in you, you looked at ease, your face was glowing and you just had look that you are at peace with yourself and that you truly believe in Islam. Watching and listening to your story was very emtional for me, i had tearz coming down my eyez. While I am happy for you it makes me sad that most of us born muslims who should know better do not follow Islam correctly, but your story is motivating, your are very inspiring. You know you turly are a good example, I can type for ever but i think you get my point so neway brother I just want to wish you success in your life, may Allah continue to bless you and make your iman stonger, may Allah help us all, help ourselves in lead the lifestyle that will help us get into Jennah. Brother Shady i think in Australia was also an inspiration, he lecture was also very emtional to watch, he explanatins where easy to understand, you are very lucky have been in his presence he seemed like and true and blessed man, in such short time I have learnt alot from you both, peace and happiness to you both and May Allah also reward you, Inshallah i hope one we can meet, if your ever in london, Im sure there are many others that can also learn alot from you. I’m gonna sign off now so brother I know times can be hard but the reward you will get inshallah will be great keep doing what you do, no matter negative you may come across, Allah is the greatest, most gracious, merciful and powerful, and I really do hope you are rewarded well inshallah on the day of judgement Ameen.

  6. mariyah says:

    hey bro mutah
    ive grown up listening to your dope lyrical raps like all my life so its been so hard to stop. and u were my favourite from the outlawz too.but since i have listened 2 all your lectures they have motivated me to stop.i aint tryna sound corny but they really have helped me 2 b come a better muslim. im tryin to stay on the deen but i still have muslim friends doing sin and haram activities but they dont seem 2 listen 2 me. please give me your advise.

  7. your Muslim Brother says:

    hey wuts good,
    im a muslim and i love listenin to 2pac tracks and even your tracks. and its so sad to see that u are no longer a part of the outlawz, i just want to no something becuase i hav younger brother that still beleive that 2pac is alive becuase of the seven day theory and all his hints in his songs that he is alive. especially in his tracks sayin that he is plotting to get richer and that is what makes me WONDER A LOT !! becuase that is what machieveli did and he got rich by faking his death.
    also my muslim brother i want to know if u mention 2pac and kadefi in all your 5 prays because even though they are not muslim its still good to try and get them in heaven :(

  8. Aisha says:

    Salam alykum mutah,

    How are you? i have a personal question, Are you married?

  9. abdoor_rahman says:

    Aisha…that’s a bit inappropriate. The proper way is to send your guardian to enquire to the brother.

  10. Muhammad Abaan says:

    Asalamualaykum, brother mutah, inshallah the rappers are searching for the truth!.. the game dr.dre styles p etc..
    they need someone whos been through it and to show them the light!.
    or just given some guidance.
    jazakallah brother
    your brother in Islam!
    p.s. just wanted to know, whats the best way to show a non muslim the true way?

  11. danzaki says:

    Assalamualaikum Bro,

    Its realy nice to have someone like you among us, one that has been there and went through all that many can only imagine. i wish you lead in the spread of the word of Allah especially to our african american brother.

    may Allah be with us and bless us all.

  12. danzaki says:


    i am a Nigerian.

    Brother Mutah, in the lecture u delivered in Australia in 2006, u said many niggaz are now converting to islam. are there popular ones among them? is it true that Micheal Jackson was a muslim before his death and that is islamic name is MIKAIL?

    i equally heard that the rapper Loon is now a muslim, is it true? is there any one among the outlawz that is now a muslim?

    is the brother planning to visit africa in the nearest future?


  13. napoleon says:

    walikum salam brother jazakallah khair, I dont remember saying many niggaz are converting to islam lol, If I recall I said many rappers are converting to Islam, all the member of the outlawz are muslim now alhumduillah and so is Loon, may allah accept from us , may allah make us better then what the people think of us and forgive us of what the people dont know of us

  14. Ibraheem says:

    Hey napoleon, ramdam [mubarak].

    Many of the muslim youth in my communtiy look up to you, and I think if you could come and talk to us about islam, then you can help change many of the young muslims from the fast lives they’re beginning to have.
    I hope you can make time to show the youth someone who they should really look up to.

  15. zaynab freida says:

    Ay salaam alaykum Napoleon Ramadan Mubarak.!

    this is random but may i ask who pays for your flight man you travel like every country and i’ve never been out of london all my life (sad i know).

  16. sherjeel says:

    salam mutah how it goin? been a BIG fan of urs since day 1..just wanted to say mahsllah ur givin inspration speechs bro.. you should come to my mosque in the uk n give the youth a speech bro….

  17. MeL YuSoF says:

    Salam to Bro Mutah..recently,i’ve watch da interviews with LooN n urself, n other Muslim rappers..da reason y i mention dis is becoz im a fan of rap music myself..i get very emotional when i c a non muslim convert n da stories behind a 33 yrs old female Muslim born from South East mixed Indonesian/Arab..i would like 2 share wit u my recent experience n ima make it short..few mths ago,my heart was broken by someone(he’s African American) whom i luv with all my heart n soul..i thought we had understanding abt da religion issue b4 we even dated but at da last minute,he broke da news n change his mind abt converting 2,its not da converting thing dat broke my heart..its da long wait dat broke my heart..but i know dis is a punishment from Allah for da sins i brought upon myself,da prayers n da halal/haram dat i had ignored..i accept da punishment n i knew also dat Allah luvs me n gave me da chance to repent,alhamdulillah..i hv a lot more to say in here but i know dis is not a counselling center..but i would like to seek more advice/support n words of encouragement,so pls,do email me at ( also on (type MeL Y for my nicname)..u’ll see da real me der but pls,when u get 2 da site,dont judge me but pray 4 me,like i said,im still in da process of repenting..n lastly,insya allah,i would luv to pay a visit @ ur center..

  18. napoleon says:

    Salam alaikum jazakallah khair broher, I dont mind coming to your city inshaallah, thanks for the kind words but the youth should not look up to me as I’m in the same boat as the youth and thats striving to get closer to Allah, we have better people then me to look up to and thats Allah’a messenger and his companions, may allah make me better then what the people think of me and forgie me for what they dont know of me.

  19. mohamed says:

    al salamo alekom my brother .i swear my big brother i’m so happy coz u r muslim and all of outlowz . am mohamed from jeddah saudi arabai ramdan karem bro . man try to make more of ur friends and singer to be in islam .like u bro meet u in janah enshallah

  20. danzaki says:

    Ramadan kareem,

    am sorry 4 qoating u as saying many niggaz instead of rappers are becoming muslims, i stand corrected. am very happy to hear that all the outlawz are now muslim so also Loon, i will love to know his islamic names, and also the truth about M. Jackson.

    i will be hoping you will come to Africa, Nigeria and Kaduna City soon.

    Jazzakallahul hair

  21. danzaki says:

    bro mutah,

    kd, as kaduna is also known as, happen to be center for the northern/nigerian muslims. its also the state that has almost 50, 50% of both muslims and christians, at times it make it difficult to differentiat btw the 2, we luv u 2 come not thinking u ar a reknown scholar [as i know there are other known ullamah] but as an inspirational speaker and a motivator. [i am looking at the impact]

    visiting kd is lyk visiting the whole of nigeria if not west africa.


  22. ibrahim manzuma says:

    ramadan kareem bro mutah,

    i am ibrahim manzuma from kaduna state, nigeria, i was one of the die hard fans of 2pac and the outlaw immortals, the first time i heard u on the tape, i melted from the inside, both in fear and in joy. I always wondered where you guys vanished to, and now reappearing as bro mutah, I’m moved that all the outlawz are now muslims, how i wish Pac is still alive and go with this transformation. alhamdullilah, from ur speech around the world and that of australia i beleive this is exactly the kind of change that my peeps here need. I support the opinion of bro Musa that u should come on an african tour, if u are to come, nigeria and kaduna in particular are places that will bring an immeasurable impact to our youth.

    please if the brother can, he will be most welcome.


  23. Ramadan Mubarak,

    i am a nigerian, the brother happen to be one of those that were really touched by Allah,

    i am happy for u, the entire outlawz, Loon and other reverted rappers, i wish the breez of ritiousness will keep browing our brothers away, not only from the music industry but from all areas of shaidan especially in this blessed month of ramadan.

    here in nigeria we experience many converts when its ramadan. hope the trend will b same out there.

    may allah continue to guide us in doing good and denie us from doing any evil.

    some other time.

  24. ameenah says:

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wa barakatuh!
    i tell u wat pple,am completely blown away by all dis reverts.bin on ma system since noon watchn vids on completly awed an humbled by Allah’s magnificience.may we all b able 2 lead our lives strait in dis tyms of increased jahili practices,and hv our final abode in jannah insha’Allah.
    and ofcourse we do nid a bro mutah nd his lyks in nigeria………..a country were majority of d eldaly muslims practice wat i refer 2 as ‘cultural/traditional islam’ carryn many fetish stuffs along,nd d youth-teenagers,goofily becoming ‘gangstaz’ or d ‘happening’ such dat u cant tell dem apart from d kuffar.may allah continue 2 b our source of strent nd tranquility(aamin)
    wasalaamu alaikum.

  25. Okasha says:

    Assalamualaikum brother,

    Alhamdulillah that many rap artist are reverting to islam, we will keep praying that not only rap artist but artist from every field, in america and all over the world will understand the truth and see d light of islam. may all muslim understand the true islam and may we have the courage to be proud of our religion, anytime anywhere.

    i am also keen on this Micheal Jackson rumour, i will like anyone that get the real gist to tell us.

    i wish i could invite all my brothers and sisters for iftar at least once in this ramadan to Nigeria.

    ramadan kareem, ma assalam.

  26. Ibrahim Manzuma says:

    Good day,

    May Allah give us the strength to say no to the shaiyatin from what ever door they come bumping through and may Allah make it easy for us. Amin

  27. zahra says:

    Salam Aleikum brother Mutah. What you do is incredible mashallah, and may Allah reward you. You gave an amazing lecture two years ago at my university in south london, and mashallah since then you have inspired me a great deal to become a better muslim.

    I wanted to ask when you will next be coming to london and if you will be visiting any universities to give talks?

    Jezakallahu khair, salam aleikum

  28. Daud Mohamud says:

    Asalamy alaykum Brother mutah beale I would like to know when you are coming to west london and could you post it on your Facebook fan page because you came 3 times from which i am aware of but i found out after you have done your speech now i would love to attend in one of your speeches so if you`d be kind enough to make another date, I would also like to tell you about the area i live in. Where i live there is hardly any Mosque`s around so we rent the Community hall centre, everyone gives in for the next friday prayer i would like for you to come there and make your speech as there are a lot of lost young muslim brothers looking for a way. All they do at the moment is smoke weed and get high they go home in the morning when they`re parents go to work. I would like you to tell them about your life as they highly respect you and R.I.P. 2Pac

    Jazakallahu khair Asalamu alaykum

  29. Omar says:

    Assalamu ‘Alaikum Brother

  30. farhana says:

    assalamu alaikum,

    i am so happy after i have known about your cconversion. its so encouraging for the young generation.try yor best to invite others singers, Allah will be with you all the time.

  31. Shaan says:

    Salam alaikum brother mutah…
    First of all alhamdulliah your a Muslim brother and going through loads of lectures for youths in fact your a good reason bro you had loads bakina days..I don’t know how you made to this stage bro but I’m trying to get away from music but I just can’t do it don’t know y . I wish if I have a chance to meet you get some great advice and lol it’s just long as I was saying it’s really hard for me to leave music but u did been as a rapper need your advice please thank you..
    Shaan from tottenham,London

  32. mutah says:

    @ Shaan may Allah guide us and you and make us firm upon his religion

  33. UmmHabib says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
    Dear Brother,
    First of all, may Allah continue to bless you with iman and taqwa, and make heart more attach to Islam.
    I was searching the internet for something I could use for my son. When he was 14, i took him out of the west and he was in the company of the Habaib for about 4 years. He came back to the west to attend a college and changed for the worse. It saddened me greatly as he is now completely changed and his constant companion nowdays are his songs, rather than the praise of Allah. As for his prayer, i can no longer say whether he is praying or not. It suffice to say that whatever he learned in Tarim have touched his head, but not his heart. I am writing to ask for your help, if you could give him some advice by email ( i will send his email). JazakAllah Khair

  34. Kiki says:

    Assalaam aleykoom brother,

    Lookin forward for you to come in Belgium 9th jan.


    Ur sister

  35. Nasra says:

    Dear Napolean,
    im a 12 yr old girl i live in london and im a muslim but i find it hard to act like a good muslim girl because all my friends are christians. i try to act good but ive change soo much that my mums like she dont like me no more. my mums like really religious but i pray to god to be god but it aint happening. ive stopped praying and ive stopped reciting the quran and the worlds turned upside down for me. i really need help and im only writing to you so that i know that someone cares for me and they are willing to help me change so that god loves me again.
    i really loved your lectures on islam they make me feel so happy.
    im begging you please reply i gotta talk to you and i want you to make me a good muslim girl so that i go heaven.

    p.s inbox me on my email :


  36. Sister in Islam says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother Mutah. I pray that you are in the best of health and imaan in sha Allah. Everyday i feel like giving up and the oppression gets too much. At times i want to cry out loud but noone can hear me apart from Allah. I want nothing more than to die as a true muslim. Allah says He does not burden a soul more than it can bear- so why does it get so hard and i struggle everyday? I feel there is no justice in this world! Brother please email me a response so i can get some advice from you and explain? May Allah help us. JazakAllah khair

  37. mutah says:

    @ sister in Islam wa alaikum salam may Allah make us and you firm upon his deen, grant us patience and give us correct understanding of his religion and allow us to follow they way of the first 3 genertions of muslims

  38. david says:

    Hi napoleon my name is david and i am a revert, I really wanted to find out if tupac is alive because there are lots of therioes about him being alive hiding in cuba or something if you have any knowledge about him faking his death please pass it on.

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