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InshaAllah, in the future, we can use the same service to get Mutah to visit your city by getting enough sponsors for the event.

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2 Responses to “Group Discount”

  1. Abdullai adams says:

    Salam alaikum i’m a salafi muslim living in nigeria.i write poems touching various areas plus negative effects of music on the youth.i want to be part of your dawah inshallah pls reply me mutah.

  2. abdullai adams says:

    gang looting
    gang shooting
    kribs and bloods
    faking as thugs
    time changing
    tupac and biggie
    lost in the world
    time passing
    hiphop continues
    criminals bugging
    crimals thugging
    intoxication and fornication
    why i bug
    life’s simple
    a way thats pure
    sucess for sure

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