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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Mutah Napoleon on Twitter

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13 Responses to “Mutah Napoleon on Twitter”

  1. Mobi Mob says:

    i need muslim teachings and a lot of documentaries about Makaveli

  2. mutah says:

    @ Mobi hello to learn about islam please visit

  3. abubakar says:

    Mutah, I was once ur fan in outlwz n in islam i will always help u in propagation. my phone +2348065533399

  4. abubakar says:

    from nigeria

  5. elmi says:

    Salaam brother, I really like your talks masha Allah. Hope we meet again Insha Allah

  6. Mustafa says:

    Sellam Allejkum Mutah !

    I hope you are fine. I have a question about your traveling, When is the next time you coming to sweden ? I am a big fan of you and pac since ive been a little kid, Please answer me, Mutah.

  7. mutah says:

    @ mustafa wa alaikum salam brother not sure when I will travel next to sweden but if plans do come up we will post here on my siite thanks

  8. mutah says:

    @ elmi wa alaikum salam alhumdulillah shukran

  9. Amin says:

    a salamualalikum my brother mutah i am a teen who heard one of tupac shaukurs song a few years ago called “aint mad at cha ya” and he talks about a Muslim brother me and my friends though it was you he was talking about, but i was watching one of your videos documentaries recently and you said you became a Muslim after his death so what my question is,
    Who was that song aimed at?

  10. mutah says:

    @ amin wa alaikum salam that song wasnt about me as I wasnt muslims then, alhamdulillah for islam and that Allah guided us to his deen we ask Allah to keep us away from an eveil life of music, drugs and partying and keep us on his path

  11. Youssef says:

    As salam oualaikum Mutah!! just MashAllah. youssef from france.

  12. Youssef says:

    Mutah, your storie touche me. Qu’Allah puisse te pardonner (gharfirlik)

  13. chiekh says:

    Assalham aleyKkoum mutah, my name is cheikh i am a senegalens citizen(DAKAR) and i am a student from university of dakar.

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