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Mutah’s New Clothing Line

My new clothing line is coming out soon – – stay tuned for product info and the new website.

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30 Responses to “Mutah’s New Clothing Line”

  1. abdullai adams says:

    salam alaikum hey word up will ur clothes be available in africa

  2. napoleon says:

    walikum salam we will ship to africa if you order from the website inshaallah, the clothes will be available june 1 inshaallah

  3. luqmaan sidat says:

    salaam alaykum what is your price range of your t-shirts and jeans please?

  4. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam the shirts will be ready june 1 inshaalllah, prices and sizes will be available on the website soon inshaallah

  5. Matarr says:

    There is nothing greater than God, I am Matarr same as Mutah… am a born muslim from The Gambian in West part of Africa, but now am in UK just for 3 months studying, i pray everyday my 5 daily prayers..

    One thing am about to say is, am surprise that Mutah will be converted to Islam, because to be honest am one of Outlawz fan since the existing of 2pac, i can say 2pac is one of my best star the whole world, so i know more about outlaw and also Napoleon/ Mutah..

    Well Amham Ndulillaah Mutah is now a Good Muslim and able to covert others and even went to Hajj. Thats a really thankful to God… Anyway all the best and if you dont mind we can still link.
    From Matarr

  6. Abdirahman Ahmed/ Sharif says:

    Helo Mutah, asalamualeykum. I admire you so much since I came to know you when you had a beautiful or fine lecture at Belevue mosque and Jentorget folkets hus in Gothenburg Sweden. I mean, to have everything that one could dream in this world and leave all these for the sake of Allah is not an easy task. what a beautiful bro, you are bro. please inform when the clothes come out.

  7. luqmaan sidat says:

    salaams, brother mutah it is past june the first and the ‘shop’ option is not available on the website, has it been delayed??

  8. napoleon says:

    salam alikum, All praise to Allah my website for miim is up and running and T shirts are available for purchase online
    Thanks for the support

  9. Ally says:

    Asalamualaikum Napoloen

    Just watched your video you did on…from there found out about this website…and from here your clothes store lol. Anyway, was wondering whether you’d ship to Hungary? JazakAllah khair


  10. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam, yes we ship to any country inshaallah, if you click the country you want the shirts shipped to it will show you your shipping cost
    jazakallah khair

  11. hamam says:

    so mutah why dont you think of starting your own muslim nasheed group like native deen. it will be a big hit to all the muslim youths and at least it is something hallal.

  12. ubaida says:

    salamu aleikum br mutah
    what does the logo of your shirt represent or what does it mean?

  13. napoleon says:

    native deen deals with the duff, which is in instrument that islam only allow the women to play and hit, ibn taymiyah said in the time of the sahabas if they were to see another man playing the duff they would have thought that man to be feminine.

  14. Mahir says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum Akhee Napoleon, Na’am duff is haraam for men to play, and its only allowed for women at special times, akhi napoleon I found out that you were at our masjid in sweden subhanAllaah I missed you, inshaAllaah next time hehe, may Allaah grant you all the good in this life and next life ameen!

  15. a muslima says:

    salaam alykum brother i have seen many of your lectures and mashallah you are people many people jazzik allah khair.Brother i was wondering if you can recommend the best biography of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him so i can buy the book and if you can recommend some books that would be great thankyou jaazzik allah khair

  16. luqmaan sidat says:

    walaikum salam, i reccomend you to buy raheeq ul makhtoom (the sealed nectar) which is also available in english aswell, jazakallah

  17. kaleem says:

    brother mutah, the t-shirts look beautiful, especially the arabic art. my question is, when will they be available? as of 9th july i’m still not able to purchase the colthing.

  18. napoleon says:

    thank you brother, we launched the T shirts but as of now they are no longer available for purchase we will release the second design soon inshaallah

  19. Asslamaualaikum, make sure you have some sizes for the big bros!

  20. AbuHudayfaAlMaghribi says:

    As salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatuLAH.
    I’m Maroccan who’s born in france,so please excuse my english !
    I learn english with you and tupac…

    Jeans are (for me)not a good idea they are too tight for muslims.
    I love you my brother.
    May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala guids us all.


  21. Assalmaualaikum abuhudayfa:

    Jeans dont have to be tight fitting my brother. Its how you wear them. My jeans are quite lose, baggy even.

  22. suleman says:

    salam alai kum brother Mutah

    I love you for the sake of Allah. i just wanted to ask is the arabic script on your t-shirts say “Allah and Muhammed” on them. If so brother I think a lot of people would need to take great care of them and not just throw them on the floor when it comes to washing the clothing. Also it would be inappropriate if they were to enter the toilet with them on and would perhaps need to have wudu to even wear them.

    Just a thought as we are dealing with Allah and the prophets name on clothing.

    Jazakhallah khair

    Reply >>>>> We have since put that on hold and destroying the old shirts. It was an oversight.


  23. napoleon says:

    may the one you love me for love you, yes brother the shirts does say allah and this is the reason why I stop selling them, I wasnt involve with the printing of the shirt and didnt see the design on the shirt clearly until after they were printed, once I saw that it has allah written on them I stop selling the shirts instantly and sent a refund to those who ordered online, we will launch the second design soon and I will be more carefull next time inshaallah

  24. rehan says:

    I was just wondering if I could still order the shirts with Allah(swt) written on them. Of course we have to take care wearing those shirts, but it is a very good chance for da’wah, especially at school when people notice you have a cool shirt on and they become interested. If you would allow me to buy one, please let me know. I can be reached my the email provided.


    ps. I am the one talking to abu abdullah about coming to my university in october to speak iA

  25. Abdulrahman says:

    I do not know what to say man…………………. But I want to be one of your friends………… can you tell me please when will be your next visit to Saudi Arabia?
    Can you give me you mobile number, that’s if you do not mind brother

  26. jasmine spellman hutchins says:

    as salaamu alaikum mutah wasin beale insha’allah hit me up…..i.m.u. ur sis jas

  27. nessi says:

    Salaam alaykum brother.

    i saw you at heathrow airport today.
    I was shocked and it kind of blew me away.
    i just wishd my stupid camera wasn’t broken so i cuda got a picture.
    i’ve been following your path and feel your a real inspiration,
    After seeing you i got kind of emotional as your a legend in your own right in the game and not just cuz of pac.
    i admire the change you’ve made and your deen is very strong.
    i think you have a real presence about you and that’s what made me reach out to you in the airport.
    not everyone’s got that and it’s imortant in a leader as you well know.
    i haven’t been on your website for a while and can’t believe i’ve missed your speeches yet agian.
    anyway good looking out brother inshallah i’ll catch you soon and ramadan kareem.


  28. Bedr says:

    Salamu alaykum brother Mutah

    I hope those shirts start selling again, I want one! Arabic looks so beautiful…
    The khalefah Umar bin al kat’ab, I heard, used to have a ring that read “كفا بالموت واعضا” which means, “Death is sufficient for remembrance” or remembering death alone is sufficient to make one fear Allah; that is a good slogan for a shirt! 😉


  29. luqmaan sidat says:

    mashallah, keep up tha good work brotha..

  30. HARUN MOHAMMED says:

    brother i have just found out that u have ur own channel

    and that you keep showing the same episode again and again

    other than that i think it is a very good channel.

    and brother please reply as soon as posible inshALLAH.


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