Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Miism Clothing new company by Mutah Napoleon Beale

Miism Clothing is a brand started by Mutah Beale formerly known as Napoleon from the famous rap group The Outlawz put together by the Late Rap Star 2pac Shakur.

Napoleon appeared on over 40 million record sales and after many years of experience in the entertainment and clothing business Mutah Napolen Beale decided to continue his love for fashion by introducing the world to Miism Clothing!

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7 Responses to “Miism Clothing new company by Mutah Napoleon Beale”

  1. bushra says:


    what does miism stand for?

  2. mutah says:

    @ Bushra Muslim Identity is something major

  3. Abdulhakeem says:

    Brother in islam i like may Allah reward u wil aljannah…ameen.

  4. keep the good work up may Allah reward you

  5. Fendi says:

    Syukur Alhamdulillah for making this possible Mr Mutah. May Allah bless you for your contribution.

  6. Lorenzo Gibson says:

    Any possible visits or motivational speeches in the Caribbean in the future? The Bahamas to be exact.When you use to rap in the past your music created alot of what you may call thugs or outlawz. In the Bahamas the majority of the outlawz & Tupac’s fans actually lived & did most of the things that was said on most of your albums. I’m most joyus to see & know that you’ve found a positive life in Islam & ALLAH as your guidance & protector. Most of our youths are behind bars murders are out of control to be honest with you robbery gang violence alcohol & drug abuse prostitution is at its all time high. If you could visit and speak & motivate us I think many will except this religion you could shed some light on the religion & also encourage most of our people to do positive things & I’m sure most of them would want to except this religion. You see we live around people that call themselves Christians and still committing various sins. Some of our women don’t respect their own selves and some of our brothers are misguided out of control and are lack of religion in their lives. In the Past most of us knew who you were and today you could make a big impact as to changing Bahamians lives by who you have become today.

  7. mutah says:

    @ lorenzom it will be my honor to come to bahamas please email the brothers to arrange it thanks

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