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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Mutah's Documentary Life Of An Outlaw

In The Name Of Allah The Most Mercifull The compassionate

I want to thank every one who supported my up and coming documentary Life Of An Outlaw.

We will release the documentary end of this year Insha Allah (God Willing) but we are now hosting screenings of the documentary through out major cites world wide if you will like to set up a screening of my documentary in your city please contact admin at


Mutah Napoleon Beale

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10 Responses to “Mutah's Documentary Life Of An Outlaw”

  1. craig morrison says:

    im glad your documentary is set for a release and i look forward to catching it
    keep up the gud work mu and hope all is well

  2. Maryam says:

    ASALAM ALYKUM, I am Nigerian, and i watched an interview of you on the deens show on islam channel and mashallah i was inspired, due to this i inshallah wants to write an article about how you converted to islam, because i feel you story is very inspiring especially for youths of today that have found themselves entangled in drugs, alcohol. i would inshallad be grateful if you could help me in this article , about your journey to islam . jazakumlah khayran

  3. Ummu Yahia says:


    assalamu ‘alaikum

    dear brother in Allah, i was a rapper in the past ,i recorded a cd in Spain. I have tears in my heart , so happy for you and me and all kufar that Allah ta’ala gave them the islam ,Allahu akbar ar Rahman has given us nur, light in this life , in the past how many bad situations and big sin we have seen, and did, and how many people i left, continue in this bad life this dirty life , that s very sad very sad……

    Allah is the beauty , alhamdulillah that He guide us to the only truth in this life, the pure islam, minhadj al haqq

    A have a question, does the documentary be translated into spanish?, there is a lot of young people here in spain listen to rap music and imitating famous rappers, this could be a good dawa for them , bidnillah.

    may Allah ta’ala preserve us and make us die in tawhid

    assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah

  4. Kamarul says:

    From Malaysia ;


    I envy you and at the same time I’m proud of you. Wish you all the best and be strong. Doing the works for Allah there are many and will be obstacles, just remember Rasulullah and all the Sahabats and insyallah, Allah will be there.

  5. mutah says:

    @ ummu yahia walaikum salam may Allah make us all firm upon his deen yes spanish is one of the languages we will translate the dvd into Insha Allah

  6. Karima says:

    Salaam a’laikoem,

    I want to ask if the documantary ”life of an outlaw” can be seen here in Holland. Because I live here.

    Walaikoem Salaam,


  7. mutah says:

    @ Karima my documentary will be release online and available world wide insha Allah visit our site

  8. Abubakar says:

    abubakar form nigeria we are waiting

  9. Semih says:

    Salamu aleykum …
    Mutah brother, I´m really wondering about the current status of the release date of your great Documentary Film.
    I´m after this for more than 2 years now and am really sad it has not been released yet. Though I know almost everything about you and your past, I will love to watch it and especially show it to my friends over here in Germany (as to me, I´m Turkish).

    I think a lot of people would be happy to know an approximate release date. The best would be to get more information on your website directly.

    Well, let´s see and hope you can let us know some more Insha`Allah.

    SelamuAleykum brother… yours sincerely Semih

  10. mutah says:

    @semih wa alaikum salam the documentary will be release soon thanks for your patience and support

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