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Thanks for the support

In The Name Of Allah The Most Merciful The Benificent. Its been a while since I posted on my website or replied to comments. I want to first apologize for not responding to your comments, as I been very busy the past few months.  I recently moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where im working with  A dawah center in Riyahd trying to be a benifit to myself first and then to others. I ask Allah to make me a better then what the people think of me and forgive me my sins  and what the people dont know of me. I been keeping up with my website along with my admin I read and approved  all  comments myself  personally. So once again I would like to thank you all for the support for visiting my website and the prayers you made  for me and my family.

Mutah Beale

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  1. Jassim Al-Balooshi says:

    All praise is due to ALLAH alone and blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah Muhammad.

    Assalaamualykum Brother Mutah.

    So you moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, iz it permanent?

  2. mutah says:

    @ Jasim walaikum salam yes Im in Saudi Alhumdulillah

  3. Sonia says:

    it’s my pleasure! thanks to you for showing the right way and encouraging the islamic business,our community needs solidarity in the business even if we can’t trust everybody today, some of our muslim brothers included. Thanks again for encouraging us this way. Salam aleikum

  4. Jassim Al-Balooshi says:

    mutah, i was wondring, iz MIIM store ( still open? so we can shop online?

  5. Andrew says:

    Wow! Did you really move to Saudi Arabia? Any thoughts of moving back to the US? I read the good news of your sons surgery. How is he doing?

  6. Aroosa says:

    Salam Bro Mutah.

    ‘m an 18 year old Muslim sister living in the UK(Birmingham) and after years of being a delinquent yet Muslim, my eyes have opened and have turned graciously back to the truth of Islam Mashallah, adapting the head scarf and various other activities of Islam including Salah. Ive always loved hip-hop music, Tupac Shakur my favourite rapper of all time, and I am so amazed how you have turned your back on the music industry and rejuvenated yourself into an amazing persona..I watch all your motivational speeches on You Tube!!
    From reading your post, you have moved to Saudi Arabia, but I was wondering whether you could come to Birmingham in England to speak at a Mosque? I think the youth today, we’re all have a popular rap icon come to one of our mosques to speak about his life will be an inspiration for all, let alone teenagers! Please can you get back to me about whether this is possible in the near future reply to this comment?

    Kind Regards, Aroosa.

  7. mutah says:

    @ aroosa walaikum salam please send your request to

  8. Tahir Abid says:

    napoleon salam just one question why dont you become a Hafiz at least in this way you can honur your parents in the here after as they wuld of crowns on their head

  9. Elias says:

    Assalamualaikum Bother Mutah,

    I happen to stumble upon you interview with The Deen Show, from there I came to your site. I am a muslim brother, born as one however your interview on youtube, masyallah has strengthen my faith in Islam further.

    Surfed to your website and read a few journals and happen to read about your son Muhammad and hope he is now better. May allah protect him and nurture him.

    You have inspired me with your conviction in Islam and your past on how as mere human being, we tend to take life for granted. Would like to say thank you for your advises and life example of a muslim. May Allah bless you and your family, the help, advises you have shared openly across WWW will benefit other muslim or non muslim who are searching for the path of truth.

    Assalamualaikum brother.

  10. mazen says:

    is dere any lectures by you in jeddah?
    please let me know becuase i wanna attend it
    forgive my weak language becuase Im not good enough in english
    جزاك الله خير

  11. mutah says:

    @ Mazen walaikum salam as of now I have no lectures in jeddah will post on my site once I do Insha Allah


  12. Anwar says:

    Asalamu alaykom my brother Mutah,

    First off, I am very happy that Allah (SWT) has helped you and your family.

    I am a seventeen years old boy and I came here to this site for answers. I came here for help and motivation to be a better person in life and a better muslim. I came here to get closer to the truth, even though I am a muslim already.It’s not that I am doubting about the Islam, no… I truly believe in Allah and the prophet Muhammad as the final messenger peace be upon him.

    I live in Europe, and as you know, especially at this time and at this age.. it’s very hard to stay on the right path. I have been listening to Hip Hop my whole life and so I still do, for example to your music and pac’s music. I refuse to go to parties, refuse to drink and to use drugs. But I live in a hood among many bad boys, among bad people who do wrong things/haraam issues. Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself away from them if you know what I mean, I try to do my best and I pray to Allah for help to get closer to him.

    Due to the mainstream, television, movies and all that stuff it is very hard for us (the youth). I don’t want to listen to haraam music anymore, I don’t want to be attracted by girls and do haraam things. I want to get closer to Allah, I know Islam is the truth! But as I said, it is hard at this time and and at this place.

    Please my brother Mutah, can you give me advises to keep myself away from the bad things and the bad people. To be a better person, a better muslim and to get more closer to Allah (SWT). I hope you will read this and respond to me. By the way, I am very proud and happy that you have converted to islam.

    Assalamualaikum my big brother,


  13. mutah says:

    @ Anwar salam alaikum brother May Allah make our and your affairs better, first of all brother we all have our short comings starting with my self first I ask Allah to forgive me and you. Brother its very important to have friends who can aid you in get closer to Allah The Prophet said man is on the religion of his friends so chose your friends wisely. You should start off by asking Allah to forgive you as he is the Most mercifull and continue to make dua and ask him to guide us to the straight path. No matter how many times we slip we should never get tired of asking Allah to forgive us and after we should strive to stay away from commiting that sin again but if we slip back we continue to do towbah. Try to find the brothers who are upon the sunnah in your city who follow islam with the understanding of the sahaba. I ask Allah to forgive me and you and to make us firm upon his religion.

  14. Anwar says:

    @ mutah Ameen brother, thank you very much for your quick response and for your understanding. Thank you for your wise words and I hope Incha’Allah that we all can make the best of it. Islam Sunnah is Peace and Love.

    Take care brother.

  15. dawod says:

    please come to hyderabad india ,

  16. Zamakhshari says:

    Assalamualaikum brother.

    Only just now i know that u already have been my muslim brother,patience is the most beautiful thing to have when we face bumpy road..u know what i mean..just a little thought to share..i am from Malaysia

    Zamakhshari bin Harun

  17. Tufael says:

    Hi, I would just like to say congratulations on moving to te holy lands! my father has completed Hajj recently.

    May Allah bless you dear brother and I wish you good luck on your further travels.

  18. Abu Anas says:

    May Allah make it easy for you. Subhanallah Allah is great.

  19. Abdulqadir Haro says:

    Asalam alaykum wrwb akuna Mutah.
    First and foremost may Allah reward you for all you work inshallah.
    My question is since you moved to Saudi are you still able to do talks in the states?

  20. mutah says:

    @Abdurqadir walikum salam insha Allah

  21. safiya says:

    asalmin alaikum brother mutah.. i am very happy… for you to change and may allah guide us all to the right path inshallah… and may allah reward for all your work inshallah…

    i am a young muslim girl who lives in canada.. i am 18 years old and i left my mom because due to the love i had for someone.. and today i am here because i need help to get the person i love to tthe right path.. i am pregnant for him for almost 8 months now…he is one of those people who are into money and cars and houses and girls only.. but he doesnt know something is missing in his life.. he always says why arent i happy? i try to help him but at the same time i am scared of him.. mashalah he is a muslim but.. he just doesnt follow it.. he is alcoholic… into haram money and into alot of haram things… once my self i used to be like that when i left my moms house i went wild.. started drinking and all that kind of new life but noew aafter i got pregnant i realize.. one day i will die.. and nobody knows what day that will be except allah (SWT) alhamdulilah i came back to my right path.. right now i am so happy of my life… alot of people tried to help me by advising me that he is not a good guy…but i loved him so much that i didnt listen to those people… and now look at me i am here almost 8 months pregnant.. he said he accepts to get nikaah( marriege) with me but he seems like he is not ready for it honestly he is into the life that you ran away from but he doesnt understand… the most thing i have problem with is right now that he is alcoholic and i dont know how to stop him from drinking… alot of people are making dua for him and his mom took him to alot of shiekhs to read quran on him but that doesnt seem to help… his mom said that there is a huge shaytan in him that will never go away.. i dont understand what she means by that….
    every night i cry myself to sleep… because i miss my mother and now she doesnt want me back anymore … she just doesnt understand that nobody is perfect in this world… when i realized that i needed her in my life ( somethings happen to me after i left my mom.. like sickness that i never got in my life.. and i cant share on this comment) and i apologized her.. asked her for fogivness and just for her to be happy for me but she didnt accepted.. as i am writing this tears running down my eyes….. i am lost.. i am stuck… i dont have nobody.. just his mom tries tto help me… …i always wished i could go back to my mom but i cant now i dont know what to do

    brother mutah could you please advise me of what to do and how to help him pllease …

    reply me as soon as you can please and thank you

    aslamu aliakum wr wb brother

  22. Bushra says:

    Salaam brother Mutah

    Firstly, apologies for eating ur cake 😉 it wasnt our fault, a brother offered it to us..we didnt know it was urs =) It was delicious by the way

    I was there in the speech you did at salford uni. It was fab, i didnt know u had such a good sense of humour.

    I’ve watched most of ur speeches on youtube. (im not very religious i.e. i dont pray regularly) The first one i ever watched made me start praying salah 5 times a day.

    I heard u was in oldham, UK, a couple of months ago…gutted that i missed it. Henceforth we would like to know where we could find your ‘tourdate’ information.

    Peace in the middle east 😉

    PS. we are not stalkers, we just happen to be fans =)
    You are fully obliged not to reply if you wish

  23. mutah says:

    @ safiya may Allah make it easy for you never give up turning to Allah in repentance and then strive to be up right, I know some brothers in toronto who can put you in contact with some sisters to try to help you Insha Allah

  24. Xoz says:

    Salam brother Mutah. What you have done (Turning your back to the wrong music industry) is indeed a very inspirative decision. Infact sometimes when I have difficulties to turn my back to haram I always motivate myself by remembering what you have turned away from, that gives me the strength.

    May Allah reward you and your family for that. May Allah grant you and your family with Jannah. May Allah give you the strength to overcome temptations… AMIN

  25. khaled says:

    can u bring Napoleon: Life Of An Outlaw documentary movie to india hyderabad ???

  26. Ahmed says:

    Assalamu alykum
    brother i was wondering if you are organizing a group to make umrah one again
    this year? If you are pls leave us the details in your website. Jazzallahu khair

  27. mutah says:

    @ Ahmed walaikum salam no im not brother but their are many other masajid through out us and uk that organize umrah trips

  28. Mohammad says:

    Asalaam Alilkum Brother Mutah I Just visit Your Web Site and I love You On Islam Brother

    Take Care Brother

    جزاك الله خيراً

  29. Sister says:

    Asalamu Aleikum Brother Mutah!

    Im very glad for u, that u belive in Allah and in Islam.
    You’r video’s and movie’s are very touching.

    I feelt like that I’m more close to Allah, when I heard your speeches.. Thank you very much, by the way!

    Keep working with to tell young and other people about your life and the life before you converted to Islam. You do a very good job! And like I said, it’s very touching.

    I hope one day you and your famous speeches come to Norway .. One day!

    Allah will forgive u, Insha Allah!

  30. Sum1 says:

    Aslamualaykum Brother..

    Yo im AMAZED. I swearr downn.. i cant beilive YOUU, Mashallahh you have inspiredd me.. instead of going outt and getting highh with my bejrinss i comee home and wotch ur VIDZZZ. i NOOWWW tupac was a muslim, real talkk you know about 3 mason initt.. have you wotched the arrivals? u must know whyy 2pac and biggi got shott.. i think kus one of them tryed leaving the 3 mason.

    Im 16 yearss old, havnt been a good muslim.. but you defo inspiredd mee.. its hardd livingg onn the roadss in londonn still.. making moneyy is whats happening on eveerryyyyroadd. I wass wonderingg if u cann kum 2 mosquee in east londonn? n talkkk.. i swearr too uu people would CHANGEE. I wantt ma galz 2 understandd too.
    1LOVE. x

  31. pedro says:

    i am 27 year old male from manchester uk. i grew up like most kids in the poor estates in gangs on corners and done nothing but sin most of my life. from a broken home me and my brother grew up on the streets so i aint eva found no god or religion just power in brother died last year and now i feel like i’m now lost in the darkness and feel i need stop and take hold of myself but i dont where to start i just want to no where you started and how you knew where to turn cos right now i dont see salvation anywhere

  32. mutah says:

    @ Pedro trust me I feel your pain as I was in a similar situation as you, please check out this website because the only way out of a situation like yours is to return back to the one who created us and submit to him. As Allah (God) knows us better then we know our own selves because he created us that being said he knows whats best for us in how we should live our lives.

  33. mutah says:

    @ Sum may Allah make me better and forgive me Allah is the Most mercifull and he will forgive us if we repent to him sincerely no one is perfect we all make mistakes and have our short comings as the Prophet said every son of Adam is a sinner but those who are best amongst the sinners are those who repent. May Allah make us amongst those who constantly turn to him with a remorsfull heart.

  34. pedro says:

    i took your advice man and the site has opend my mind to a few things i never knew or even realy thought about before. some of the stories incluiding yours opend my mind to things i never thought about eva. you said you know when god whants you to do something but i just aint feel’n it am still just as lost. i think them hell fires are callin me
    thanks for the help anyway good luck in all your doing peace & love bro

  35. Bint Hussien says:

    حفطك الله و بثبتك الله ويرعاك

  36. havrist says:

    i swear am so so so so happy you became muslim i just want to find you and hug you for 1 hour lol

  37. Abdulwahab says:

    Assalamu Alaikum brother Mutah .How r u ? Hope you will be fine by the grace of Allah .Brother i want to know were you work ?in which dawah center? Because i want to meet you if u could .I am very thankfull to you for giving me of your precious time by reading my comment . May ALLAH bless you and all muslims with his rahmaaa and JANNAT ALNAEEM AMEEEN .

  38. Waqar says:

    essalamoe ‘aleykoem mutah, i have a question. In the trailer of Life of an outlaw, does H Ryda say “Worship me alone homie”??

  39. mutah says:

    @ waqar no

  40. Salam Brother
    My name is Murat and i am from Chechnya.
    I was born on 8 april 1995 and when i was 5 months old my father died because he was shout down
    but now im lives with my mother and sister in switzerland
    i am a moslem and i am one of the biggest fan of tupac
    i speak german, lil bit english , russian and chechenian
    my biggest dream is to see one of the outlaw one time bevor i diie
    can you remember you? when you was young and you ain`t had money
    pac had pitty with you and helped you?
    Please Mutah can you fulfill my one big wish?

  41. Ahmad says:

    Mutah please i want to see you. I live in the united states but go back home every summer. Please contact me. Please reply me.

  42. waqar says:

    essalamoe ‘aleykoem brother mutah, you came to the netherlands in 2011?? I just saw video on youtube hehe, i follow you on facebook but you did not mention it there? well are you coming to netherlands in the future inscha Allah?

  43. Mohammed says:

    Salamalakom, Theres something bothering me if you could help id really appreciate it, I keep getttingg doubts about the prophet and the quran stakferallah and other things got to do wif islam ive believed in islam my hole life but as soon as i started gettin religous ive started getting doubts do you know anything about this?

  44. mutah says:

    walaikum salam brother Muhammad may Allah remove your doubts and make us and you firm upom Islam, seek refuge with Allah from this and we should continue to lear Islam and and more about Allah names and attributes the more we know our religion and our Lord the more we can worship him , fear him and love him, Islam is the truth sent by our Lord and spread on the tongue of all tje Prophets and messengers starting from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and ending with Muhammad may Peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them.

  45. Rebz says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    You’ve really inspired a lot of people. Not everyone is perfect and ofcource people are going to have things in their past that they move on from. AlhamdoAllah we are forgiven when seeking assistance from Allah though.
    May Allah bless you and your family. You should post pictures from your move of the beautiful city!

  46. Ahmed essm (egypt) says:

    Alsalam alykom,
    I knew you Just today & i can’t say but masha’a-Allah
    your face really Increased brightening… I know I’m late but congratulations
    insha’a-Allah protect you for Islam .
    thank you

  47. mutah says:

    @ Ahmed may Allah make us all better shukran

  48. Ayman says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi. I met you in Houston for the 2nd time when you premiered your documentary. I was riding with the akh, Tameem, when he picked you up from the hotel. I am trying to make the transition to Saudiyyah myself next year. What is the name of the dawah center you work? Maybe you could e-mail some info on working there or places I could teach English @ in Riyadh, insha’Allah.

  49. mutah says:

    @ ayman wa alaikum salam brother alhamdulillah yes teaching english is an easy way to get here to saudiya may Allah make it easy for you, the dawah center I work for in riyadh are not hiring right now as I tried to speak to them for one of our dear brothers in usa who is also a talibul ilm the dawah center run mostly off of donations say as of right now they said they cant do it but like i mentioned the english teaching way is much easier may Allah make it easy for you, give my salams to tameem

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