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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Host a Screening Of Mutah’s documentary Life Of An Outlaw!

Salam alaikum/Hello,

Screenings of Life Of An Outlaw begin November 1st, 2010, and dates are organized upon first come first serve basis. For special requests, and or to book other member’s of the Cast or Crew (ie: Director, Interviewees etc..), please notify us and we can work to accommodate your goals. If you are interested in moving forward, please let us know so we can secure a date and we look forward to bring Napoleon: Life Of An Outlaw to your city.

This is a good way for organization fundraising (through tickets sales) or simply to bring youth to your events.

Details of cost can be discussed, if you are serious.

– Napoleon Project Team

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7 Responses to “Host a Screening Of Mutah’s documentary Life Of An Outlaw!”

  1. Gerard says:

    hello napoleon, im gerard from ireland, mixed race and a roman catholic, i am not a devout i do not practice the religion due to the fact that i believe all major religions have a degree of truth and and some words written by man which has been exagerated, i happy you found peace with your religion im an advid tupac( prob border line nut) fan and outlaw fan. but wat i need is guidence i want to learn more about islam and other religions as im catholic i ve have my share of christian religions and since my skin is brown people assume me as been a muslim anyways so i at least wanna know about it, so can you help me find out where to begive readin the quran? knowledge is the key 360 constantly searching for more info, thanks look forward to hearing from you, hasam malacam,

  2. ahmad says:

    brother mutah, assalamu alaykum.. i hope u’ll come to the netherlands mate, did you plan something to come to the netherlands insha allah?

  3. Ali says:

    As salamu Alykum:) Subhanallah I am in NYC watching your interview on the deen show and kept saying to myself “I wish I can get him to NYC”. I log on to the website, and here, subhanallah I see your post. Brother, barak allahu feek for all of your efforts. I am a college student in NYC is insha’allah trying to set up more events fore the colleges in NYC. About a few months ago I had Amir Juhadith (loon). I would really love to have you and the others. Please inshaa’allah get back to try to work something out. I was wondering if you and the project team can fly out here. I will try my best to cover the cost and pay you all as I did with Amir. my cell phone number is 646.918.4448 jazakallah kair:)

  4. Yara says:

    Salam alaikum
    It would be AWESOME if you can come 2 Riyadh
    i would love 2 meet you and learn from you.
    you are truly an inspiration =]
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz come to Riyadh ???

  5. Muhammad Chengez Zehri says:

    A.O.A brother Mutah, if you are planning or you want to come to pakistan karachi,please let me know so i can arrange your trip by the grace of Allah! you are and will be a great effect for the people and specially for the youth here!
    Allah Hafiz
    May Allah give your son Muhammad good health and protection along with all our children, Ameen.

  6. Dima says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Brother Mutah was in Sydney on Saturday and we all had the chance to be the first ones to watch his documentary film. Very well done mashAllah and subhanAllah, things always happen for a reason and that is proven in the documentary.

    I would just like to thank Bro Mutah for coming down to Sydney and would like to say may Allah swt reward him and all those who helped him with the make of this film, ameen thumma ameen!

    Looking forward to you coming back to Sydney, yet once again inshAllah!

    Fi Amanillah Akhi.

    Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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