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Mutah Documentary Project

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8 Responses to “Mutah Documentary Project”

  1. As Salaamu Alaiykum wa Rahmatullah

    please tell us more info about this. its not going to be like the Biggie film is it? (you looking for extras?) lol, joking. on the real though, your trips to Saudi, expand upon that & let the muslims hear the contrast & goodness that the muslim land brings. for many, umrah is a trip to pakistan, sri lanka, morocco etc, but many forget that the 5th Pillar of Islam is to do Hajj (or the lesser hajj, umrah, to the House of Allah).

    masha’Allah may all your projects be succesfull, Ameen. oh, i dont know if you have seen it, but check out “Islam – Africa to America” (1-8 videos) & “Christmas UnWrapped – The History of Christmas” (1-5 videos).

    insha’Allah hope to see you soon in the UK.

    Abdullah Broomes, Reading (Reding) Berkshire. (the brother that gave you the attar in Slough).

    oh, insha’Allah bring some Kicking It With The Youth on your next trip…

  2. Tariq says:

    Inshallah. your project wil be successful and is there a specific way we can show our support?

  3. nisshoami says:

    asalamualik ya akh fillah

    the only thing bothers me is that there are too many solid images of people on your page which prevents me to share the links with others.

    could you share with the ruling of puting such pictures on line for da’wah or other than this purpose, as i do believe you would not do a thing except with knowledge.

    kindly share the ruling, so i feel free to share with others.

    jazak allahu khayran


  4. Yusuf says:

    If you check the Shaykh’s Fatwa at the top of the page, you can read a fatwa specifically regarding this project…

  5. nisshoami says:


    jazak allahu khayran for referring me to the fatwa, i read it in full.

    however, shaykh was only informed of DVD issue and i knew it s ruling from before.

    i am not talking about video, but the motionless pictures – solid pictures of people, that is the logo of the site and also the facebook.

    what’s the ruling on it? could you share with me?


  6. napoleon says:

    Salam alaikum when the sheik was asked about me doing the dvd , he was also asked about using photos, The questioner told the sheik that its numerous photos of me online, in magazines and on record covers etc before I was a muslim and sometimes people take pictures of me without my knowledge and is using these photos, the sheik said being that these photos of me is being used in magazines already, on the internet, records etc then I can use these photos as they are already being used. Jazakallah khair

  7. nisshoami says:

    walik asalam akh fillah
    jazak allahu khayran for this clarification. i greatly appreciate it.


  8. Usman says:

    asalaam walaikum
    Wow the Mutah Documentary Project page lucks really good. it will attract so many people that is fantastic. keep up the good work. my support is with you all the way. i want to ask you as you have produced many songs in the past, regarding the positive ones that had no cus words or any of that sort is there any acapella or such like out there? thank you so much for your time, , nuff respect to you, May Allah help us all to be better people.

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