Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Mutah will be in UAE and Saudi Arabia August20 to september1 Insha Allah

If you would like to book him please email

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7 Responses to “Mutah will be in UAE and Saudi Arabia August20 to september1 Insha Allah”

  1. ahmad says:

    assalamu alaykum mutah, when will you come to the netherlands insha allah?

  2. Ismail says:

    salam alikom, any idea in which are will he be in Saudi Arabia? Makkah? is Mutah planning to visit other cities, such as Dammam?
    and which dates will Mutah be in UAE?

  3. adel west says:

    salam alikom,brother mutah u will visit jeddah or makkah but which day u will visit makkah because i won to meetu in jeddah and makkah ,,,,,

  4. al houssein diallo says:

    salam alikom brother

  5. Shafique says:

    Assalaamoe Alaikoem Mutah

    AlgamduLillah. Just saw your video on the deen show. I am a South African working in Al-Hasa in the eastern province in Saudi Arabia. I am also doing Dawah on a voluntary basis. Since you will be in Saudi Arabia could you inform me about dates and location and your itenary. Would like to meet you InshaAllah and if possible you could give a talk to Muslims and none Muslims here InshaAllah.
    Awaiting your response InshaAllah.

    Mogamat Shafique Fakier

  6. Ahmed Fadlallah says:

    It was so pleased to make your acquaintance in Al Ain tonight brother Mutah and I pray to allah that your path will always be filled with light as you continue your journey. Hope to see you soon brother.

    Assalamu alykum

    Ahmed from Minnesota

  7. ALIYAH MUSAH says:

    Masha Allah Masha Allah Masha Allah!Allahuakbar!Salam my Brother in islam.i watched your interview only last night and i must say i watched it 3times before i went to bed eventhough i will be at work the next morning.i am so blessed to be alive today to see this amazing video on the Deenshow.My name is Aliyah from Ghana,west africa and i used to be a great fun of Tupac and the outlawz.i loved your music a lot(i must say i still do though i hardly listen to music these days.).i was so overjoyed to see this great transformation in your life,i had goose bumps whilst watching,i even shed tears.i love you Mutah and may Allah continue to reward the man that brought this great transition.God bless you abundantly and continue to guide you and protect you.If you have to visit africa,consider visiting Ghana,there are lots of the muslim youth who are a BIG fun of Tupac and the outlawz and i believe insha Allah,your dawah will have great impact on them(on us all).Assalamu alykum Brother


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