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UK Tour for Feb 2009

Assalam alaikum,

Click here for Brother Mutah’s tour schedule in the UK for Feb 2009.

When he comes back, in-sha-Allah, he’ll have a new session of Kickin’ It With The Youth, so stay tuned to the mailing list updates.

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23 Responses to “UK Tour for Feb 2009”

  1. Tariq says:


    i’ve checked your schedule for your tour in the UK. Unfortunately i don’t think i will be able to make it. But Inshallah i will try.


  2. Ghulam Bashir says:

    salaam, my names ghulam bashir, and i am media student at blackburn college. i have been looking at your tour dates for february and it is very interesting, that you are coming to blackburn mosque Masjid al-Hidayah, 22/36 Whalley Street. As part of my college project I am required to make a short film/ interview. As i have been moved and affected by your life I was wondering if you could possibly give me about 15/20 mins of your valuable time to film you. what i want to do is to film you in a private area in the mosque, and just ask you some basic and simple questions about your life, please could you reply to me as soon as possible, so i could make arrangements with the college..jazakallah

    Brother Bashir

  3. El Afrite says:

    salam alaikoum brotha mutah beale
    i’m happy to have find this web site
    i’m a french muslim and sorry my english is tired
    but i would like to say that i follow ur career since dramacydal period till the makaveli period and when i see how u become right now i say : Allah U Akbar !!
    i hope we gonna see u in france inch’allah, please continue what you doing for the youth we need brother like you really.
    i have so many thing to say but i can’t find the words lol

    wa salam brother

  4. Umar says:


    ur talk in hounslow mosque was really good and inshallah will be looking forward for ur talk on friday at kingston university!


  5. Amina says:

    Brother Mutah,
    Asalamu Alaikum brother islam i congratulate you for joining our ummah and may allah bless you with his mercy.
    Brother i have checked out your timetable and i will inshallah be attending your lecture in London (Hayes).

    Keep Up the good work brother i will make du’a for you and you for the great work your doing and being a youth myself i can tell you that your breathtaking speeches made me think and reflect so ishallah make du’a for me

    Jazakalah Khairun

  6. admin says:

    The University of Birmingham (UK), Somali Society are proud to present: Mutah Shabazz Beale AKA Napoleon

    Time and Place Date: 23 February 2009
    Time: 17:00 – 19:00
    Location: University of Birmingham, University Main Centre, Avon Room
    Town/City: Birmingham

    Places are limited so BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW: ONLY £3.50

    TICKET HOTLINE: 07828427241 or 07947575924
    We look forward to seeing you!

    FREE Refreshments provided on the day .. & a chance 2 meet the man in person after the Q&A session!

  7. adul majeed says:

    Assalam alaikum brotha napoleon, brotha i live in nashville TN, i heard you were coming down here to speak to the youth at are masjid. inshallah its true. hope to see you soon.

  8. Hamida says:

    Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah,
    Hope you are well in both health and emaan.
    Jazakallahu khayr for all these talks you are giving in the UK, may Allah keep you firm on Islaam and the sunnah. Brother, I wanted to know if it would be possible for you to give a talk at richmond college (20 mins away from Kingston Uni)on Wednesday 25th February. It would be very effective becuase many students at our college are curious about Islam, and we don’t hold many events to accomodate non-muslims, can you please give a talk at our college.
    Barakallahu feek

  9. deenah says:

    Salamalaikum wa rahmatullah

    I am looking come to the talk in woking on 22nd feb inshallah…could someone please tell me if i need to book tickets etc and how i would go about it??

    jazakullah khair in advance

    allah hafiz

  10. Alia says:

    Assalaamu alaikum WaRahmatulha,

    I have been trying to get hold of brother Napoleon but have been unsuccessful. I am aware that you will be going to Kingston for their Islam Awareness Week and i would love to extend that invitation to us over in Royal Holloway, university of London, Egham (near thorpe park) Insha’Allah i would be great if you could come as we are having a jamming session on Wednesday 25th Feb of converts telling us of their compelling stories.

    Jzk for taking the time to read this.

    Ma Salaama

  11. Hamza says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    I just waned to ask if you could do another talk in Villiers High School in West london speaking from my point of view I’m a student who attends this school and was furious when I found out that you were doing a speech but only some students had the oppurtunity to go so I wondered if you could come back and do another and ask if all students could attend it would be beneficail for me and the rest of the muslim brothers.Jzk for reading and do take in bored my allah talah have mercy on us in this and life hereafter.

  12. Amina.Abdi says:

    Brother Mutah you are truly of those whom Allah S.W.T has guided on the path of the siradhul mustaqeen.Inshallah brother i pray to Allath that you keep up the good work in hope that you may recieve the reward of your dawah in both this world and the hereafter.

    Mashallah brother i’m so happy that you have recognised the purpose of life.

    May Allah reward you and I with his countless bounties Ameen.

  13. Fatima says:

    It saddens me,
    When I see brothers and sisters being gangster wannabe’s
    Not praying like they should,
    Hanging on street corners in the hood,
    Fighting over gang turf,
    Like something outta the smurfs,
    Hanging out like thugz,
    Drinking alcohol and taking drugs,
    Tryna be like 50 cents,
    But on the last day he aint gonna be worth 50 pence,
    Even when its Ramadan,
    They don’t give two about islam,
    They’d rather live there twisted ideologies,
    But on the last day there won’t be time for apologies,
    They tryna be the next best thing,
    But listen carefully to my linguistic sting,
    Islam aint just for Fridays,
    If you think that prepare to be set ablaze,
    So keep hold of your imaan,
    And follow the Islamic clan,
    The reward in the hereafter is gonna be greater,
    So keep Islamic, coz we all gonna die sooner or later,
    Don’t kid yourself into thinking your still young,
    Indeed this is the shaytaans tongue,
    Take heed of the quran and sunnah,
    And islam will take you to jannah,
    Now sadly I must end,
    But, contemplate the words I spoke my friend..

  14. irfan patel says:

    i am from blackburn. i went to your speech in mosque and alhumdurillah it was verry good mashallah!.

    i met you i shok your hand. hope ur deen increases, mine and every muslim in this world ameen!!
    pleas do duas for me as i wil for u…
    was. salam..

  15. arif says:

    salams brother mutha
    i cam to your speech at mosque and mashallah it was very good make dua for me and the fellow muslims round the world and please will you come back to blackburn to do another speech please do

  16. Firdaws says:

    Salaamu alykum warahmatullahi

    May ALLAH reward you for your inspiring talks in B’ham (uni, college) akhii.
    Alhamdullah everyone enjoyed it and insha ALLAH may we all take a lesson from this.

    Jazakaahu kheyran bro and insha ALLAH that we can invite you again in the future and from all the attendees Barakaahu fiik

  17. Brother says:

    Salaamu alykum

    Just want to show my love for brother mutah, many brothers from uk loving your work aswell. Thank you for comin down to blackburn al hiddaayah and i hope you felt welcome. YOu surley did motivate me by spending time with us and sharing your experience, its been a long time since i returned back to the deen, if there is any chance we could keep in touch it would be a great help, may allah reward ur work. May allah also keep keep all muslims steadfast in deen including myself . AMEEN.

  18. Adem says:

    Salaamu alykum warahmatullahi

    I just wanted to find out, will he be touring around the London area? Or is it to late?

    Thank you :)

  19. Rah'maah says:

    As Salaam wa Alaykum, Alhamdulilaah This is a beautiful website. May Allah guide all of us and keep us on the way of Dawah. AMEEN!! Insha’Allah I can’t wait for the lecture next month on the 12 in Philly.

  20. Rah'maah says:

    As Salaam wa Alaykum, Alhamdulilaah This is a beautiful website. May Allah guide all of us and keep us on the way of the Salafi Dawah. AMEEN!! Insha’Allah I can’t wait for the lecture next month on the 12 in Philly.

  21. Naeem says:

    salaams brothers, are the UK tours finshed??

  22. Saqib says:

    As-Salaamu AlaiKum,

    I was wondering if Mutah wanted to give a talk in the UK city of Gloucester ?

    The dawah effort in Gloucester is struggling and brother Jamal (former name Luke Saysell — he is 2 times former UK break-dancing champion) is struggling.

    The likes of Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis and Abu Khadeejah know him.

    Although i am not from that part of the UK, I was wondering if you could help him with the Daw’ah in the city of Gloucester.

    This is an old news article (from 2002) that i found from the internet.

    And this is a mention of him recently (in 2009) by Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis,

    If you want to contact him, then you have my email address. Send me a message inshallah or contact the students of knowledge in Birmingham, inshallah.

    As-Salaamu AlaiKum.

  23. Taimur says:

    Asalam-u-Alaikum-Warahmatullahi. I was wondering when will be the next time brother Mutah will come to the UK again? (Insha’Allah)

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