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My Trip to Saudi Arabia

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

My trip to Saudi Arabia December 28th through January 8th, 2009.

Coming from America makes you appreciate a country like Saudi Arabia!
When I landed in Riyadh, it was amazing to see Muslim men dressed in
thowbes and Muslim women fully covered.  As I walked out onto the
streets of Riyadh it was unbelievable to me .. to look at the beauty
of this modern city in an old desert. To see Masajid on every corner
was alhamdulillah!  And to hear the Adhan (the call to prayer) echoing
throughout the streets made it feel like it was my first time ever
hearing it.  Alhamdulilllah it was amazing!  After that I stayed in
Riyadh for a few days and met up with a few brothers from around my

Then I went to Jeddah, where I was scheduled to speak with the youth
about my life and conversion to Islaam. I was a bit taken back to see
Saudi kids in hip-hop attire, resembling the “gangsta” culture in
America. I was further saddened to learn of the obsession the Muslim
youth have towards the West, not understanding how could this be when
they come from a country that I myself only dream of living in; a
country surrounded by Masajid, the knowledge of the Ulimah, and the
two holiest cities (i.e. Mecca and Madinah) including the Ka’ba and
Masjid An Nabawi. It was dumbfounding to say the least because true
success and honour in this life and the next life is only through
Islam; not in imitation of the West.

The next morning I headed back to Riyadh for a few days; then to
Madinah. In Madinah I was given a VIP tour inside the Prophet’s
Masjid. I was taken downstairs where I viewed a video of how King
Fahad (rahimuallah) worked hard to expand the Prophet’s Masjid and
what it takes to keep the masjid running and functioning. I never knew
how much technology is involved in the everyday operation of the
masjid. It was phenominal. They showed me the original letters that
the Prophet (peace and prayer of Allah be upon him) sent to different
rulers such as Hercules, the Amir of Bahrain, the ruler of Persia, and
Najashi the Ethiopian king. The brothers translated the letters to me
and it was amazing how much wisdom Allah blessed Prophet Muhammad
(sallahu alaihe was salaam) with in calling them to the religion of
Islaam. Later on that day, I was invited to dinner at the house of
Sheik Abdur Razaq ibn Abdul Muhsin Al Abbad. He gave me naseeha
(advice) on the importance of learning the religion of Islam; starting
first with Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah). He also gave me the book,
40 Hadith by Imam An Nawawi, in Arabic script, and told me to have
someone go over the book with me and in a few months he would check to
see my progress. MashaAllah! Alhamdulillah the Sheik (may Allah
preserve him) showed me warmth and extreme hospitality. May Allah
reward him, ameen.

The next morning, I returned to Riyadh where I met with a few people
before heading back to America. After returning home I realized how
blessed Saudi Arabia is and I pray that one day I can return with my
family bi’ithnillah (with the permission of Allah).

Your brother in Islam,

Mutah Beale (Napoleon)

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  1. mariyah says:

    hey bro mutah
    hope u had a wonderful trip 2 saudi
    i just wanna thanks u as ive listened to each and every one of your inspiring lecture and they have motivated me to stop listening 2 music.(due to the permission of Allah) it was even harder not 2 listen to pac and his outlawz as yall were one of the truest cats out there in the game and we practically grew up listening to ya dope joints so it was hard. i just wanted to know if there was any words of wisdom that tupac shared with yall cause that could help the youth to get there minds straight out there.

  2. Farxya says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,
    As you can see we as Muslims are not in good condition today so please lets make dua for the Muslims that Allah will make them come together as whole. It is really sad

    -sister in Islam

  3. abu ubaida says:

    salumu aleikum to everybody
    did you apply to the islamic universities?

  4. A'dam says:

    Its a damn shame that tupac’s murder not is solved..
    I still have love for his music. I got through a lot of tough times listening to him.
    Whats your own opinion suge knight set it up?
    What about Yafeu?? youre.. ‘Roddy’?? or another suggests that he was killed because Yafeu could possibly identify the person that ended the life of Tupac?? please can you answer what my question? please..

  5. sarah says:

    aselamualeikum brother
    I can imagine how beatutifull it must have been to be in a muslim surrounding, especially for someone, who grew up in the U.S or Europe. Inshaallah we will all experience that, too.(one day:))

    To your comment
    quote:They showed me the original letters that the
    prophet(peace and prayer of Allah be upon him)
    wrote to different rulers such as Herculie, the
    Amir of Bahrain,the ruler of Persia and Najashi
    the Ethiopian king.

    I know you might know this but I just wanted to say/ make clear that the Prophet Muhammed(p.b.u.h.) could neither write nor read, (since this was commanded by ALLAH swt, because this was his distinctive marc in the earlier books). He let the Sahabas write for him.

    I don’t want to critizise your text, but I think it could be understood wrongly of s.o, who doesn’t know that about our prophet.

    So Jezakullahulkheiran

  6. Yusuf says:

    Alhumdulillah, I’m happy for you that you had a good trip and that it was beneficial for all insha’Allah.

  7. Ali Clark says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum Brother,

    Sorry I missed you when you came, but I just wanted to give you support. Keep up the good work. It’s much needed and highly appreciated. Hope to see you next time you come to Riyadh.

  8. napoleon says:

    Salam alaikum sister Sarah, thank you for bringing that to my attention we will correct it inshaallah

  9. Rajab says:

    Could you come to come vancouver(CANADA) and give a speech


  10. faraz omar says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Can I take your post for Islam page in Saudi Gazette? I hope it will Insha Allah benefit the readers and that Allah will reward you well for it.

    Editor of Islam page, Saudi Gazette

  11. moona says:

    brother mutah

    i was just wandering if shorty wanna be a thug is about u. i know its a random question but im just curious
    and id like to know.
    holla back

  12. Abdullah Musheer says:

    Salamualikum bro Mutah………
    Well dat speech at the marriot(jed) was truly inspiring …hope to see u do this work coz a lot of guys are jus running behind the gangstaz lyf…
    N hey ya wen ur comin again to Saudi again coz mah frnz missed ur prog……..

  13. Nabila says:

    Assalamu alaikum. Alhamdulillah, you arrived home safely. I wish they would let women like us see those letters…

  14. napoleon says:

    walikum salam, maybe if the women contact the people in charge of the affairs at masjid nabawiyah they will let women see the letters etc, also to mariyah pac gave us words of advice because to us the outlawz he was like a big brother figure and he wanted to see us mature and become men, so alot advice pac use to give us was positve

  15. Mark says:

    Hey Napoleon,

    I understand why you quit rap. But music stays a beautiful thing. Why not be the first to only rap about
    positivity? Maybe you can inspire the ‘gangsters’ to believe that its much more cool to rap about positive stuff. Alone or with the other remaining Outlawz. Then you can still do speeches and stuff. Furthermore do I completely respect and understand your decision.

    One love.


  16. kimberly says:

    hi there, i just came across your website and found it quite interesting, i don’t really know that much about you or what this website is for, i just came across it. I’m not actually Muslim so I’m not actually sure if i should be posting a comment here but i just feel drawn to the religion but struggling to fully accept it or even gain that much knowledge about it due to the kind of people I’m around and the sort of things i do. I don’t know why I’m drawn to Islam, I’m not even a religious person , so how I’m feeling strikes me as really strange. I don’t really know what to do or where to start or if i should even bother to pursue anything…i was just wondering if you could help me fill in the blanks and give me some advise, I’d really appreciate it.

  17. napoleon says:

    Hello Kimberly, thanks for coming to the site, and you dont have to a be a muslim to post or visit this site, your comments and thoughts is well appreciated, you will receive an email from my admin so we can further assist you if you would like to know more about islam god willing, it will be our honer to help you in this matter, once again thank you and may god guide you to what pleases him

  18. admin says:

    Hope all is well with you,

    My name is Mutah (napoleon) I received your email from my admin , I want to tell you that its good to hear that you are interested in islam. This is the religion of all the prophets from Allah the creator of the heavens and the earth. I come to UK often and will be there Feb 8th inshaallah and maybe you can come to one of my talks, there will be muslim women there that you can meet and they can help you with questions and what ever you want to know about islam and we can give you literature about islam etc… also feel free to contact us at the website if you have further questions about Islam.

    thank you
    Mutah beale

  19. sister Farxiya says:

    Hi kimberly,

    im glad that you are interested in Islam

    i would advice you to have a open mind and open heart
    and hope you find things easy
    Islam is not a new religion but Islam is the religion of all the Prophets like brother Mutah said. ALLAH is the ONLY Creator of this world and someday we will die and face a judegment. kimberly if you know any good Muslims or if there is any Mosque near that can provide you with some information that would be great. May ALLAH make things easy for you

  20. Kimberly says:

    hi there again, thanks for the reply really appreciate it and yeah i would be interested in coming to one of your talks…if you wouldn’t mind could you give me the details of the event? Thank You

  21. As-salaamu-alaykum-wa-Rahmaatullaahi-wa-Barakaatuhu!

    My Dear Brother Mutah,

    It is SOOOO WONDERFUL, to be able to communicate with You THROUGH THE PERMISSION AND MERCY OF ALLAAH THE MOST HIGH. I attended the University of Madinah in 1989 and I have made several trips back since then. My most recent tours have been in 2004, where My students and I performed fifteen(15)martial arts demonstrations for the Scholars, Royal Family, Saudi National Guards, Ta’ibah University and some health and sports clubs. This can be viewed on YouTube. In 2008, My students once again visited Saudi Arabia and performed five(2)demonstrations and I taught two(2)seminars at two clubs. One of the demonstrations was performed at the house of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Aqeel(INSHA-ALLAAH, this will be on YouTube soon). You can check the following with the following Scholars about Me: Shaykh Taraheeb Ad-Dosri, Shaykh Abdullaah Al-Bukhari and Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee. It was through My good brother Tahir Wayatt that these events were arranged. I would like for us to meet and talk with one another. I would like for us to do something together, INSHA-ALLAAH, but only if You are interested. I was at one time going to give up teaching the martial arts and then Shaykh Faruuq at the University of Madinah convinced Me through a saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(prayers and peace be upon him)which was also verified by one of Shaykh Rabi’ah’s student in Mecca during Ramadhan in the Shaykh’s house and again while I was staying as a guest in The house of Shaykh Taraheeb’s house in Madinah. Please contact Me if You find what I say to be of some use and benefit. JAZAAKULLAAH KHAYRAN…

  22. napoleon says:

    Salam alaikum brother Sayfullaah Al-Amriykiy, jazakallah khair for coming to the site and leaving us a comment. I saw one of your video demonstrations you did the last time you brothers were in saudi for umrah and mashaallah it was great, may allah reward you, if you can please send your details to the admin and I will contact you inshaallah once again shukran for coming to the site

  23. Farxiya says:

    Assalamu aliakum

    when are you leaving brother Mutah?

  24. As-salaamu-alaykum-wa-Rahmaatullaahi-wa-Barakaatuhu!

    My Dear Brother Mutah,

    I have done that which You have requested of Me and I am presently awaiting a response from the Admin. I have also spoken to Daw’ud Adib and I am looking foward to working along with You brothers, INSHA-ALLAAH. MAY ALLAAH TA’ALA CONTINUE TO KEEP YOU SAFE AND BLESS YOU WITH THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PARADISE…AMEEN! I am happy that You enjoyed our martial arts presentation in Saudi. INSHA-ALLAAH, I am due to be in Frankfurt and Hamburg Germany after Ramadhan(September 2009).

  25. jamal says:

    aslam alikom brother mutah, Im the guy that me you and brother abu musab outside marriot hotel and prayed isha with you before your talk. i just wanna tell you that your talk made a huge difference in my life and how i look at things , it was really soul touching. i appreciate your sincerity and the time and effort you are puting forth to advice the muslim youth around the world.. thank you and jazak ALLAH khair brother. i look forward to see you soon in jeddah and this time u aint gonna stay in marriot you will stay in my home inshallah…

  26. Badr yousuf says:

    assalam alikom wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh..

    dear brother mutah,
    Words can’t describe how much am delighted and proud of you…, you’v done and still doin a magnificent work in motivatin the youth and the Muslims in general may ALLAH reward’s you all goodness in this life and the life after ..Amen
    I realy regret not attending your lecture in Jeddah ..and the reason was I didn’t had any knowledge that such thing iz takin place in Jeddah !! I only Knew after its over !!
    Am truly sorry that the hosts didn’t do their job in promoting this event as thay should before it toke place!!(may ALLAH forgive them)
    Anyway I hope that ALLAH will let us gather one day in this life or in al Jannah insha’ALLAH
    Coz I really love you as a brother in Islam and for the sake of ALLAH
    Pleas let me know if u ever came back 2 Jeddah so we can host u like we should ..our house n hearts are opened 2 you at any time…
    jazak ALLAH khair brother..may ALLAH protect u and bless you… wa assalam alikom

  27. Zakaria Hussien says:

    Hope you had a great time in Saudi Arabia!

  28. Anwar says:

    brother, mutah i love in islam

  29. mahmood says:

    asslam alikum brother mutah

    alhamdulilah i attended u lecture at jeddah marriot .. it was very good lecture and we saw the light of islam in brother mutah’s face and how allah changed your heart may allah give your parntes junnah.
    we are waiting for u second visit inshallah
    do u have intention to bring edi and kastro to saudi arabia?
    we saw brother saifullah alamriky 2 years ago in saudi channel..i think it will be intresting to see u brothers again in saudi arabia
    people who didn’t attend i got a copy 4lecture

  30. marwan says:

    asslam alikum brother mutah

    alhamdulillah i was able to attend the lecture at jeddah marriot i think it was very good lecture and we saw the light of islam in br mutah’s face..may allah give junnah to u parentes .
    we saw brother saifullah alamrikyey 2 years ago at saudi tv chanel interview with br omar nasseir ..i think it will be intresting to see u brothers again in saudi arabia ..
    br mutah do u have intention to bring edi and kastro to saudi arabia?

  31. Omar Khan says:

    Assalam ualaikum Brother Mutah,
    I have not seen you in a while but it was good to get your response on facebook. May Allah bless you and your family. I am still here at Stevenson Ranch Apts. My brother sasks about you. I hope you are doing well. When are you returning inshallah to California? Please keep me in your dua and prayers inshallah and likewise may Allah keep you safe.
    Your Cali brother,
    Omar Khan

  32. 'Abd ar-Rahman says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum brother,

    May Allah continue to bless you and guide you to what He loves and is pleased with!!

  33. Haroon R. Abbasi says:

    AsSalamualaiakum Akh.

    Do you have your facebook up and running? Maybe you can link your website/blog site to your Facebook – that way you can expand your network and audiance! Holla at ya boy! :)

    Keep your brother in the Duas!

  34. Musa Millington says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    May Allah make it easy for you brother . And may he make it easy for you to seek knowledge of the religion. And be of those who preach the correct tawheed and Manhaj inshallah ta’ala




  36. Jase says:

    Dear Mutah,

    As-salaam alaikum! I heard from my colleague here in Riyadh who is Bilal Muhammad that you are coming again to visit us here inshaAllah on Wednesday. I hope and pray that you arrived here safe in Riyadh.

    For MESA,

  37. imran says:

    assalamu aliakum
    am abu aisha imran aliyu adam fom nigeria i was very pleased to know that u are now [a muslim], am so so so so happy 4 you inni uhibuka fillallah,
    i dont know if i could get downloads of some your talk both videos and audios.
    may ALLAH make us to live and die as true muslim

  38. eliasMustefa says:

    selamualykum bro mutah
    I am allways thankfull to you not for mostly the article u have pasted above but to remind me of the greatness that my realigion has given me wellahi you are an amaizing muslim let allah acceptes your good an etiopian i want to tell you about ethiopian muslims a littel beat morethan half of the population is muslim though the govenment claimes that we are 45% saying that i want you to list ethiopia in your plan list cos we need the same kind of treatment…….am curently living in bahrain and the problem u have seen in saudi also lives in here if you can reach here and ther phisicaly just remember them with your dua
    you are such a motivation bro allah yuhibek

  39. urdu islamic books says:

    i wish i also visit.

  40. Talal Ward says:

    al-Salam u alaykum ,
    were you not a teacher at manarat al riyadh schools , i remember something like that , true or false ?

  41. Assalamu alaykum, we are happy to av u bak in Islam. We Pray Allah continues to guide u aright.

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