Napoleon Outlawed

Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Mutah’s documenatry watch it live in your city?

If  you or some body you know would like to be the first to see Mutah’s Documentary     Life Of An Outlaw!    in your city then Please contact us for further details about how  you can invite Mutah  to your city and show a live screening of his Documentary

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12 Responses to “Mutah’s documenatry watch it live in your city?”

  1. iluvislam says:


  2. Ahmad says:

    Assalamu alaykum mutah! I tried to contact on this mail but it didnt work. The messege was failing to be send. I really wanna send you a mail i wrote. Do you have an alternative mail so i can send my mail to that one? please contact me at

    Or you can also add me on msn on that same mail. I hope you read this

  3. Yunis muthana al yemeni says:

    Abu Karimah Al-Miqdad bin Ma`dikarib (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “When a man loves his brother (for Allah sake) let him tell him that he loves him”.
    [At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud]. i love you for the sake of allah akhi and please keep in touch my email is

  4. mutah says:

    @ Yunis May The one you Love me for Love you

  5. CoCoNutz says:

    Never in a million yearz wud i hav thought a former 2pac Outlaw wud come to my little city and talk about Islam. Much respect brotha Salaam. hopefully we’ll see Fatal one day doin tha same inshAllah. Salaam RESPECT

  6. mohammed usman says:

    asalamalakum can mutha come to the uk bradford city there is a lot of people that will come to his live Documentary

  7. Murad Khan says:

    Salaam mutha, like usman said can u cum and visit Bradford sometime in England it will be an honour 2 meet u and to see your live documentary

  8. Saleemah Shakur says:

    assalamu alaykum brothe Mutah inshallah could you come to losangeles and show your documentary and speak to these young brothers and sisters growing up in the hood ,running around gangbanging ,thinking it’s all about money,and material possessions,me my self know al to well about the gang environment,i have four sons 20,18,16,5months,that i m struggling trying to keep them on the deen because they think its something out there,inshallah you can speak with them

  9. Mohammed Ali Mohammed says:

    Are you gonna come to Holland one day?
    I think it would help the youth around here alot..
    Alot muslim youth around here is lost..

    assalamu alaikum

  10. Damir says:


    My name is Damir Kulic,i was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 89,due to the war in my country i moved to canada in 1995,i reside for the time being in Vancouver BC on the west-coast of Canada.The past Year i was given signs from the All-mighty Allah and escaped death 3 times al hamduliah,i embraced my faith.I began to walk down a path infatuated with fast life style,began hustling and trying to make a dollar out of anything i touched or came across.Praise be upon my lord,the signs were laid in-front of me and i read and i followed them to the path of the light.I have began to embrace my faith and build my imam,i came across your interview on the deen show,i listened to the words you spoke it was the truth,i could relate to what you spoke about.Life is a journey and this for the time being(life on earth is a rest stop).I grew up listening to 2pac and the outlaws,seeing you talk was a refreshing sigth.And i hope one day we will run in to each-other inshallah,there is new Muslim community center opening in my city,inshallah that you come down here.

    Selam Brother.

  11. imad mallouk says:

    alsalam alaykum

    my name is imad, i am 22 yrs and residing in australia. i was captivated by your lectures at melb uni and at iisna.. i can honestly say you have been a great inspiration to me and a massive eye opener on how beautiful our religion is..
    your talks have been very moving,, and almost anyone can relate to your words.
    i was a big fan of your music, but now im a bigger fan of your public speeches.
    i would like to thank you for coming down to melbourne and knocking some sense into the youth, sadly much more is needed.
    brother if u may help me yet again, and direct me into the right path with my current islamic ambitions.
    it would mean the world if you can contact me on my email, and give me the chance to discuss and ask you ceratin things.

    may allah swt have mercy and compassion on your son mohammed inshallah.

    alsalam alaykum,

  12. Bill says:

    I lost my dad and my family that raised me I’m on my own and confused I wanna meet you and see it in my own eyes if its true il convert to Islam il fly where ever you my brother just had lot shit happen in my life I realy need you to help me guide me the right path of Islam a lot bullshit around don’t no you to trust believe I hope you can help me I got money that my family left me il give it all away if you can change my life and make me true brother from Islam email me plz my brother thank you so brother

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