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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Mutah will be in London and Australia in June Insha Allah (God willing)

In the Name Of Allah…. I will be in London June 2 to the 9 insha Allah visiting schools and youth centers through out the Borough of Eailing I will also be in Australia from June 15 until June 29 Insha Allah we will post exact dates and time to the venue soon .

London tour will be mostly private venues put together by the Council,  Australia venues will be open to the public look forward to seeing the youth in London and Australia

Mutah Beale

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10 Responses to “Mutah will be in London and Australia in June Insha Allah (God willing)”

  1. humza says:


    please can you tell all the venues, dates and times for the london events, because i would like to attend inshallah

  2. Abdulrahman says:

    Salamalaykum bro

    am from saudi arabia and i live in london, i used to know u from pac and outlawz becouse i used to live like ur style life when i was teenager and we have same situations, and i am happy for what u change to, i really want to meet u and i will be happy becous u r our brother in islam and i hope to told me where u gonna be in london to visit u.

    so please contact us bro to be around u and (ALLAH WYAK BRO)


  3. Aqib Minhas says:

    Salamalaykum brother Napoleon,
    My name is Aqib Minhas and I see you as a role model to me. I want to be on the right path of Islam. I want to practice my religion more. Could you please let me know where abouts your going to be visiting around London. I would love to see you and I hope you can help me.
    Salaam Brother

  4. oggizzle says:

    Asalamulaikum brother i would like advice to how i can keep away from temptations of women because i think thats the one of the key facts in life i need to over come because thats causeing me troubles to concentrate.

    I will look forward to hearing from hearing from you soon inshallah

    you done a great a speech at Abu Bakr mosque May Allah (Swt) bless you more

  5. nabil zainal says:

    salamualaykuum akhi

    allahu akbar, allahu akbar,
    i would just like to know please tell me where r u gonna come to australia and the details because wallahi i cannot wait,jazkumallhukheir,may allah grant you firdaws al aala

  6. Good article.

    Oh also, loving your blog layout. I used to have a similar designed blog myself before I sold it on a year ago.

  7. Mohamed Hassan says:

    Salamu Aleikum Mutah.

    When are you going to be in sydney? and what mosques would you be at?

    Jazak Allah.

    Your brother, Mohamed.

  8. That was wonderful information. You are doing a good job communicating your message. Keep up the good writing.

  9. Poster says:

    Wow that is an very helpful article . I like your style of writing. Maybe you should write more articles of these type.

  10. Ahmed says:

    Asalaam aleikum bro..mashallah i saw your clips on youtube i have to say Alhamdullillah what a great job you are doing,,may Allah bless you and your family with happiness and good health Inshallah..P.S:tell bro Amir we would love to see you two together..may Allah guide all the mankind towards the straight path Inshallah..Asalaam aleikum.

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