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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

Kickin it with the Youth – With Shadeed, Edi & Young Noble

Own this unique interview with the members of the Outlawz.
Two audio CD, we have 24 set left, the rest were sold at live events in the UK.

The CD set contains

  • A reminder about the purpose of this life by brother Shadeed Muhammad, an Islamic student of knowledge
  • A conversation with Mutah, Edi, and Young Noble about their life after being Muslims
  • Questions from the audience about youth related topics

Price: $19 + $6 for priority shipment to USA destinations
Only 24 sets left

Kickin’ it with the youth
A live Q&A session with Mutah and his guests
Guests includes: Members of the Outlawz Edi, Young Noble, and Kastro, with Br. Shadeed Muhammad an Islamic University graduate.

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Nov 22, 12 noon (California PST)

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The recording of Nov 9th, 2008 session is available in the member-only area.

If you can’t make it live, post your questions here, and join the mailing list so you can get the recording.


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66 Responses to “Kickin it with the Youth – With Shadeed, Edi & Young Noble”

  1. muzza says:

    dear napoleon
    my e-mail is

  2. javeed says:

    asallamu allaikum wr wb brother Mutah,
    you came and gave a talk in blackburn, masjid al hidayah, uk.. just wanted to say that it was a really powerfull bayan.. an inshallah all the brothers that wer present will benifit from it includin myself, jazakallah to u an ur people for coming..may Allah forgive us an make our faith stronger..ameen… an please call again when ur in the uk! salam

  3. Dan Oliver says:

    salaams brother, i heard your talk in birmingham last year and it was very good mashallah! i was wondering if you could come to our mosque ”Green Lane Masjid” and give our youth a small talk concerning the down fall on gangs!

    plz reply

  4. Cybergrace says:

    Mos Def is a Muslim rapper. There are others.

    Think about life for a moment. Are you happy with yourself? Are you only truly happy when drinking, smoking? Do you constantly find yourself with people who do not prioritize what is best for you and their problems become yours?

    This is how you can know who has the the spirit of Allah. Who really loves you? Do you love yourself, really?

    You may well so, and bless you & Allah if so. But, if you wish to learn more, pray to Allah and seek those who love Allah AND you… that are not about bigging up themselves, but Allah and all people who are humble and seeking.

  5. craig morrison says:

    dear napoleon first and foremost me and my brother erik would like to extand a warm gratidude and a big thank you for being so welcoming to us and for allowing us the pleasure of your company at the mosque in blackburn
    your talk was very interesting and informative and allowed me to view things in a completley different light i feel that your are an insparation to many and as your are a muslim it is good to see them in a more positive light than what is potrayed in the media
    i was wondering though was there any point after you accepted islam and the many codes of living an islamic lifestyle that you thought of carrying on living your old lifestyle and how did yyou overcome such challenges and also did you forgive your cousin for kadafis death
    and when fatal fell out with the group was it good that you and the group resolved your differences
    again thank you and although not muslim myself i hope allah is with you

  6. Khobaib Hussain says:

    asalamualaykum brutha mashallah i havve seen u live at sparkhill youth centre in birmingham. my password does not work in the members only section i was wondering if you can send me another one jazakallah.

  7. Khobaib Hussain says:

    asalamulaykum brutha Mutha. ive recently heard ur talk in birmingham at the gym in sparkhill. Mashallah very moving and touching. I wanted to know, what were the reactions of your friends and family after you took shahadah. jazakallah
    plz reply and add me on msn so i can email you directly

  8. Khobaib Hussain says:


  9. mohyuddin says:

    i was wonderind brother mutah if you could explain the 7 day theory about tupac

  10. napoleon says:

    Pac finished his album in seven days and decided to name it the 7 day theory , it wasnt nothing extra about iy

  11. aksalafifamily says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah:
    I heard that the last kickin it w/ the youth was on youtube, but i cant find it/ (the one with brAmir (aka LOON) where can we see or hear it inshaa’Allah?

    JazkAllahu Khair, wa Baraka Allahu Feek
    Umm Zahidah

  12. Usman says:

    Asalaam wa laikum,

    Thank you very much for the recordings. I am and have been a big fan of the Outlawz and some rap artists not of the wrongness in it but the positivness in what some rappers say. Its totally inspiring to hear about they turning points to islam because as a 22 year old muslim it encourages me to be stronger in faith and do what is right. To see most of my favorite rappers coming from the badness to rightousness is just great and it is a lesson we can learn from. i hope and pray for the others stuck in the surrounding of negativity, people like freeway, bizzy bone who took his shahadah and flesh n bone but both are surrounded around too much badness, snoop dog who has joined the nation of islam. i pray inshallah they be guided to the right because so many people listen to them an by hearing they practising islam is like wow why am i not practising, i need to get my self togeather know what i mean. then we start searching and learning more. Inshallah i hope you and the team could in the future do a interview with them brothers and inshallah bring them closer to be with positive people with the deen. I thank you very much, i pray Allah grants you all high levels of jannah with he prophet muhammad p.b.u.h. Il end it hear i think i wrote to much lol,

    nuff respect to you

  13. Dean says:

    not a muslim but man like you gave me hope u trully blessed glad to see one of us make it

  14. Ubaid says:

    Dean loney? if so what up bro how is sean?

  15. Abdullah Campa says:

    Salaam Dean,

    You should consider Islam. I wasn’t Muslim 5 months ago, but I have to say; it made me a MUCH better person. I wouldn’t be telling you that if I was wrong. Just think about studying it, and if you believe in it Insha’Allah (God willing) you’ll be a brother. Take care man.

  16. arfat fazal says:


    i want to know more about the outlawz being muslim and see the video

    thank you

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