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Introducing H.Y.P.E

Hype is a UK based non profitable organization (a branch starting in USA).  Hype is an acronym for ‘Helping Young People Evolve’. The organization was setup to develop the youth of today develop their life skills and prepare them for the various challenges they may encounter.

The organization aims are to educate, cultivate and nurture the youth, highlighting to them the opportunities available in society and support them through the various stages in their development as they face life changing decisions related to education, career or family.

The organization also aims to educate the youth with regards to the harms present in society and warn them of their consequences. To promote the importance of human life, rights of a fellow human and co-existing in harmony with others.

I am really excited to get this started.

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14 Responses to “Introducing H.Y.P.E”

  1. Azim says:

    asalamu aleikum brother, this programme is awesome!just wondering what paart of the UK is it located in?

  2. Assalamu Alaikum, I’m glad to see positive movements in progress. May Allah put barakat in it and make it successful, ameen.

  3. Asslam_wa_alaykum,

    I pray that allah(swt) will guide all of us to the straight path and bless us with the strength to remain strong and steadfast on the deen. Ameen. Brother Mutah i would be grateful if you could advise as to the status of the rapper immortal technique as a friend gave me his CD over a year ago. He comes across as very political but alhamdolillah i stopped listening to it.


  4. Usama Abul Asad says:

    assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    ur brother from italy, milan.

    I love u all in Allah

  5. wasim says:

    salam alay kum this is great

  6. abdullai adams says:

    asalam alaikum i’m a muslim poet from nigeria in africa and i used to be caught up in the game just like you.alhamdullilah Allah guided me to the truth.the thing I have some poems that reflect the negative sides of hiphop and I’m looking for a medium to share it with the world .I hope you can help a brother out with my career in spoken poetry and publishing a book in the usa or uk.

  7. abdullai adams says:

    [admin] Thanks for your poetry, brother Mutah doesn’t want praise.

  8. MARK BARNEY says:

    asalam alaikum im a young cat 22 years old up here in northern california and i respect, admire and look up to you.My pops been locked up since 1995 he been telling me to get in to my Quran but i really didnt start reading and stuyding islam untill ALLAH touch me himself.But anyway i just wanted to kno if u had a myspace account and if not if you clould get one so us young cats thats still in these streets could still identify you as one of us i aint saying im active in the streets but just to survive man i got to go hard in the paint and untill i make it out of this city it will be that way if ALLAH wills, you could feel me and get bk at me. and when i say a myspace page i mean for example i seen you on youtube with tha white tee on rappin but still had on your koffe we could feel that, you are us. man we lost out here we just need some one we could identify with to use for a reference.It’s a beutifull thing to touch the youth but wat about us turning from boys to men with no mother nore father the cats thats creating the new youth feel me.Look aint nothing about to stop me from getting in to colledge accept prison or death and i dont even have a G.E.D INSHA ALLAH……STRATEBIZZNES@YAHOO.COM

  9. nima says:

    ey napoleon whats up bro??? im muslim too…can you email me? i’ll talk to you about somethings
    Thanks a lot

  10. napoleon says:

    salam alikum brother MARK BARNEY, may allah make all of our affairs easy for us, I know where youre coming from but a reminder to myself and to you the only way we have out of these streets and success in this life and the next is islam, sorry to hear about your pops and may allah make it easy for him. Brother not only do we have to practice Islam but we have to do it with the correct understanding and thats the sunnah of the prophet with the understanding of the sahabas, these are our role models, keep in touch and thanks for coming to the site

  11. Bilal says:

    I am English and i live in Leicester and am happy that you are starting projects in the U.K. Could you reply to me regarding if there is there any way i could get invloved with the project. I am 17 and Alhamdulillah i am talented at writing and have applied to do a marketing degree next year at univeristy. I am desperate to get involved with some sort of project where i could use my skills and what better than to get invloved with a project which will benefit Islam.

  12. Abdul says:

    Its Good 2 see ur doing things in the u.k. Keep it up bro.

  13. Abdul says:

    you are a real inspiration i wish all rappers could follow in your footsteps. I wanted to know though which rappers you have come accross that are Muslim? Have any of them converted in front of you?

  14. Muhammed says:

    Asalamualaikum. Just thougth id drop a comment. I watch all of your videos and am glad to see a project being set up in the U.K. Next time you are in England i will try my best to be there.

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