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Orphanage in Gambia!

Salam alaikum

The Prophet said he who takes care of an orphan will be like this (placed his 2 fingers together) with me on the day of judgment!

By the permission of Allah I Mutah Beale (Napoleon) is working on building an orphanage in the West African nation of Gambia. All proceeds raised will go 100 percent towards the orphanage Insha Allah and not in the pockets of men.

 Myself who was orphaned at the age of  3 when my parents got murdered in front me take this project very serious as it is close to my heart, Alhumdulillah we got offered the land for free by the Gambian government to build the orphanage.

The  Orphanage will fully cater for at least 24 children at any one time, who have lost one or both of their parents, and especially those most vulnerable.

Cost of the  Orphanage is £95,000.00 or £25.00 per sqft.

Details of Orphanage:

A two floor building which consists of the following:4 classrooms, an office, and toilet facilitiesSleeping areas, kitchen, dining room/living area, prayer room/games room and a caretaker’s area.If you or someone you know is willing to donate please check out the website for further details.

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14 Responses to “Orphanage in Gambia!”

  1. craig morrison says:

    hello glad 2 hear u arrived home safley how was ur trip i hope ur planned project is succesful it is a very amicable thing u are planning to do and the change it will bring 2 the orphans and the people who r involved will be amazing
    it is something that if i had the money to help wud love to get involved
    i ave tryed speakin 2 u on facebook but 2 no avail it seems that ur page has disapeared arghhhh
    anyways altho myself not religious i will say god give u strength to complete ur project

  2. Ebrima Tunkara says:

    Asalamu Alaikum brother,
    May Allah reward you for the good job and the good intention you have for orphanages in my dear country,the Gambia.

  3. Amina says:

    Asalaam Alikum Brother Mutah Mashallah thats great i always wanted to help in a great cause like this. My father passed away when i was only 4months old and i know how hard it it growing up with out a parent. Inshallah I will have a fundraiser in our masjid to help this cause of good cause. May Allah swt bless you in all that you do. I just would like some information about this. Jazak Allah khair hope to hear from someone soon

  4. Hans Froedge says:

    Heya I’m attempting to sign up for your blog feed ,, but it is not functioning . Whats happening ??

  5. admin says:

    Sign up for the newsletter instead.

  6. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam thanks for the support to the brother and sister fom Gambia I appreciate your kind words, please help spead the word about the ophanage.
    Craig thanks alot please keep visiting my website

  7. thomas perhogan says:


  8. Mutah says:

    @ Thomas hope all is well and I like to thank you for visiting my website, Islam calls to the worship of the One True God alone with out associating partners with him whos name is Allah, a Muslim is one who worshipS Allah alone by submitting and dedicating all acts of worship towards him alone, Allah sent to mankind many messengers and Prophets such as Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus and the final messenger to mankind is Muhammad who came over 1400 years ago from Arabia calling mankind to worship the Creator and not the creation. To become a muslim one has to pronounce A statement In Arabic which is Ashadu an la ilaha ilalah wa ashadu ana Muhammadur Rasulullah
    english translations is I bear witness that no deity worthy in worship in truth except Allah alone who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is his messenger.
    Can you please email my admin and let us know your country, city and state and maybe we know muslims in your area who can teach you and give you further information on Islam. Here is a website for more information

  9. mutah says:

    @ Amina walaikum salam Jazka Allah khair, May Allah guide us and you, you can click the Gambian orphange link on the site

  10. Osama says:

    Mashallah Brother Mutah, never got to go to Gambia, but I did get to spend time in both neighboring Mali and Senegal. Real problems in West Africa and Mashallah very glad to hear about this. Please consider looking into Nima,Accra Ghana also, one of the strongest places of Iman in west Africa and possibly the world, and virtually an all Muslim slum district. Keep up the good work.

  11. Nasir says:

    Osama r u from ghana, am also think about starting an orphanage in ghana, specifically Nima Accra

  12. youssef says:

    it would be a great time to put up this project on facebook for ramandan, also my anti-virus program is saying this website has a malware virus.
    inshallah i see you in sydney soon and i can arrange for you to go on the local islamic radiostation if you like brother

  13. Neely says:

    Hello, can you let me know if the orphanage was ever built or if funds are still needed to help with building it? Also, if it is already built can you send me the contact information for it please? I found your post from a search, so if you don’t mind emailing me back since I not sure I will find your site again if I search .

  14. mutah says:

    hello Nelly the orphange is still in the process of being built in west africa God willing

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