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Mutah Beale AKA Napoleon From Outlawz to Outlawed

My trip to Denmark!

                                          Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

I want to send my salams to all those I met in Denmark, I was excited to meet the muslim youth while in denmark and I ask Allah to make me and the muslims in Denmark to be amongst Ahlus Sunnah wa jamaah, in this life and the next

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11 Responses to “My trip to Denmark!”

  1. Salwa says:

    Salam Aleikum , how are you? I just wanted to know if you would ever be passing by Dubai inshalla 😀

  2. napoleon says:

    walaikum salam I am on my way to Dubai tomorrow Insha Allah

  3. Ahmed Abdi says:

    Asalamu Aleykum Brother Mutah

    I was wondering if you will be in the UK soon…

    Barakallahu Fik, Wa Ahsana’Allahu ileyk, Wa Jazza’Allahu Khayr

    Wassalamu Aleykum

  4. Reepa begum says:

    Salam brother, you ok? I just wanted to know if you will attend in the uk (Cardiff) to do a lecture? :)

  5. Raheema says:

    Assalamu alaikum. Do u have plans of coming to Nigeria? Ur story is one of the best testimony i ever come across watching u on d deenshow. I truely appreciate Islam more. Pls visit west africa

  6. abubakr says:

    masha allah brother i just finished watching you on deen show and i would say am inspired alhamduli lah.because where i come from the Gambia west africa ,people live a very good life alhamdu lilah but for some reasons they think its all about getting rich and famous and growing number of “wannabes”who copy negative western life for example doing drug n following women because of what they see in some of d music videos from example d former u coming from that kinda lifestyle n choosing islam will definately give this youngster a fruit for thought. I currently live in d u.s and i hope one day u would plan on going on a tour to that part of d world n spread d message.insaha allah
    and again thank you for the 30 mins on deen show

  7. mohammed says:

    masha allah brother i just finished watching you on deen show
    and i was big fun and i’m now
    thank u brother

  8. shezad ali says:

    aslamulakum brother hope u remember me im that kid u met in bradfors a couple of years back
    may allah reward u with jannah for all your good work

  9. sharmarke ismael says:

    Salam Aleikum , how are you my brother?
    I just wanted to know if you came to denmark agian!

    from muslim brother.

  10. ahmad says:

    salamu aleikum wa rahmato allah.

    how are you ? hope you are doing good brother.
    i jus finished watching your Lecture on youtube. i can only say mashallah and alhamdullah that you became a muslim. I hope you will visit Denmark again, maybe this time all om the gang members would learn something,

  11. mutah says:

    @ahmad wa alaikum salam alhamdulillah Allah Kareem

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