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Inviting me for Talks/Lectures

Salam alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh,

Jazak-Allah Khair for coming to the website and contacting me.  As you may already know, I have given up music and Allah has guided me to the right path of the Quran and Sunnah.  My goal is to give dawah to the youth and spread the message about the negative effects of the hip-hop culture.

I was a entertainer and my sole lively-hood depended on selling music but since I gave up music (since its haram) I had to find other halal methods of income.  So, I go around the world giving lectures to youth and young adults about the beauty of Islam and negative effects of the hip-hop culture.

If you want to invite me please, email me concact <at> napoleonOutlawed <dot> com.  We can discuss the specifics and details.

Mutah Beale

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  1. Petrit says:

    Salaam alaykum,

    sister, Muslimah… email them @

  2. Muslimah says:

    Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

    Petrit – Will brother Mutah answer himself???

  3. napoleon says:

    Salam alikum sister

    The admin of thi site said they replied to your email, if there is any other request from you the please email us at the email for the site

    thank you

  4. Oliver Lafçı says:

    Selam, insallah you will come to the U.K. sometime soon. I am from the university of arts London and there are a couple of lecture rooms to speak in. The muslim society in the U.K. needs YOU!

  5. Muslimah says:

    Wa alaykum salaam..

    Napoleon – I have not received an email from admin yet..

  6. napoleon says:

    Salam alikum sister , what exactly are you trying to tell the admin? They told me that they emailed you back if you didnt recive the email we apologize , what is that we can help you with and if its something in our power we will try our best inshaallah

  7. napoleon says:

    Also brother oliver please email the admin with your request, jazakallah khair

  8. Muslimah says:

    Wa alaykum salaam brother Mutah..

    This is what I wrote:

    “Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh brother Mutah..

    May Allah(swt) reward you for your intention with this homepage and may He(swt) reward you for giving Dawah to the Muslim youth..

    I have seen and heard you speak on Youtube (I know about your earlier life as Napoleon), you were giving Dawah in different countries like Canada and Australia and so on, and I admire your words..
    I was wondering if you could some day soon InshAllah come to Denmark and give a lecture to the Muslims here?? As you may know Denmark is a very small country and we Muslims here do not have anyone to look up to, for example an Imam or a great speaker (like you).. I feel that the Muslims in Denmark are losing their muslim identity, they´re living a hard life thinking they are gangstas and so on, and it makes me sad that they do not even have respect for us muslim sisters, and it makes me even more sad to see my fellow sisters take off the hijab and so on..
    To make it all short, I would be very thankful if you would consider this, InshAllah.. I have written my email, so if you are interested you can InshAllah give a feedback..
    Barakallahu fik brother!

    Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, your sister in Islam..”

    Maybe you didn´t read it??

  9. napoleon says:

    yes I read it muslima, thank you but in order to move forward with your request you have to email the admin for the dates you have in mind for me to come and do a motivational speach in denmark.

  10. Muslimah says:

    Okay Inshallah ta´ala, I will do that..
    Im a little confused, but how do I get in contact with the admin??

  11. Islamlady says:

    Salaam Alaikum brother Napoleon,
    I just found your site and I think you are doing an amazing job for keeping in contact with people and actually reading the messages for you. Jazakullah kheir.
    Your speech is very inspiring and I wish many of the youth here in Toronto,Ontario would listen. There are too many brothers who are lost and choosing the wrong path. There have been too much shootings,stabbing and death by a lot of youth including many muslims. It hurts to see them choosing the wrong path and Inshallah they listen to your talks and change their ways.Inshallah I see a respond from you.
    Salaam alaikum

  12. Islamlady says:

    I did not know you came to Toronto, I wish i have. We have many issues in Toronto from communities being destroyed to shooting and so on. I do community work but its hard to get people involved. you should talk about community involvment because its hard to get the youths out.
    Salaam alaikum

  13. jamie says:

    Salam alaikum. I was trying to see about you coming to our mesjid. Are you in the states at all? Actually I have a 19 year old who has been in some trouble. We raised him in Islam but he is off the path now, so to speak. He listens to rap, does rap music in a group, got in trouble with the law, did some time in jail. Inshallah he has learned a lesson from that time but not sure. I wish he could talk to you. jazakallahkhair.
    Sister Jamie Atari

  14. Elvir Mehmedovic says:

    Salam alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu brother mutaah.,
    i saw your speach on youtube and where very surprised over the things that happened in your life!, but if thoose things didn’t happen you mby wouldnot be a such of a great muslim today! elhamdulillah .

    hmm i was thinking about a little thing, and it wouldnot surprise me if you didn’t had the time to do it, but could you maybe one day inshallah come to denmark and make a speach and inshallah get thoose young people to change there way, many of my friends, need inspiration to come back on track!

    subhanallah i am very glad that you found the right way!

    and keep up the Dawah
    selamu aleykum brother mutah

  15. Abdullah Musheer says:

    Br Mutah truly an inspiring speech at KSA(jeddah)….
    from dat story did i get the lifes of ppl there in America.
    Hoping dat u get a permit for ksa asap…coz there are a lot of indian ppl in ksa ,many of my frndz missed that show visit soon.

  16. Faisal says:

    Salam – Bro Mutah – dont know if you remember me, but we met in Pomona some time back, and also talked when you were back visiting Jersey some years ago.

    Our youth committe at Masjid Dar-Ul-Falah in Tustin, CA would like to have you come out and speak some time in April 2009 at one of our monthly Sat night programs. Preferably early in the month. We’re trying to do the 1st wk of ever month, but are flexible. You might know some of the brothers from your visit to the UCI campus, which is not too far away.

    I sent an email to the admin address regarding the same.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon iA.


  17. Umar says:

    Salaams akhi

    see u at kingston inshallah on friday


  18. Umm Yahya says:

    Asalamu alykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu akhi
    mashallah we really loved your talk @ kingston university, May Allah (swt) reward you and the other brother abundantly. We would really love you to come and give a talk @ Richmond Upon Thames college, inshallah we hope it will motivate the youth into taking the deen seriously. Alot of brothers and sisters want to start practisin but subhanallah people just get caught by the dunya, there are a few non-muslims interested in Islam too. Inshallah if your available please let me know. jazakallah khair!

  19. Napoleon,

    Hi, I’ve been growing up listening to 2Pac and hearing you rap since I was just a lil’ shorty maybe 5, 6 years old. That’s what kinda kept me strong over the years, because I had a rough life, and still living it to a certain degree. I’ve seen your speeches and it’s good to know that you’re doing good for yourself and staying out of trouble. I’d love to hear you speak in person to me and my Muslim friends in Rockford, Illinois. I’m involved in a different religion though (Judaism), but it would be an honor to actually hear you speak in person. I also could arrange a meeting at the Iqra school to speak to young youths about how to be better people. I’ll also leave an email to you sending a request.


    Take care

  20. Hussain Syed says:

    assalam u alaikum brother. my name is hussain syed and i live in jacksonville florida. my self and our youth are drifting away from islam and your speeches have really helped me get back the way i should be every single time i listen to one of your speech all of my hair body just stands up. its really hard to stay close to islam these days when we have all these corruption goin on and no one actuallly there to guide us the right way, there are some brothers in our community but they can do only so much. and us guys we really cant concentrate when they are talking. so i would love to hear you in person and meet you in person.

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